Beware of these 3 common scams targeting job seekers in SA

Scam AlertFinding a job can be tricky and time-consuming in South Africa. Scammers and fraudsters are well aware that there are thousands of desperate job-hunting South Africans out there who will do almost anything to find a job and for this reason, many of them target the unemployed with their elaborate schemes. It has become extremely important to safeguard yourself against scams.

It has always been our aim at Job Mail to make job seekers and the general public aware of scams that are doing their rounds in the South African recruitment sphere and to keep our site scam free, so today we’re covering 3 common scams targeting job seekers in South Africa.

1. The “Fax to E-mail” Scam:

A “recruiter” posts a fake position on a job site or responds to a potential job seeker who is looking for work. Once they receive responses from a job seeker, they simply reply by asking them to fax their CV’s (and all their documentation) to a 086 fax number.

Bare in mind that many companies do use 086 fax numbers legitimately and professionally for business, so trust your gut and employ your investigative skills before you make a judgement call.

Fax to e-mail services are used by these scammers and the fax number is set up to incur charges beyond standard rates, so the job seeker gets overcharged on their phone bill and the “recruiter” earns revenue for every page that gets faxed through for the fake position.

To avoid getting caught by this scam: Verify the source of the inquiry (by checking if the company’s phone number actually exists – they’re probably not legit if you automatically get directed to a fax line), check if the company is registered to operate (by doing a quick Google search and checking if they have a valid VAT number) and make sure that fax is NOT the only way to communicate with them (insist on e-mailing your CV and if they still insist that you should fax your CV, they’re probably not legit).

2. Interview / Training payment scam:

A “recruiter” responds to a job seeker who is desperate to find a job by calling them or e-mailing them. They tell them that they’re shortlisted for a position and request that the job seeker pay an amount into their account for “Registration” or “Training” before they come to see them at their offices.

In another variation of this scam, the “recruiter” invites the job seeker for an interview at their offices (which is usually far away from the job seekers location). Once the job seeker arrives at their offices, they are asked to pay a “registration” / “training” fee on the spot (before they’re even interviewed).

To avoid getting caught by this scam: Take note that you should not be paying a recruiter to get employed or to get an interview. Verify if the company actually exists and is authorized to trade in South Africa (by checking if they have a VAT number). Avoid travelling far distances for interviews, rather look around for positions in your area.

Also take note that legitimate recruiters will not ask you a fee to get registered on their database (because they are getting paid by companies to recruit staff for them). Some recruitment agencies do offer extra paid services like revamping your CV, but they won’t ask you for money to get shortlisted for an interview or for training. Also take note that most companies won’t ask you for a training fee right off the bat and will most likely deduct a fee from your first paycheck.

Remember the golden rule: If something is too good to be true, it’s most like false.

3. Dodgy Work-from-home opportunities

Work-from-home opportunities relate to the offer of opportunities to consumers such as typing, data capturing, filling in and addressing envelopes, filling in surveys, gathering of names and addresses and the compilation of data from a consumer’s home in exchange for a monetary consideration. Since 2011 99% of work-from-home opportunities have been outlawed by the South African Government.

Illegal Work-from-home opportunities include: Typing work, addressing envelopes of any kind, addressing (typing or writing) labels of any kind, filling of envelopes of any kind, administrative opportunities, compiling data and direct sellers of consumer goods that do not truthfully identify themselves, the firm and their products in any advertisements.

Legal work-from-home opportunities include: Typing work requested by the purchaser of such a service (such as the typing of assignments required by learners and/or students), the direct selling of consumer goods (in which a sales person either demonstrates the product or represents a product catalog in homes, the workplace or in similar places away from shops), collecting orders, subsequently delivering goods personally or arranging delivery, collecting payment for goods or arrangement for payment or credit transactions and a person-to-person selling party plan which sells multilevel marketing and network marketing. Direct sellers are required to truthfully identify themselves, the firm and their products in their adverts.

Being involved in an illegal work-from-home opportunity is a criminal offence and is punishable by a fine not exceeding R200,000 or imprisonment for a period not exceeding five years, or both a fine and imprisonment. Should you require any additional information or clarification you can contact Faith Mashikinya on 012 394 1308 or Narain Kuljeeth on 012 394 1515.

Well, there you have it, 3 common scams targeting job seekers in South Africa. We trust that you find this information useful. Spread the word about this by sharing this article with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Remember: Sharing is Caring.

If you have been a victim of a scam feel free to comment on this article and let us know about your ordeal. If you have any scam related queries, feel free to contact our consultant via

Watch this space for more Scam Warnings and updates for job seekers on the Job Mail Blog.

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299 Responses

  1. Songezo Cenya says:

    Hello there Can you please tell me how true are job vacancies advertised by oil-rig because they also need a registration fee. The website: http://www.oil-rig-job.

  2. leah says:

    Thank you so much! This has been very helpful. Will very much stay aware and also warn others!

  3. hellen says:

    Thank you very much for making us aware of scams, I’ve learned, as I’m one of the victims. Scams are taking advantage because they know that lot of people need jobs, how can you pay for a job while u need money? This is crime, the police must do something about this. Thank you

  4. N. Ngxekisa says:

    I have recently been job seeking. After an enquiry regarding one of the vacant jobs posted on one of the job searching websites, I have been receiving dozens of emails requesting me to fax my documents. The first one requested a R500 fee for registration, claiming I was guaranteed a job. Lucky for me I didn’t have that R500 otherwise I’m certain I would have deposited it. Then, there are many other emails most of them with a no-reply email addresses. After I had faxed to the first one I then realised that they all had similar fax numbers, the first 6 numbers are exactly the same: 086226…. Then I went on to search on google, the recruiting company name and nothing solid came up. Since I noticed that I have been ignoring these emails.

    • Hilda v d Merwe says:

      I have experienced the same this weekend: 1) Gail H, Careerjob, fax 0862292138, 2) Recruitment Services, 0862250233, 3) T. James, Personnel Spotter, 0862285472.

      Luckily I read about these scams before thanks to Gumtree Scammer alerts


  5. louise says:

    Thanx for information. I was nearly caught.

  6. pj Ntwagae says:

    Thank you for information .I’m one of the victims of this gurus,I have been trying so hard to find a job, paying almost R18 for a page,but with out respond,thank you again

  7. Palesa says:

    Thank you very much for the awareness people get scarmed everyday, we really learned from this.

  8. Micky says:

    Please help me how best one can verify if the company is vat registered and/or if they are authorised to trade in South Africa

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hi Micky – Your best bet would be to contact the Department of Labour to confirm. Alternatively check if the company is registered with organizations in their trade (eg Accounting, Legal, etc)

  9. Dora says:

    I need to know about r4u recruitment and dymasize cause i have being trying to find there phone no but im unlike are they scam

  10. terri says:

    Hi i would like to know about these new ways of applying for vacancies by sms’sing your name, age, and cell number. There are a few who are requiring these ways online

    • Prishan Latchman says:

      Hi Terri

      Have you had any feedback with regards to this? I have also experienced this and the first time I am seeing this being offered.

  11. Beverley says:

    thanx very much cos I have been getting a lot of this fax num from recruiters, I was wondering if this was legit but now I know.

  12. carol says:

    Thank you for the information

  13. Lesiba Somo says:

    I am a victim of job seeker scam. Was asked to pay R500 for a guaranteed job.I emailed back to be given the opportunity for a job and that they deduct R500 from first salary. They never responded. Thanks for awareness

  14. wilson says:

    hi Henno Kruger,l paid R400 to jobplus pty ltd at 597 louis botha ave bramley and was told it was a service fee and since then they never contacted what should l do becoz its been 5 mnths l paid

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hi Wilson – That was a scam. Your best bet is to report them to our consultant Rose via so we can investigate. Also report them to the SAPS because this definitely sounds like a scam.

