Building a successful career in Telecommunications

Telecommunication jobs offer exciting career opportunities. Software engineering is just one of the many professions that are part of this sector. If you are a computer programmer, there are also numerous employment opportunities in telecommunications. As technology advances, the demand for competent employees in this sector is increasing. Register your CV on Job Mail and take a look at the different telecommunications jobs that are available.


What is telecommunications?

Telecommunications refers to sharing information via electronic devices over a substantial distance. Telecommunications is made up of companies that enable communication to occur internationally through phones and the internet. Telecommunications companies have developed infrastructure so that information can be sent across the globe. The biggest telecommunications companies include wireless operators as well as Internet service providers. From its early inception where communication occurred through the telegraph, the telecommunications sector has expanded to include mobile technology. Technological advancements have enabled huge amounts of data to be sent quickly which has had a huge impact on everyday life. Business operations have also been affected by developments in this sector. Mobile and wireless technology have become the main form of communication. Other companies in the telecommunications sector are responsible for selling equipment as well as performing maintenance work.


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South Africa has the most advanced telecommunications network on the African continent in terms of technology and service. Telecommunications companies in South Africa include MTN, Vodacom and Cell C. The past growth in the local telecommunications market is attributed to mobile phones and broadband. As the number of subscribers become saturated, the South African telecommunications companies are expanding to the international market and MTN operates in Africa and the Middle East. Mobile phone usage is higher than the usage of radio, TV and computers. The surge in mobile phone usage has also increased internet usage. Mobile operators plan to meet the increasing need for data by improving their networks through further infrastructure developments and spectrum allocations. Telkom is the leading supplier of fixed-line telephony however the company continues to struggle with costs and restricted revenues.

Different types of Telecommunication Jobs and Titles

There is no question that telecommunication jobs offer exciting professional opportunities. If you want to decide what type of work suits you best, it is advisable to learn more about the tasks that are associated with each position. Understanding the different roles in this sector can help you to decide if you are suitable for this type of work.

Software Engineer


Software Engineering involves research, product design and development. In addition to these responsibilities they are also involved in training as well as support services. The services of a Software Engineer are required when there are operational issues with a company’s computer programs. Other tasks include testing new products and writing software manuals. Software Engineers are typically hired by software companies, IT consultancies and telecommunications companies. However it is also possible to work as a freelancer if you have extensive experience and an impressive portfolio. One of the major advantages of working as a software engineer is that this position offers a lucrative career path. A drawback to this position is that it may include periods of high pressure as tasks must be completed according to deadlines. Typically companies require employees in this position to complete a relevant qualification at a tertiary institution. Computer engineering and software engineering degrees are both suitable options. An in-depth knowledge of programming is required for this position. Software engineers must be able to work as part of a team. They must be detail orientated with strong analytical capabilities.

Computer Programmer


A Computer Programmer uses computer languages such as Java to write software programs. They are responsible for writing new programs as well as improving existing programs. Another key role that is associated with this position is testing programs with the goal of detecting and fixing errors. They take program designs from software engineers and translate them into codes that the computer can understand. Some programs such as mobile applications are easier to write than others. Computer operating systems typically take more time to complete. The work environment for this position is typically in an office at a computer systems design company. Generally computer programmers work alone, but they may work as part of a team for larger projects. Most employers require a bachelor’s degree in computer science for this position. An in-depth knowledge of numerous programming languages is also important. Experience is highly valued in this field. As the technology industry is constantly progressing, engaging in training opportunities to stay up-to-date with the latest developments is also important. Internships are a great way to gain experience in this field. Professionals can advance their career by gaining knowledge in business and applying for computer systems analyst positions. Other opportunities include software development and managerial roles. Analytical skills and problem solving capabilities are essential for this position.

Telecommunications Line Mechanic


A telecommunications line mechanic is responsible for installing and maintaining equipment. They are also required to repair telecommunications equipment. Equipment may include radios, TVs or telephones. Keeping records is part of this role. Line Mechanics are skilled with their hands and they are good at solving problems. You will need to complete an apprenticeship and trade test to become a Line Technician.

Telecommunications Engineer


Telecommunications Engineers research and design telecommunication products. This may include wired or wireless devices as well as networks and systems. Arranging maintenance work is another task that is associated with this position. It is important that employees in this field uphold safety standards. To excel at this career you will need to have superior problem solving and analytical capabilities. To become a Telecommunications Engineer you can study a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering or a Bachelor of Engineering. The University of Cape Town, Johannesburg and KZN offer relevant courses.

Mobile Phone Technician


The increase in the use of mobile phones has led to a demand for technicians. Mobile Phone Technicians can work for renowned cellular companies or they can open their own repair shop. They are responsible for repairing mobile phones. Other tasks that are associated with this position include ordering parts and writing invoices. If you enjoy working with technology, then this may be a suitable career path for you. Patience and problem solving skills are also required for this position. The Microcare Mobile Phone Repairs Training Centre offers relevant courses. Numerous companies also offer in-house training.

You can find jobs at the major telecommunication companies in South Africa. Two of the biggest companies are MTN and Vodacom. MTN is a large cellular network that provides career opportunities in the telecommunications sector. The company has over 229.2 million subscribers in 21 countries in Africa as well as the Middle East. Their extensive infrastructure offers better connectivity. MTN is committed to offering its subscribers a high quality internet experience and it has achieved this goal by investing in submarine cables. Job opportunities include Senior Manager, Radio Planner and Personal Assistant roles.


Vodacom is a major cellular network which operates in South Africa as well as other countries on the African continent. Vodacom is dedicated to connecting people in order to create possibilities and change lives. Vodacom offers value-for-money and good service. They provide voice data and IT solutions to businesses and residential clients. The company aims to employ a team of diverse and talented staff members who can offer customers a superior experience. Vodacom has been certified as a top employer in South Africa for offering their staff excellent work conditions. Career opportunities at this company include Technical Support, Portfolio Manager and Technical Analyst positions.


Telecommunications jobs offer plenty of opportunities for recent graduates as well as experienced professionals. Whether you are just starting out or looking for a career change, you can find relevant positions in this sector. Both training and experience are valuable if you are trying to get ahead in your career.

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