Bridge the gap with Welding Jobs

Welders use heat to bond pieces of metal together. There are different types of welding positions available in South Africa. If you enjoy working with metal, you can look for welding jobs.


Types of Welding

Welders repair damaged welds. A welding job involves repairing damaged equipment. Welders review engineering drawings, plan layouts and assemble operations. Once they have properly prepared they weld pieces of metal together.

As well as assembling new operations they also repair damaged welds. Welders may be responsible for making welding tools. Welding jobs can be found in shipbuilding and automobile manufacturing. Welders can also find work in aerospace applications.


Welders must have in-depth knowledge of both the strengths and weaknesses of different types of metal. To succeed as a welder you will need to be motivated and hard-working. Mathematical and problem-solving skills are also needed for this position.

What a Boilermaker Does

When it comes to finding a welding job you may want to consider becoming a boilermaker. Boilermakers can find employment in heavy engineering settings. They are tasked with building boilers and engines. They also make high pressure vessels.

Boilermakers are employed in factories, powerstations and mines. They are also hired to work on oil rigs and in shipbuilding. To succeed as a boilermaker you will need to be responsible and hard-working.


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Accuracy is required for this position as mistakes can be dangerous. Boilermakers must read plans and build according to stipulated specifications. They are also responsible for repairs and maintenance work. They test vessels to ensure that they are operating efficiently and safely.

Boilermakers use metal sheets to build machine parts. To be a successful boilermaker you will need to work as part of a team. Mathematical capabilities and technical drawing skills are required for this position. You will also need to be hard-working and trustworthy.

Welding Inspector Jobs

Welding inspector jobs involve checking the quality of welded joints. Employees in this position test joints to make sure that they are strong. They also make sure that there are no visible defects. Welding inspectors check that units are built in accordance with the blueprints. They review the dimensions of the unit and the weld penetration.


Welding Inspectors can use a powerful torch and magnifying glass to look for problems with the welding such as cracks or spatter. Other tools that are used include ultrasonic and stress testing equipment. They analyse the techniques of welders while they are at work to ensure that they are maintaining a high standard of work. They also have to record inspection data.

Welding jobs can offer great work opportunities. If you enjoy working with your hands, this could be the perfect position for you. The position that you choose will depend on both your skills and interests. Register your CV on and find the perfect welding job for you.

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