  15. michael says:

    Thnx fr ur information bt i hv a question,i hv been promised fr interview so many times bt de problem is dat dis ppl ask some amount fr bookings?so hw true is dat job

  16. bishop says:

    I would also like to know about this r4u and dynamise recruitments

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Your best bet to confirm would be to e-mail the info you have to our consultant Rose via so we can investigate. Remember: If something sounds too good to be true, it’s usually false.

  17. zandile says:

    surely da a ppl hu a plying wth us.most of the tym i apply 4 these call centre jobs.its alwys abt money.and wen thy say cum 2 an interview.y do thy hv 2 use da cellphone numbers nt da landlines.thnx a lot 4 da info.

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hi Zandile – Remember that landlines are in decline in South Africa. More and more people are using cell phones or Voice over IP for communication.

  18. londiwe says:

    im also the one of ppl which they are crying out side cos dis crimina they are very clever when they see tht the amount of the money they need they already make it they just change the town or a builing around here jozi with a such amont of money for ppl whn you came to cherk dem thy no way to be found. I realy want my money back to dis fake agent.

  19. moses says:

    Thank very much for enlightening us about this scams

  20. Thokozani says:

    I always reapply by faxing but no resolution back i.e Dymasize,r4u and many more .I nearly deposit R249.00 for training by the something so called corporate logistics.

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Ideally you should NOT be faxing through your CV to apply for jobs, rather apply directly or e-mail your CV…

  21. Emily misiwe choba says:

    Looking for a job clean tea
    Lady and filing I have 5year
    thank u

  22. lesley says:

    I have been applying 4 the job with relavent requirement but nothing happend

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hi Lesley – You should be following up with recruiters once you have applied. If you don’t get feedback within 14 days, assume that you did not get the job and move forward…

  23. Tony Paulsen says:

    What about “Home Business Solutions”? I’ve seen them advertise on Facebook. Are they legit?

    • Henno Kruger says:

      We have not received any complaints about them, but it might be a scam, do a Google search about them…

  24. saly says:

    Thnks now I hv learnt 2 b careful of this scams and that faxing is actually not the best way to apply for jobs.I hope more south Africans job seekers get 2 b aware of this scams.thnks

  25. Thandazile says:

    Tanx 4 telling us abt dis scam, i also a victim to de agent called Employment link Roodepoort. Dey wanted me to pay R150.00

  26. Thandoz says:

    Thank you so much for such information, we’ll keep alert because many of these scammers take advantage of our situation when we in the most need for jobs. Please someone must take actions coz I’m sure many people fall for these scams thinking that something positive will comeout of it.

  27. rodney says:

    Eish I dd pay R300 for job in jhb at ottawa mall they sayd the will call me its been 3 month if I report them to SAPS they will help me?thanks to leting us know about scams..

  28. Bongiwe says:

    Thnx for de tips I’m also a victim of scam I faxed many time wth no answers n I recently got a number from internet they say no contact whatsapp only how can u get a job on whatsapp n they asking R15 for documents n I nearly fall for it

  29. P sean says:

    Thnk u vry much for your info knw i hav to be sure b4 i fax mi docs .& i have been a victim but i know that de iz no ways u have to pay to get a job.

  30. busisiwe says:

    Ther is a lady called Lorraine en John en Carmen beware of them Carmen act as an employer lorrain is a recruiter
    John is the boss they already scam me 500 for domestic worker job

  31. mpho says:

    Thank u very much for the information. I would like to ask that if they say submit the cv in person but asking me to pay 100 for cal center manual and fascillitator cd i would like to know if this could be a scam.

  32. elma says:

    Thanks for the info and ill be careful before I fax!

  33. Joe says:


    Thanks for the info.
    There is a company calling themselves RRR Link Limited in Durbanville Cape Town who are doing scam #3 and are asking pple to pay R995 for training and job securing. I asked them to train me then deduct from the said weekly salary I will earn and they refused this option.
    Pple be on the look out

  34. zama says:

    I was also involved in one of the scammers,they sent me an sms telling me that I’ve got the job I must report to the office with the amount of R300 as an admin fee. And then they said I must go to SARS to fetch my TAX number,so I went there because my family and I we were so excited they even gave me the money. But after that they were no show and I’m still unemployed, so thank you jobmail for the alert and teaching SA about those scammers.

    • Lydia says:

      Which agency is that cause there is this agent @ ottawa mall i also gave them R300 & i also went 2 SARS to get my tax number so i submitted those document 2day & they said they will call me

  35. nomzamo says:

    Hey krugar I saw a post online which needs call center agents at transnet,telkom and eskom I called them they sent me a message with the address and the lady said I should come with R100 for training I doubt if this it the real job please help me my appointment is nextweek I’m desperate for that job

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hi there
      You should not have to pay for anything. If a company provides training there should be no charge. If unsure still please contact Rose on 012-3423840 x2620 and she could assist you. Her email is

  36. Snakho says:


    I would like to asked about those international Jobs, when I finished school it was my wish to work abroad and I also did an International Diploma in Travel and Tourism, in 2010 I applied for jobs in Canada and they sent me an email with questions to b answers after that they said I got the job but I must pay 92 Canadian dollars in order to be employed they even called. I never pay that money but even today I still receive emails from them asking me to pay. Are they also scams?

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hi Snakho,

      International companies do not fall under South African Labour Law. Your best option would be to Google the company. They are not always scams, but we would still be careful.

      Thank you for using Job Mail!

  37. Mila says:

    Hi Kruger

    I ws a victim too in so many ways including faxing,sending money and oll thet staf..I’m desparate I’m in need of a job still to day, thanks a lot with such information I can see now.

  38. syabonga says:

    Iesh am worried cz am in progress with ds scam training at dbn edkam centre i have arleady paid R1000 total is R2000 two weeks training program and i dont know whether they exist , should i get help becuase they promise a job replacement.

  39. Chris says:

    Hi Henno

    please assist me. I noticed mobile recruitment repeats their vacanc. for the past 5 months the same vacancy has been put up on jobmail every day. Also there is no way of contacting them. They rudly just cut off calls. I have spoken to Rose about this but I keep seeing the same add go up. Im certain mobile recruitment is just a scam company. They even give you a application form to fill out and the after no response.

    your help will be appreciated.

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hi Chris – Thanks for your feedback. I’ve brought this to Rose’s attention so we can investigate.

  40. bhelukazi says:

    I would like to know if the ottawa mall jobs are legit? They say they have jobs for inexperienced people.

  41. themba says:

    i apply for a general work job i was ask to come for interview with a R300 admission fees n i fill in many forms thy promise to call me since now i hvent been contacted is ottawa mall a real recruiment agency or just a scams

  42. themba says:

    Ottawa mall eats my R300. Their adress is corner of Commisioner in a small office, no 606 on the 6th floor

  43. nomfundo says:

    I’m also concerned about these jobs that they offering people at Ottawa mall if they are real because they want R550,I think is too much for people who are not working, those poor people are desperate! My cousin last year went there,and they wanted R390 from him he gave them but he did not get a job, I think they must stop that because it unfair if they promise they must deliver

  44. jc says:

    scam still continues at ottawa mall can we organised ourselves and do something about it?

