Boiler Maker Jobs available in various sectors

Boiler makers are highly skilled craftsmen who are hired to manufacture, install and maintain boilers. Titles for this position include Boiler Fitter as well as Boiler Installer. Job seekers with limited qualifications or experience can search for a position as a Boiler Apprentice. Boilermaker jobs are found in the engineering, construction and mining sectors.


Boiler making jobs can involve a wide range of responsibilities. Duties of this position include drawing the different parts of the boiler. The drawing must include calculations to determine the dimensions of the vessel. Once the boiler has been designed, the construction process can begin. The process involves cutting steel plates and bending parts to construct a vessel. Torches, bending brakes and guillotines are used. Once the parts have been formed, the boiler maker builds the container and welds the parts together. Other responsibilities of this position include cleaning and repairing boilers. The employee is required to examine the boilers and make sure that they are operating efficiently.

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Working as a boiler maker is typically contract based. This position may require the craftsman to travel to different sites. Positions can be found in factories or on construction sites. Government positions are available for Boiler makers. Other industries which require these services are railways, factories and shipyards. The working environment is often noisy.


Boiler makers need to be fit as this position is often physically demanding. A boiler maker must be competent with mechanics. The ability to work as part of a team is required for this position. Other important characteristics include a good work ethic, manual dexterity and excellent eyesight. Boiler makers must be able to focus under adverse conditions. Safety is an important consideration in this profession.

A Boiler Maker position differs from plumbing work. Plumbers are required to fix water pipes while boiler makers work with large vessels that hold fluids. Plumbers are typically required to install and maintain pipes while boiler makers can be involved in manufacturing equipment.


If you are looking for a hands-on career, consider becoming a Boiler Maker. Craftsman with the right skills can find lucrative positions in this profession.

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  1. cyprian says:

    Hi team
    i am semi skilled boilermaker,i dont have an experience how can i get interested in this field and willing to learn a lot untill to become qualified.
    please reply if you can help!!!

  2. mandla serama says:

    I gualified boilermaker with no experience i like to work with you to have experience am a hard worker please contact me on this number 0763551905

  3. Sandile says:

    Idon’t have experience

  4. eucan says:

    Actualy I’m a qaulify boiler operator so now I want acquire boiler maker

  5. Adrian says:

    Hi I’m 48years old,been a boilermaker for 27 years and looking for a job.Thank you

  6. Harash says:

    Hi. In a Qualified Educator. I Teach Civil Technology and went to a technical school were I completely my Matric with T1 in welding and boilermaking. I also thought Matric metalwork at Matric level.

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