Boost your Job Mail Social Graph and Win a R1000!

Social media and e-recruitment is on the rise. More than 86% of recruiters are now using social media to research potential job candidates. That means recruiters are more than likely looking at your social profile right now.

More people around the world are networking using their social media portals, so why aren’t you? Job Mail recently updated its Online CV to include your social graph. This social graph, on your Job Mail CV makes you more attractive to the new age recruiter, by giving recruiters the information they need at a glance.

Now is the time for you to embrace social media. Job Mail encourages all its job seekers to be more socially in tune, so that you can be The Ultimate Job Mail Social-lite and win R1000 in cash. The good news is, that our social graph will give you the edge to be spotted by the modern day recruiter too!

Last week we gave away R1000 to Phumla Pamela Ntuli for merely updating her Job Mail online CV. This week the challenge is on… boost your social profile and stand a chance at winning the R1000 cash prize.

If you don’t have a Job Mail Online CV, this is your chance to improve your online brand and become a Job Mail Social-lite today!

For those of you that are already using your Job Mail Online CV, just log-in at and you may be a couple of social steps away from being our next R1000 winner.

Step One: Log-in to your dashboard and look for the ‘Edit My Personal Details’ category on the left hand side of the profile bar (please check the image below and follow the red arrow). Once you have successfully found the ‘Edit My PersonalDetails’ category, you may proceed to the next step.

Step Two: Make sure all your personal details are up-to-date before you scroll down the page to the ‘Social Media’ category.

If you already have a Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin account, this next step is going to be very easy. All you have to do is open your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts and copy the urls into the specific fields. If you need help on how to do this, please contact our Job Master at

At this stage, some of you may only have a Facebook account and may not know what Twitter or Linkedin can do for your brand. The value of being more socially present will become clearer to you over the next couple of days, as Job Mail is going to give you a full crash course into being, The Ultimate Job Mail Social-lite.

Once you have completed your Job Mail CV and your social graph is correct, you will not only be 100% Job Mail CV complete, but you will also be 100% socially ready!

The reality is… if you are not willing to update your social graph on Job Mail and you do have active social media profiles, the chances are that the modern day recruiter will more than likely find your social profiles anyway. It is a good idea to make sure that your social profiles are professional at all times. So when the modern day recruiter is looking at you, they see your good side!

Is it not time for you to get your social act together and become The Ultimate Job Mail Social-lite?

Please read the following terms and conditions when entering the Boost your Social Profile Competition:

All social graphs must be completed by 5PM on Thursday the 3rd of November to qualify for the R1000 cash prize.

  1. No late social graphs will be considered for the Boost your Social Profile Challenge.
  2. Registered Job Seekers on the Job Mail site must update their social graphs to qualify for the R1000 prize.
  3. New job seekers must complete their Job Mail Online CV ( ), make their CV active and complete their social graph to qualify for the R1000 prize.
  4. Job seekers that have more than one registered Job Mail Online CV will be disqualified from the contest.
  5. The judge’s decision of the winning Job Mail Social-lite is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  6. The winner will be announced on the 4th of November 2011 via the Job Mail newsletter, Job Mail Facebook page and Job Mail Twitter profile
  7. The winner will need a bank account in order for the cash prize to be deposited into their account.
  8. If the winner does not provide banking details by Tuesday the 8th of November then he/she forfeits the prize. There will be a re-draw and this lucky Job Mail Social-lite will receive the prize.
  9. Upon re-draw, the winner will follow the same points mentioned above
  10. By entering the Boost your Social Profile competition, you accept these terms and conditions

Good Luck! May the Ultimate Job Mail Social-lite win!

To start getting your social brand out there today read the below post on the Job Mail Blog:

5 Clever ways to get your job using Social Media


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  1. Clive Jabulani Ngwane says:

    I am a candidate that can do the following well: Receipting, Payments, Bank Reconciliation, Process Company Payslips. I will do all these functions because I have studed financial management N4 to N6.

  2. Hi iam tebza frm jhb iam looking for a job

  3. Iam a carpenter iam looking for a job so pls help me to get a job pls

  4. Arthur Bacchus says:

    Good luck all! For the employment and for the prize 🙂

  5. Ednar selepe says:

    Hello Good People. My name is Ednar Selepe and I’m looking for a job, general work, full time

  6. Mantjhake Penn says:

    I am Mantjhake Penn I am looking for a job.I have sales experience ,I was working for a Direct Channel insurance company.

  7. Sandile says:

    I am looking forward to win this time.

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