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hi JC – Please e-mail our consultant Rose details about this scam so we can investigate.

  45. Mpho says:

    They are so many they must stp me nd my frnd paid 700 at mansion house cnr albertina sisulu nd von brondis, ul gt olga nd simphiwe nd de nigerian guy. Me nd my frnd went 2claim court dts hw we managed 2gt our money becarful gyz

  46. bhelukazi says:

    I saw the ottawa jobs ad on .then I called them and they told me to come to the 94 president street on the 5th floor room 503.

  47. isaac says:

    today i went to ottawa mall with my CV they told me that i have found the job they did’nt do much in their interview process so they told me to come wearing black and white clothes to go to work also come with R300.00 to pay them and R25.00 for the transport to go to work the same day what should i do its emergency please i need help before this thing happen is it a scam or it is not?

  48. Kashparov says:

    I applied for a university position in Botswana that was advertised in got an email response quickly, asking me to submit more info like credit clearance certificate, an affidavit from professional body, a police clearance etc. Usually we see police clearance for work permit; but I never saw the requirement of professional body letter or credit clearance certificate. Seems this university partnered with ‘academic-partners’ who will do the interview etc.

    Is it a scam?

    • Kashparov says:

      additional info: Job location is Botswana, the recruiter is located in Capetown. Financial clearance report is mandatory for me to submit. Not sure what this is? Is it a scam for sure?

  49. tatanka says:

    welcome to ottawa mall!!RESPONDED TO THIS AD FOR FORKLIFT OPERATORS ,CERTIFIED OR NOT CERTIFIED WANTED BY A CERTAIN COMPANY WHICH WILL PROVIDE TRAINING.PHONED THE LADY AT THIS NUMBER 0783711967.LADY SENT ME AN SMS WITH OTTAWA ADRESS AND HAS REQUESTED ME TO BE AT THE MALL AT 0700HRS TODAY THIS WEDNESDAY WITH MY ID AND CV,NO MONEY STORY AT THE MEAN TIME.HELP ME IS THIS THEIR FIRST STAGE OF THE SCAM PROCESS?should i go there or not?BUT I NEED THE JOB.I WILL SPENT ABOUT r300 for transport from my place in the northwest to get to ottawa it worthy?the sms says i should meet Bervey and my instincts are very doubtful.nway is the Mall management aware of these activities at their premises?stop this please,they give us false hope.

    • Phuti says:

      @tatanka don’t go there…Ottawa mall jobs are bogus….ALL OF THEM including another agencies in the CBD. I went to 7 agencies on the same day and they all wanted about R200 to R300 training and registration fee. Luckily i wasnt desperate enough.

  50. tatanka says:


  51. Phuti says:

    Mobile recruitment and Dymasize Pty Ltd (same positions every day)….I smell a rat. Someone need to confirm my suspicions.

  52. CLIFFY.D says:

    So u guys saying Attawa mall jobs are scams, coz I have an appointment with them tomorrow morning at 7. For a security job

  53. Amy says:

    Hi Everybody!

    Trust that everyone is doing great!

    Wow, I received a phone call from a lady today regarding us being mentioned on Job Mails Article.

    Dymasize are being mentioned a few times here!

    First of all, Instead of putting a “fax scam”, I am putting down the facts.

    Dymasize has been in the recruitment industry for almost 3 years, and we have had our bad bumps on the road, but managed to revive with determination, and just simply never gave up! We learned new things, and improved our customer services as well. As few may have noticed, our largest bump we had was when we had a robbery at our offices not long ago, we lost almost everything, and Dymasize was on the edge of a cliff. It’s been a rocky journey but we made it due to our passion and love for what we do. Thank you for those who stood by us through this difficult time, clients and candidates who understood the situation, it means a lot to us and your understanding is very much appreciated, without your support we would’ve not be able to be where we are today. We’ve grown magnificently in the past year, thanks to our supporters.

    Regarding the uncertainty of us being a scam or not, well that’s for you to decide.

    What I just don’t understand is why people think that we are a scam of some sort?
    Perhaps you did not get hold of us 6pm at night, that’s because our offices are only open between 9am and 5pm MONDAY – FRIDAY. Please call then, and if you cannot get through, please email us your query to, we promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

    Perhaps you did not follow our procedure correctly…
    We noticed that job seekers are not using the correct email addresses when sending their C.V’s. On every vacancy we advertise we provide an email address, but still people want to send their C.V to / (Which is meant for our Clients), or any email address they can find on the web. Please job seekers, use the correct email address provided, it’s critical as it may be difficult for our admin team to find your C.V that was sent to another email address. Use the reference number when you apply. We don’t ask you to be a rocket scientist, but to simply follow our procedure correctly.

    Perhaps you did not understand why we have application forms…
    We at Dymasize give everyone we meet a quality and professional service, when I say quality, I’m also referring to our application forms which is being added to your professional profile which is automatically being captured into our exclusive candidates database, our clients and candidates are very important to us, and we feel that portraying our candidates in a professional way will help them get the position they deserve. We only ask for your C.V and 2 Forms that must be filled in and signed – (which can be downloaded and uploaded onto our website: ). Unlike other recruitment agencies we don’t ask you for a copy of ID book or any certificates. When you are short listed for a position the consultant working with a specific vacancy will contact you and ask your permission to arrange an interview with our client, when the interview date and venue is arranged we will contact you and ask you to take your ID Book and Certificates with you as well as your profile document which we will email to you in advanced prior to the interview date, which enables you to get everything ready including your outfit

    Perhaps you are wondering why we have so much vacancies out there?
    We at Dymasize have an amazing team of recruiters who is fully trained and qualified to do the job, we have several departments which deals with specific industries (Which means every consultant employed with Dymasize is qualified within a specific industry)
    Our recruitment consultants are always on the lookout for new vacancies in the market, little secret, our consultants are paid per successful placement, they are very eager and motivated to get the jobs you are looking for. Simply because they have to make a living whilst perusing their passion. Which is essential if you want to work at Dymasize.

    In case you might have wondered, we specialise in the following sectors:
    Administration / PA / Secretary
    Finance / Accounting – Management
    Professions – Sales / Marketing
    Retail Tourism / Hospitality
    Insurance – IT / Computer
    Logistics – General Employment
    Health and Skincare – Medical
    FMCG – Manufacturing
    Building / Construction / Mining
    Trade / Artisans / Technical

    Perhaps you have not heard from us after you applied for a vacancy?
    This takes me back to using the correct email address, if you used the correct email address you would have gotten a reply from us with a link where you can download the required forms.

    Another thing I would like to get in the open is why we use an automated response.
    Simply because we receive too many applicants on a daily basis and can unfortunately not respond to everyone manually. If you are up for the task we welcome you to send 1000’s of emails a day without missing 1 un-responded email accurately. We have tried that, and sorry people, we would like every email to be personal but the volumes is just not justifying it. We try to give every candidate contacting us a peace of our knowledge and culture to carry with them through the recruitment process.

    Another point I would like to make is that 95% off all applicants we receive are either not qualified, or perhaps does not fit our clients company profile or culture, we have noticed that somejob seekers are applying for jobs which they have never even done physically to gain any experience in their professional career, this makes it so difficult for our recruiters, we know job seekers are trapped in a situation and is trying to get out of it, but we have to follow the job specs we received, strictly, because we promise our clients to give them exactly what they are asking for. On every vacancy we advertise we stipulate the requirements where available, please make sure you apply for a job you are qualified for.
    We also regret that we are only able to contact short-listed candidates. Please consider your application unsuccessful should you have not heard from us within 2 weeks after the closing date of a vacancy.

