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Are you trying to decide what career to pursue? Why not consider becoming a Traffic Officer? Traffic Officer jobs can be both rewarding and interesting. To decide if this is the career for you, first find out more about what the position entails. Next you will need to know if you have what it takes to excel in a Traffic Officer job. While this career isn’t for everyone, with hard work and dedication you can help to keep the roads in South Africa safe. If this line of work is not for you, another great option is to look for security jobs.

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How to become a Traffic Officer

To become a Traffic Officer you will need to be a trustworthy and reliable person. You must be able to work as part as a team and to deal with difficult motorists. A desire to uphold the law is also essential. To be eligible for these positions you will need to complete Traffic Officer Training. To be admitted into the courses you will need to be a South African Citizen who has matric. Other entrance requirements are a Code B driving licence and medical certificate. It is vital that you have a clean criminal record. Similar requirements are necessary to find security guard jobs.

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You can complete a Traffic Officer course at the Limpopo Traffic Training College in Polokwane or the KwaZulu Natal Traffic Training College in Pietermaritzburg. The Mangaung Traffic Training College in Bloemfontein is another option. The Johannesburg Metro Police Dept Academy or the Durban Metro Police Traffic Training College offer courses. During training Traffic Officers learn to use equipment such as speed-measuring cameras. They also need to know how to complete summons forms. Training encompasses the logistics of setting up and managing road blocks. Traffic Officer vacancies are available through Provincial Governments and Municipalities. Government Agencies also offer employment opportunities in this field.

What do Traffic Officer jobs entail?

Taking on a Traffic Officer job, you will be expected to uphold safety standards on South African roads. They ensure that motorists and pedestrians adhere to the country’s road rules. By enforcing regulations, Traffic Officers help to prevent collisions and deaths. Another vital responsibility that is associated with this position is to maintain the free flow of traffic. When motorists are following the rules there is a reduced chance of traffic blockages and accidents.

Traffic Officers conduct regular patrols on the roads. They use equipment to detect motorists who are speeding and issue fines accordingly. They administer tests for drivers who show signs of being intoxicated. Traffic Officers issue fines if a motorist violates the road regulations. Road worthiness inspections are conducted on vehicles to ensure that drivers are adhering to safety regulations. They also check vehicle registrations and drivers licenses.

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While a Traffic Officer is required to spend some time in an office, most of their day is spent outdoors. At the beginning and end of each day they are required to complete administrative tasks. They may also have to appear in court when the situation requires it. Typically, Traffic Officers use marked vehicles for their patrols, but they can also use motorcycles.

Positions in the same industry as a Traffic Officer

If becoming a Traffic Officer is not for you, but you still want to build a career in a field that concerns security and safety, consider security jobs. Vacancies are available in armed response, retail security and crime investigation.

To excel at this career you will need to be honest and reliable. Physical fitness is also important. A clean criminal record is a requirement of most employees. Hard work and dedication is a requirement of this position. While Traffic Officers find work with government agencies, security guards can find employment with private companies.

Security guard jobs include watchman positions at factories. This job includes monitoring the people who enter the factory as well as keeping a lookout for potential threats. Bodyguards are specialised security personnel who are hired to keep a person safe. Clients may include celebrities or political figures. With the high rate of crime in South Africa, competent security guards are in high demand. The need for hard-working personnel has increased the amount of security jobs that are available.

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Requirements differ between jobs and some positions may require you to carry a firearm. While some positions are low risk, you may be required to work in dangerous situations.

Now that you know more about Traffic Officer jobs, it will be easier for you to decide if this is the right career for you. Not only will you need to undergo training, but you will also need to have the right characteristics for this work. If you are looking for work in the private sector that also concerns safety and security, consider looking for security jobs. Register your CV on and apply for vacancies in the security sector.

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  1. Fundiswa says:

    I am a cheerful and a hardworking person who enjoy working as a team and working alone if is possible to do so,i do not mind to work overtime and weekends

  2. madima says:

    I always wanted to work in security cluster especially as a police officer or traffic control officer. I have passion for the job I’m a driver if opportunity arise I will grab with both hands

  3. Bukelwa says:

    I would like to become a traffic officer but was not lucky to my previous applications would you make my dream come true….

    • Hi Bukelwa,

      Its unfortunate that you were unsuccessful for your application. We don’t put these vacancies up ourselves so Its a good idea to ask the police why they turned it down so you can correct this issue and reapply.

  4. Frikkie says:

    I always wanted to be an officer but for my age at almost 40 I feel that I still got a lot determination and dedication and hardworker and to help my fellow colleagues I hope my letter will encourage you to help me realise my dream also thanx for this opportunity. Also for that I got an EB licence and C1 with pdp

  5. Frikkie says:

    I hope u will read my letter and I thank u

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