Building a successful career as an Office Manager

Do you have good communication and administrative skills? Why not consider applying for office manager jobs? Office jobs play a vital role in most companies. From supervising office staff to answering phones, there is a wide range of tasks that are associated with this position.

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Office Manager Job Description

An office manager can find employment in both small and large companies. Vacancies are available across a range of industries as office managers play a vital role in most businesses. The core responsibility of employees in this role is to oversee the team of office staff.

These types of office jobs involve the hiring and training of new employees as required. As part of their supervisory role they ensure that the office is running smoothly and efficiently. With the development of new processes and technology, office management is becoming more complicated and the need for knowledgeable and capable staff is more pertinent than ever.

An office manager needs to be capable of handling business documents such as reports and quotations. This position also involves high levels of communication via a wide range of platforms. Office administration and information management skills are required for this position.

office manager job description

The duties of a professional in this position include answering phone calls and recording messages. They are tasked with writing important documents such as reports and quotations. Employees in this role are required to attend meetings. They keep a record of payments and track petty cash expenditures.

Office manager jobs involve travel bookings and administrative tasks. It is important for office managers to understand the latest technology which can be used to optimise the operations of the office.

Office Manager Education and Skills

To succeed as an office manager you will need to have outstanding organisational skills. Efficiency and good communication skills are important for this role. Problem-solving capabilities and computer literacy are also necessary. To be eligible for vacancies, you will need to be trustworthy. An interest in business is beneficial.

There is a wide range of pathways to becoming an office manager. You can start by finding office jobs and working your way up to a senior level position. Gaining experience in an office environment will give you an opportunity to develop the skills that you need to succeed as a manager.

Having an in-depth understanding of the different office roles and tasks is beneficial when you move into a managerial role. This pathway takes time but it is worth it if you are aspiring to a senior level role. If you want to get ahead in your career, you can study relevant courses.

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One option is to complete an Office Management National Diploma. Another is to complete a BTech. These courses are available at South African Universities of Technology. FET institutes offer suitable Office Management Certifications. UNISA also offers relevant courses.

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Work and Salary

Office management jobs generally have normal working hours from 9am to 5pm. While regular working hours are required for this position, overtime may be necessary during busy periods. Office manager positions are usually full-time but some part-time positions may be available from time to time.

Employees in this role work in an office. In big companies they may have their own office while in smaller companies they are usually required to work together with other administrative staff. Self-employment is not common in this profession.

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Office managers are required to be well-groomed. As this is a senior level position it comes with a high level of responsibility which can increase stress in the work environment. While occasional travel may be necessary, office managers typically work from one location.

According to PayScale the average annual salary is R 168 173. The number of years of experience that you have in this position will influence your salary for this position. Project Management and Microsoft Excel skills have a positive impact on the remuneration of an office manager. Booking skills are also beneficial.

Office manager jobs provide a good working environment and salary. Whether you decide to get training in this field or work your way up to this position, there are numerous advantages to being an office manager. Once you have an in-depth understanding of this career and you have gained the necessary skills you can apply for managerial office jobs. Register your CV on Job Mail today and get started.

Building a successful career as an Office Manager
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Building a successful career as an Office Manager
Consider applying for office manager jobs. From supervising office staff to answering phones, there is a wide range of tasks associated with this position.
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