    Seen another vacancy and want to apply, but already registered with us?
    Please NOTE that you don’t have to fill in the application forms again if you wish to apply for another vacancy at Dymasize, you only need to do that once for your profile’s purposes. Only send us an email to and we will update your profile. Please provide us with enough details such as the vacancy you want to apply for and the reference please.

    People, not every recruitment agency out there is a scam, this put us in a bad light, especially those who is actually working our behinds off to get job seekers jobs, I am not speaking just about us, but for every recruitment agency out there trying to make the recruitment industry a success, yes, South Africa’s unemployment rate is very high, and yes, to find a job is difficult, but keep on improving yourself, get the degree you want and need, improve on your skills and personal attributes, then recruiters will spot you as a talented candidate, get talented people! Recruiters are looking for candidates who is exceptional in what they do, a talented candidate who is hard to find, that’s who we are looking for!

    If there is anyone having more questions please email us at, and we get back to you as soon as possible.

    We recently launched our website : , feel free to come and have a peak, join us on LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook, and stay in the loop with our Dymasize Blog.

    Merry Christmas to everyone and may next year be a successful year for us all!

    Warmest Regards

  54. Cary says:

    Hi everyone. I just sent an sms to ‘apply’ for a data capturing job. Job advertised this week (2014/12/09), in the Northcliff Melville Times. Apparently google knows the adress as soon as I typed in the numbers of the road where the interview is, that I received from a reply sms from them telling me I have a job interview at 597 Louise Botha Ave Bramley JHB (opp Engen) 1st floor. So, what did google find for me?? The map yes, and a facebook post about all the people who in fact went for the interview, and had to do a test later on in the day and then got an sms a few days later that they had passed and had to bring R300 or R350!! Scam oh Scam!!!! I’m going to phone and see who Barry is, or maybe I’ll let my security company do it! 😉 Be careful people.

  55. Nozibelem says:

    Hi I am also a victim I paid job plus in brambles R350 in 2012 and there was no can newspapers post scams to the readers.i suggest they should first investigate before posting them to the public

  56. Bongani says:

    Thanks verry much

  57. vuyo says:

    OMG i just came from OTTAWA MALL and i paid R300 for “job placement” but Im skeptic about it, they told me come back next week. Reading these comments has made me even more doubtful maybe I should go back there and ask for my money back.

  58. Keneiloe Mogoli says:

    Hi. I would like to know aBout this employment link. I went there and paid 250 and they told me they get recruiters on to their website to recruit people who need a job. That was in September up until now! I want to know if this is a scam or what?

  59. jabulani says:

    i want 2 know about attawa mall floor 6 office 606, 626 .

  60. Zandile says:

    Hi people luckily I never fell for a scam and I always ignore those who asked me to fax my documents coz if I apply I always include my CV so I don’t understand if they ask me to fax. I also have a problem with those companies which I always apply but they never respond like silverdragon recruiters, and I went for a training in a company called labor core they didn’t explain to me that I haven’t got a job after that they told me they will call me to come and start but till today. I was travelling with my money and I worked very hard on that training. I don’t understand how they can train a person if they will not hire her.

  61. juelz says:

    Paybook sa is a scam . Don’t use they want traffic for money only

  62. noma says:

    I am supposed to go to ottawa mall on monday for interview. We no longer feel safe, which is the safe site for applying for jobs

  63. moshabi says:

    Eix guys thnx for informing me abt this scams @ ottawa mall, coz 2day I hv seeing their advertisement on Internet, thy said thy are looking for machine operator lyk tlb etc, so I hv calld thm n thy said I mst giv thm my contacts….few minutes l8t I received a mssge syng I mst cum 2 attend a interview in ottawa mall office nmbr 606 6th floor…I was on my way 2 travel 2mrw morning to attend thm n it’s abt 270km tht cost abt R250….anway m no longer going thr, coz Palesa and Peterson are scams n I ddnt….so anyway guys ur my hero’s….

  64. phuti says:

    I have an interview in ottawa mall tmrw bt they ddnt tell me about the money so after reading this I dnt knw whether I should go or not m scared

  65. lesedi says:

    Thnks a lot hy guys waz about to go de tmrw i gt an sms from those scams of ottawa mall wow u saved me il spread de word aswell

  66. thobile says:

    i also pay 300 two times last no job until today. let me go and ask for my money

  67. samuel says:

    I paid about 500r …that guy said he will train me for hotel stuffing but since now nothing happen and when i asked him my money back he dont want with it…what must i do to get my money back please?

  68. Zanele says:

    I must go to interview on monday at 7:00 morning at 94 Ottawa Mall president and small street, office 410 must I bring cv and id copy REF Melly. I don’t must I go or not,plz help

  69. ncami says:

    I just need to know if u happen to find anything about Yet? I almost made a deposit, but I need to do my reseach first. Please tell me if they are a scam or legit

  70. thobs says:

    i applied for general jobs in ottawa mall office 503 in october, i came for an interview and paid 300 admission fee. we were 7 a security took us to office 512 where we were told to bring finger prints, graded tax no, residental address and medical reports. we are going to work in a firm in kempton park the following week, they wil sms us where staff bus wil pick us. a week was over no sms, i went there about 5 times they keep on promising until today no job.pls advise me what to do, i just read about it now that its scam

  71. Tyler says:

    To make things easy guys, any job that requires u to go for an interview in a building in johannesburg itz a SCAM, a valid interview should be conducted by the HR at the company with training payment… Period

  72. hauzin says:

    hi guys i also got an sms sayin i my cv was a success i should come nd pay 300 and thy said their an agancy must i belive them??…….ottawa mall

  73. Ellen says:

    Has anyone complained about TE training solutions situated in 94 president street markade building 6th floor office 603 cz i went thre and they are a trainingz company for call centre dey charge 200 for registration and 550 for the certificate wen u done training i havnt paid thou was just wondering if this too was a scam or if any1 has complained about the company

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hi Ellen – To my knowledge we have not received any complaints, but check with our consultant Rose, e-mail her via

    • Ujjal Vallabh says:

      Hi. I just received an email from TE solutions and it looked a bit dodgy to me so I researched and didn’t find much on them. The address was 84 President corner  Kruis,The Markade Building ,6th Floor ,Office 603. I think proper agencies do have a website and they take the effort to arrange an interview by calling you. Anyway thank you for posting your comment, it has saved me time and money ☺

  74. Loquacious says:

    Ottawa mall…ottawa mall….ottawa malll…..I’ve just been a victim of their scam today,I’ve paid their requested R300 but may God bear with me cause I’m gonna have to do something,if this is how they’re making their living,they should be taught a lesson….if someone wants to teach them a lesson with me…..send me an E-mail to…..including your name and location if around jhb then we’ll take further steps

  75. Nomonde says:

    Hi guys help me İ want to know about edkamcentre they said they train you and after that they find job for you. So İ want to know that is not a scam before İ go there. because they don’t train you for free you pay money.

  76. Ambani says:

    Hi , I went there on friday , submitted a cv , received an sms on saturday morning saying my cv was successful for a permanent packer position, and I should come on monday with an admin fee of 300 , I went there today , paid 300 and was told to go get medical clearance and fingerprints, and I hear its a scam , how do I get my money back ?

  77. nico says:

    Job plus took R400 and never called as promised ….thanx for making us aware …

  78. Zandile says:

    I received an email saying I should come to Eastern Cape in Grahamstown Netcare hospital and I must deposit R200 for accommodation at pick n pay or boxer the email seem real and I did apply to netcare last year. So I foned the hospital first to confirm if there is a training for paramedics they know nothing about it. They use the email Its a scam be warned people

  79. Zama says:

    So schadule for an interview with employment link in roodeport and they have asked me to bring R250 for their services. I bet they are scammers

  80. Nomvuyo says:

    can you please also investigate this email address I have been getting emails from them saying I have been shortlisted therefore I should fill in the internship form,pay R90 ,and send back the form along with the proof of payment.
    Their fax no is 086 548 2044

  81. Tumza says:

    hi something must be done with those con man end woman at ottawa mall news papers,radio stations end tevelevions must go there to warn south africans cause this thing is still happenig i’m the victim last month they took my last 300

  82. Kindness says:

    Guys this Ottawa mall scam has to b stopped bcz they still going on robbing US plz help us we robbed our money from that flat and hundreds of people still going there.

  83. mpumi says:

    I was suppose to go to ottawa mall tomorrow as in on saturday. they said i must bring the admin fee of R300. I first went on wedensday for a brief but in the message they said i must come for an interview and now this message says Congratulations ur application for room attendant position have qualified of which i dont knw what does that mean and they said i must ask for beyve. what troubled me was the people who seemed to be operating that place were mostly zimbabwens and nigerians.

  84. Khethiwe says:

    Hi Edkam centre is it a scam or not?

  85. lesego tlhoka says:

    Hi i recived an e mail with calls for booking i did dat n i recived an sms de same day as they said… de following day i went to ottawa mall n i paid R100 den i was told i must wait for another sms….i recived it on friday .so to my suprice my cv was approved but they want R700 on top …for wat kind of a job dis real?im suppose to go back on monday

  86. dumisile says:

    Ive bn called 4 a job by EMPLOYMENT LINK @ rodipoort opposite 2 westgate nxt 2 horizon park ,DEY SAY I SHULD BRNG MY C.V n R250….Bt 4 money part hey m scared of luzin my last money day shuld push me wt my kids…is EMPLOYMENT LINK LEGIT…Ive googled dem dey apear n seems legit…bt y do dey nid money…y cant dwy tke it on my 1st salary

  87. dumisile says:

    Ppl plse do not trust EMPLOYMENT LINK@RODIPOORT…i calles ROSE.P she 2ld me abt dem…n she said she said ..she havent head anythng positive abt dem..she dd investigate dem..dey say dey r a big agency n put cv on database n dey tke dat 300r or 250 bt she neva head dat sum1 got a job 4rm dem….plse guys b careful….i do work 4 an agency dey deductd dat money 4rm my salary n m workin…if u r a nurse lookin 4 an agency nurses on call is d best n legend medical agency r d best google dem n u wil get info n dwy dnt want ur money…n dey explain y dey deduct ur money…al d best guys n dolls

  88. lelo says:

    Thanx jean nearly got caught

  89. Henno Kruger says:

    Hi Lelo – E-mail our consultant Rose so we can investigate via

  90. zintle says:

    I am a victim will frm kariba made m pay R800 fr a job placement till now in styl waiting 4 a cal wen I cal him h said hel cal m back pliz hlp m I wnt my money back nd hlp does wu r despryt 4 work 2

  91. Theolan says:

    Hi just like the others I have been “accepted” for training and job placement with an agency called ‘Edkam Management and Training Centre’ it sound very fishy as I was looking through possible cruise ship agencies, they offer a 2 week training with guaranteed job placement the cost for this is R1500 deposit and R1500 after training…I would like some info on this agency and if they are legit. Thanks

  92. ben says:

    hey lelo hope u cn tell me if they are a scam or not plz

  93. sıpho says:

    May god b wth dem, as a vıctım of des scam bt ı thnk ı hv 2 act, so dat ı cn gt my R600 bck.

  94. sıpho says:

    May god punısh dem, as a vıctım of des scam ı hv gıven Palesa de amount of R600 ın Ottawa mall room 606, 6 floor. She tld me ı hv found me a job ın Secunda 4 machıne operator.

  95. Katlego Promise says:

    At dumisile…i read this post of health workers today…then i gave them a thet said to book for an interview you need to give them a call…they sended me an address at Ottawa mall office money is mentioned,and on friday i tried the other one of call center but they said i have to come with R100 for manual book…they sended me an address directing me to go to Kariba house office 513…they said i should ask for Lebo or katlego…bt to my surprise when i got there i got the Nigerian guys …and the fact of meeting those nigerian guys who pretend to call themselves Lebo ,Kagiso n katlego drove me out of their deceiving building,they where too good to be True

    • Lethukuthula says:

      I’m glad I googled this before I went coz I was told to come there tomorrow with R100 for a training manual book… I ain’t going there now that I’ve read this… thanks

  96. shonisani says:

    i have receive sms and it look like that your interview for mechandisers is tomorrow@10:30am,louis botha ave bramley jhb(opp engen)1st floor,rgrds 0839007501

  97. dilshaad says:

    I would like to know if anyone had meen scammed by retaile solutions tygervalley cape town

  98. kat says:


    Your application with Zendava Construction and Mining for an Apprenticeship has been pre-approved. Starting 09/03/2015. 

    Find attached application form and unsigned contract.

    We need to register you with the regulating authority in order for you to conduct an apprenticeship under section 13 of SA law. There is a fee of R295.00 for your account. (Payment details as per application form.)  After registration proof of registration will be forwarded to you.

    Medicals will be conducted. (Dates will be provided.)

    Transport is provided by company.

    Complete the application form and sign the contract and fax back to0866933388 with proof of payment and copy of ID or Passport before, 5pm today.

    If you need any further information please contact Marius.

    Kind regards


  99. Henno Kruger says:

    Hi Ayisha – Check with our consultant Rose, e-mail her via

  100. bongile says:

    hi Mr Henno I want to know the way to get these scams arrested and paid the seekers their money back is there a way to get there?

  101. thandeka says:

    I recieve an sms today they said i must come for an interview tomorrow at louis botha ave bramley but now im scared and i dont know that i still have to go or not after all what i had about them

  102. Kaye says:

    GEEZ! Thank you for this, my vousin is soo excited about the possibility of her finding a hotel job, she went to the mansion house in jhb cbd and was told that if her interview was succesful she would receive an sms to inform her and would have to pay R200 tomorrow and a Further R600 next week for trainning. As she told me this, it sounded like a scam to me but she is adamant its not because she saw people being loaded on a quantum being taken to randburg where they’re being placed.

    I just had to check for my self and googled and found this article with these comments. THANK YOU FOR INFORMING US.

    It is truly sad and infuriating that people can do this. Told my cousin but she doesnt believe that its a scam. A friend of hers was told to come wearing black n white today n go to Ottawa mall paid the R200.00 and instead of being placed at the job she was asked to go to sars for a tax number, police station for fingerprints and i dont know what else she was sent out to do.

  103. faith says:

    My brother was robbed 400 in town they Syd he must bring his CV and Id copy they told him to pay 300 again for him to get certificate so it means he payed 700 all together they told him they gona call only to found out when he goes there again they told him they want people withqualifications the 700 its gone like that this is not good so they refuse to give him his money back
    please help what to do.

  104. nomsa says:

    Thnx for informing us can I ask plz this edkam mànagement and tràining centre is it a scam coz they said I MST pay R2000 for training then guaranteed they will place me to a job. Plz help

  105. sydney says:

    I also a victim at ottawa mall I also paid 300 until today no job, we have to some thing about these people

  106. rose says:

    Is adkam training centre a scam?

  107. olwethu says:

    TE training solutions is a scam, their offices r shady and dirty as well. The guy who interviewd me got pissed after i asked why i need to pay money for employment last year.

  108. francis says:

    for they seem legit,i like there positive attitude!!

  109. florida maso says:

    Thnx guys I ws so excited aftr receivin an sms for a job I thought am goin to wrk, dy didn’t ask me money for training or adm fee.likely I ddnt knw de place so I went through internt to seach for dat mall, instead of getin dat mall nd direction I got comments. Shooo… I ws so disappointed nd felt ppl said, dat place its full of nigerians only nd dat ppl r very dangerous. Wht if I went de nd kidnapped me.or use ppl like prostitude or drug mule.No sumthin must be done about this ppl.This ppl r trouble lyk crus.THX guys for information.shm our young south African

  110. Rebecca says:

    ooh boy!!!! got an an email from employment link, claiming that i should call them to book an appointment and to come to their offices. so i researched the company’s website to find out who they were and check out their job postings, and guess what??I couldn’t register or see any postings/jobs offered by them…………. alarms went off, so i researched complaints made against them …. and baaaang … there it was in black and white…. they were a scam…. glad i saved my airtime

  111. Ursula says:

    What is up with these job adds that states: Text ALICE to 36243 and then you get asked a whole bunch of questions via sms. Lastly your name and cell phone number only to be advised to e-mail your cv to Legit???

  112. Semase says:

    I’ve been applied by faxing my id,cv and certificates too many times to dymasize, so even today im not receive any although i rather apply to position that matches my profile but still nothing i get. last time when i loggin in to jobmail i found other personal information that is not mine then i have to register again. : ( i just wondering whats going on with my ID and certificates that i were sent to find a job please traceable my ID.

  113. antonia says:

    I received an SMS today that i should bring my ID and my CV tommorow to a place in Johannesburg,and they gave me the office number,but there is no company name ,neither did they mention the post that they are offering.I smell a rat…

  114. Keitu says:

    Hi. May yoy please find out info about KE Marketing because they called me and asked me to come to Pretoria. Is the company legit or what?

  115. senzo says:

    it’s definatly a scam, i was there today thier interview is so easy they dont even have equip

  116. Tracy says:

    My husband just got sms saying he must go for an interview in JHB CBD at 07h00 at room 410 in Ottawa mall……sounds fish to me as who interviews at 07h00 and why go into JHB CBD for it when looking for a job on East Rand???? The nr given is also never answered so you can’t change the apt time or confirm.

  117. Neo says:

    Hi I just got this SMS….Would you regard this as a scam?…. TV Film extras,TV presenters, Models and Actors wanted on de 27th June 2015, and 03rd of July Time 09h00 till 12h00, Joining fee is R400.00 once off pluse a photoshoot. Address is 94 President str Cnr Small str, Ottawa, 4th Floor – Office 425. Jhb cbd. Bring along ID or Passport, 3 outfits of your choice for the photoshoot. Come and meet us for a talk we will able to help you out have your TV or modelling career started. Shikwas Casting 082 925 9348

  118. lethu says:

    Please submit your updated CV & ID copy Tomorrow morning, 7:00am at 94 Ottawa mall building,President&Small street,JHB CBD,4th floor Office 410.REF: GGM…I just received this sms from this number 07928988124 I was applying for a job, thanks to you all I almost went there

  119. Henry Makura says:

    I think i was about to be conned as well. I got information that i was to fax my details to a certain fax number beginning with 08… but i tried to write back and say its easier for me to scan then email my details but that site was a ‘no reply’ platform so i could not communicate with them.They wrote several emails insisting that i fax my details as they had jobs waiting for me.Fortunately i failed to get the fax until i read your very informative alert! Definitely these people are a scam. Thank you for alerting us.

  120. Minenhle says:

    Hi everyone thanks for information on these scams,Heno is STECH also known as Havard skills training and placement,thry said they only look for jobs for people who have trained with them only,y course total.cost is R12000.00 I was told I need to pay R4000 to cover training material cost and the remaining R8000 will be deducted once they placed me on employment by R500 this legit or they will my R 4000 and4get about founding job for me and the remaining balance?? please help

  121. Praveen says:

    Dear Sir / madam,

    Sub: – Man Power Consultants

    We are one of the reputed Man Power Consultancy Agency at India for the last 20 years and offering services to the reputed Industries/Offices in and around at India

    We have Man power consultancy for the following jobs:-

    i. Technical (diploma / ITI /B.E)
    a) Mechanical/Electrical/Civil/automobile/instrumentation/metallurgy/industrial Engineers.
    b) Draughtsman/Fitters/Welders/Electricians

    ii. Non-Technical(B.Com/BBM/MBA)
    Accountants/Accounts officer/Clerks/Stenographers/Office Boys/supervisors/ marketing executives/stores/ Purchase departments etc

    “We do not expect any service charge from the company and its free of cost “

    We are also ready to meet other categories of your requirements.

    Hope, you will contact us in case of your requirement through letters/e-mail/phone.

    e-mail id:
    Contact no:-9886023987(Praveen)

    Thanking you.
    Yours faithfully,
    Arjun Consultancy


  122. keshni says:

    I received an sms today sayn I gt an interview tomorrow masion house cnr albertina sisulu and von brandis street in jhb cbd. I just wanna know is this legit or is this a scam.

    • Debbie says:

      Hi Keshnie, did you go for this interview? My son also received the sms after he called them. His appointment is today, I’m of course sceptical that it could be a scam.

  123. Lufuno says:

    Thank you for the heads up. Jus wanna let the fellow jobseekers to be careful and not fall for Employment Link scam. I was also a victim of that scam,travelled all the way from Vaal to Roodepoort and pay R250 and here I am,a year later still not employed.

  124. i want to know that the (universal assistant online is it good to apply for the job? Beacause i apply to them by faxing my documents and applying online as they say saw. So i apply since april to all them posters of warehousing. But i didnt get any feetback. So i want to know is it exist or i just wast my time. So they use (career junction to apply online) so it good or not

  125. Jane says:

    Hi i got an sms saying i should attend an interview in Benoni Retail solution recruitment agency on 24/08/2015 they say i should bring my bank statement, next of keen ID number, proof of address, CV and copy of my ID and matric certificate, they provided this number to call when i am lost..i want the job but just feel it might be a scam please help

  126. I think it’s a high unemployment rate and desperation to improve one’s income that has South Africans paying fees to join sites or opportunities that turn out to be scams.

    However, there are many free ways to work from home, that are perfectly legal – just some ideas below:

    – writing sites
    – freelance job sites
    – selling online – one’s photos, designs, products
    – offering computer or online related services – writing, designing, Internet research, photo-editing
    – blogging

    – affiliate marketing (selling products and building a team of affiliates that do the same)

    – offering services from home – classes, baking, sewing, fixing
    – selling products from home or at flea markets and craft markets – products one has bought or collected and then resells, or products one has made – depending on what the product is, this doesn’t have to cost much or anything at all – think green and recycling or upcycling, and then just marketing efforts (even using free ways to market) and/or the cost of a stall space fee at a market

    When people use the Internet to search for opportunities, maybe if they just change their search phrases a little, and look for IDEAS a lot more, they may find a lot more information about things to do from home that won’t cost them much or anything at all to start.

  127. jean says:

    thank you for that. There is another one being advertised by Maswazi Civil Construction Company which is fake, they even send you the bank account to deposit the money and they say that their offices are in Randburg which is all a scam. Please beware. They offer R31 000 salary for a safety officer.

  128. akhona says:

    Is shikwas casting agency a scam? Im going there saturday they also want R400 for registration fee and potfolio i dont wanna lose pls help mi check this agency

  129. Ntsako says:

    Good Afternoon

    I got a call from 011 043 2563 identifying themselves as Skew Excel agency and they are based at 539 cnr Kruis and Markade building so i wanted to know if they are legit, I just don’t trust interviews or assessments done at a random JHB downtown building , please help, they haven’t asked for any money yet but I don’t want to waste my time and energy

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hi Ntsako – Please report this to our consultant Rose, e-mail her via or phone her on 012-3423840 x2620.

      • Rato says:

        Hey,Mr Henno,I have been applied a job at call centers and when they respond, they just send me a sms that says I must come for an interview tomoro and mostly they don’t mention their name company or recruit agency’s, they just give an address and office namba.Are they also legit?

  130. Taahir babamia says:

    I applied for a bank teller vacancy at
    They emailed back saying I have been accepted in to the short list and that I need to pay R295 for the background security check. Is this a scam?

  131. Godfrey says:

    Guys I am concerned about “”, they advertise jobs with only the 086fax number to respond, they display huge salaries about their job posts (to me as a matter of attraction), when I ask them about this they never responded, as per website snupuit their office address is said to be 66 Stighlingh street in Rivonia,with a phone line being 0861500505 this number doesn’t go through. Could somebody confirm the legitimacy in their operation. I think they are a scam.

  132. percy says:

    Hi is this real or scam please help. message: thank you for submitting your Cv. your job application was successful. you have been considered for the position.come on Monday 7am to get your jobplacement date. bring R200 reg fee and ID or Passport. ask for pattie. kruis&president markade building 8th floor office 819

  133. Dominic Katete says:

    Thank you so much Henno this is so helpful as I was about sending money about R 975 to a recruiter oil and rig company but i can not see theor physical address neither their contact number. Let me contact Rose

  134. Bongi says:

    Hi is Edkamcentre real/scam plz help.coz they said they offer a 2wiks training costR2000,I did dattraining on July 2015,on October I received the SMS says they received myCv,dey wil Col me aftr verification and approval.til now I’m unemployment and ifil like ican go to the SAPS and report about this situation,Plz help

  135. Lena says:

    I wanted to know is is authentic. They are working with for overseas placements. They sent me an email saying they got my CV from Jobmail.

  136. Leriche says:

    Almost gave up my temp work. Luckily I read up more about where tht place is located…164 commissioner street…the 1 building where it happens most…will surely stay on alert 4 these job scams

  137. Thuli says:

    My brother is a victim he deposited R1000 for Kusile Power Station (Mpumalanga) But does Eskom know that their company’s name is used for Scam? I don’t think so .let me email Rose thanks

  138. mbali says:

    Thank u so much guys I also received an SMS saying I must come to an interview at 07:00 his majesty house commissioner street 6th floor office no 613 only to find there was no interview I filled in a form they ask me what position are you applying for I told them the sms didn’t specify which job am I called for that was it. I was told bring R600 admin fee and if I received an SMS I must reply yes to secure interview

  139. mbali says:

    I don’t trust this people in the sms you get other names when you get to the office u find other names and I don’t understand what kind of an interview is at 7:00in the morning

  140. RYA says:

    Dear Henno Kruger,

    I have Applied for almost more than 100 + jobs on different portals but never received a single call from recruiters, I have also read on other blogs that these job portals don’t reply especially to foreigners.

    Scammers take advantage of these situations and attract job seeking candidates towards unknow jobs.

  141. thandy says:

    I just received e-mail 10mns ago stating that I must send my CV within 1 week due date, but i told myself i will search from google first and this is what i getting scam scam, and we really looking for jobs they must stop hurting innocent people

  142. Tracy Visagé says:

    Hi there, what about getting an email that states
    “your application has been approved… Position to be filled within 3 weeks… If the salary is okay with you and you would like us to finalize your placements and forward your appointment letter, please SMS the word ‘STAFF’ and your NAMES to 37587 (R3/sms) immediately and follow other instructions provided via sms auto response. The appointment letter will include presentation and starting dates. Regards Jobs Pro via Hez Personnel”
    It only mentions a position and salary, no area, no other info about the ‘job’. I immediately Googled Hez Personnel to find no contact details or website, only a Facebook page. I assume this is the beginning of a scam as the one link I clicked on when searching for info there were 2 comments saying SCAM, SCAM, SCAM…

  143. Constance Seko says:

    Good Day

    I received two emails from two different recruiters today asking me to fax personal documents to them including a photograph of myself. I have been a victim of these scams in the past sadly. I am sceptical to send. Please tell me if they are legit.

    Good day

    We are writing to you in response to your reaction relating to an advertised vacancy.

    To initiate the application process and to enter your information into our database we will need you to please forward the following documentation, at your earliest convenience, to fax: 0866967704

    – Your recently updated and comprehensive CV with contact details;
    – A head and shoulders photo of yourself;
    – Reference documentation from previous employers;
    – Proof of education and employment with contactable references.
    – A short cover letter introducing yourself to the potential employer.

    You can also forward all queries and follow-ups to above-mentioned fax number.

    Awaiting your prompt response.

    Warmest regards
    Langley’s Recruitment Agency

    That is the first and the second one is.

    Good day jobseeker,

    We have recently received your response to an advertised vacancy.

    In order for us to complete your application we will need the following information from you:

    –  A cover page or motivational letter
    –  CV
    –  Recent photograph
    –  Certificates or any other proof of education
    –  Reference documentation, if available

    Forward the documentation in the correct order to:  0866967805        

    We look forward to your speedy reply.
    XPro Recruitment Agency

    Please assist as I am desperately looking for employment.

  144. Lebo says:

    Tomorrow people are going to pay 450 for job placement at 42 cnr Harrison and Albertina sisulu Street. They also sente an sms saying I should come there with the money…I am truly upset and disappointed of what our country is and as a young graduate seeking for a better future facing these justs proves how sick and twisted people are outside. I just feel bad because there are others that will fall for this scam. DO SOMETHING ANYONE.

    • Charles Lelaka says:

      Hi Lebo, I just received an sms to come for an interview to the very same address. But what’s odd is that it doesn’t specify for which job the interview is for and from which company or agency. But in my case they didn’t ask me to bring cash. I guess I’ll let it pass since coming across this information and thank you for the enlightenment.

  145. eve says:

    Good day,

    We recently received your application regarding the Office Administration Position and we have been informed that your application has been approved.

    The position is to be filled within May 2016.

    For more information about the starting date, salaries and your appointment letter, please sms the word STAFF to followed by reference ADYTR6 to 37587 (R3/sms) and follow other provided instructions.

    Please note that we work with other agencies e.g Hez Personnel, Jobs Pro & Skymax. If you have already received this email and sent the sms or if you’re no-longer interested, please ignore this email.


    Congratulations and best of Luck!

  146. Lebo says:

    Tjo nah,, i have been communicating with one of the agency i just paid them R60 for registration, desperation,,,,, i Google them just after and come across these,,, i hv bin scammed,, Their payment is on their way.

    • Mompati says:

      Hi Lebo. I would like to interview you regarding your mishap. We are discussing people that have been scammed.

  147. Lebo says:

    Hez personnel company scammed me,never go for job that require upfront payment,,,, i am broken heart ♥

  148. D. J says:

    Is STW Employment Int, legit? I received email from them stating that I can get work overseas on a 24 month contract. They require R700 and then R1000 Admin which is refundable if there is no answer from overseas employer in 14 days.

  149. panashe says:

    Hi i saw this ad on indeed icld them and they said i should cum at ottawo mall they ddnt ask fr dis a scum

  150. aviwe says:

    this has been very helpful, thank you so much everyone.

    God bless you all with greater jobs… because my Jesus is able to promote everyone

  151. Mpho says:

    I was nearly scammed by this recruitment agencies especially the ones in johannesburg but I was helped by lulaway I payed R 75 and they got me a job at dischem pharmacy so not all the recruitment agencies that want money are scams lulaway has partnered with dischem and many more companies now guys I recommend lulaway and harambee and am gonna start a legit recruitment agency am tired of our youth being robbed I wanna partner with diffrent companies and government departments to help youth get job I say enough is enough

    • Mompati says:

      Hi Mpho. I would like to interview you regarding your mishap. We are discussing people that have been scammed.

  152. Matthew says:

    Hi There. I am Matthew.I just want to know if is a scam 2

  153. Rhine Singh says:

    Thank you sir for this post

    Taking advantage of desperate others is despicable. Some have to borrow even sell the little that they have to pay the money required in the hopes of finding work.

    isn’t there some kind of regulatory body that requires you to have some kind of identifier (reg number or something) that proves that a company is legit

  154. unknown says:

    hi can u plz help me it not a job it a school but at Ottawa mall it called “Raidhi skill of health”

  155. Nozie Balfour says:

    Noziphiwo Balfour
    11:56 AM (18 minutes ago)

    to hezpersonnel
    Good day

    I was instructed by an sms to send an email requesting my appointment letter.Kindly send it to me please.

    Kind Regards

    Miss Noziphiwo Timna Balfour

    Hez Personnel
    11:56 AM (18 minutes ago)

    to me
    Good day,

    More information about appointment letter will be forwarded once everything has been filnalized.

    Remember to keep an eye on your inbox.

    Many thanks



  156. jacoba says:

    Anyone heard of Weebee rewards?

    They use an sms method to recruit staff?

    Any way it seems legit but do not apply through them My husband applied via sms for an OWN VEHICLE DRIVER post a few weeks ago and when we tried to follow up the numerous times that we did this Howard guy kept on dropping the phone calls in my ear , he never replies to emails and seems to busy.

    What a waste of money and time !!

  157. Sudipto Mallick says:

    Hi i want to know one thing is CBD RECRUITER is a scam company or not? This is there web site there email id is
    they are asking me to deposit $125 to a third party name Dominion Bonds as a fee to get this job…

    Please let me know…

  158. KATLEGO says:


  159. Nomfundo says:

    Hlw I saw a call centre job in the daily sun newspaper at the classifieds,and I called the numbers that were there. They sent me a massage saying I must come for an appointment tomorrow and bring R50 for data capture. Is it a scam or not

  160. nokufa says:

    Is ubusha recruitment and circle finance legit

  161. Pearl says:


    I’m Pearl and yesterday I applied for a job online immediately I got an e-mail telling me I’m number 1 on the list for the people who applied and that I’m shortlisted and my interview is on Friday and i should being R120. My gut told me to take the address given to me and search it immediately your website popped up and I’m scared and curious. I called them to really find out what’s going on they told me I should come and what was funny was that the lady didn’t recall sending me an e-mail. She kept asking me what the e-mail said… later she told me all about what’s going to happen on Friday and that I’ll be trained for 2-3hours and work with the experienced staff. I need a job… and I’m not sure about this one please help!!!

  162. Franc says:

    Lately the 086 fax number scam is rife again and almost every job ad on Gumtree and other free classifieds are job scams. The current trend is where the scammer lists a lot of jobs with a generic email address – eg When a job seeker sends an enquiry to the gmail address, he gets spammed with a number of emails from non-existing recruiters. They never answer your direct queries, and you cannot reply to their no-response email. Everyone promps the job seeker to fax their info to their 086 fax number. Why would they not provide you with an email address, because both works the same – faxes to email. The 086 fax number provides them with an income which they receive from the Service Provider of fax-to-email 086 numbers. They get a certain amount per each page faxed to them. If we can ascertain whether this service belongs to Telkom, or Vodacom or any other Service Provider, we can report all the 086 fax numbers given in the emails from all the fake recruiters! Can anyone tell if Telkom is involved by offering a kick back on 086 fax numbers ?

  163. Cindy says:

    Would like to know if amongst you as how can one tell if you trustworthy because you also take jobseeker details when register online. which organisation is keeping recruiter’s register nationwide.

  164. nokuthula says:

    i saw an advert on the internet saying they need Call Center consultants to work immediately .experience is not essential as training will be provided for free.minimum requirements from grade 10 good communication skills and be task orientated .to apply whatsapp PUMLANI ON 0613627694 or Mbali on 0847676708 full time job…so i did whatsapp Pumlani and applied so he said come for interview on Monday at 8am at commissioner n Eloff His Majesty building office 711 ask for Pumlani/Mbali bring your cv and ID copy….i should go there monday on the 21 November …pleae check this for me if it is not a scam.

  165. Letty says:

    Hi I would like some advice. I applied to be a waitress and I got an email from 2 staffing companies that happen to be in the same building (The Markade in Johannesburg cnr President str and Kruis Str). I’m a bit conflicted because they both asking for R200 for staffing uniform and They just happen to be in a building many have accused of fraud and they are asking for the same amount. Can anyone vouche for Sunny staffing or Shuna events staffing. I have an interview on the 3rd of Dec.

  166. Nomfundo says:

    I think uve been scammed I just emailed rose.. I was asked to pay 150 for cv screening and 950 for job placement.. Was just excited and trusted them I took my last money and paid ..went there for assessment still nothing being trying to send them text still no response even now .please help me the agency is in braamfontein

  167. motheo says:

    There is a new customer service agency advert on indeed and gumtree which could be a scam. They are claiming to be a aviation company in Krugersdorp or are using the legitimacy of an actual company for fraud. They want R329. I fortunately didn’t. “in the last days there will be decievers on the rise” be vigilant.

  168. Keabetswe says:

    Hi am so so sad n hurt bout dis scammers i received an sms saying i shud come fr interview i dd n soon dey said i got de job i shud register r450wth them i dd bcos i told dem i dont hev a prblm relocating dey soon called me n said my job is ready i shud bring r1500 of accomodation i dd i was supposed to start b4 25dec de story changed to 15jan til today i wena der fr money bck n dey told me stories dat it wil take 14days b4i get it…kruis n albert str jhb room 107

  169. EVELYN says:


  170. CynthyK says:

    Congrats CYNTHIA KOLOTI your CV was shortlisted for our February submissions, pls provide us your details by dialing *120*22446# Sms stop to opt out

    Hi guys have u ever come across with this type of sms , plz hlp i received dc sms dc morning

    Hi guys i got dic sms dc morning can u plz tel me if dc is also fake Agencies? Its called Gorrila

  171. Nkululeko says:

    Hi I was called at TE Training solutions for an interview. Once I got there it was a different story and I had to pay R750 but I haven’t got a job even today. The company is at Kruis n President street at the Markade building ofgice 603s. They “train” call centre agent n place them. I dont know if I should take further legal steps.

  172. phatiswa says:

    tjooo! this is very sad. I called by a company called Media TOPmeds in Bellville, they promised about job positions and to be qualified you need to pay R950 which I paid, and thereafter you need to bring 5 people…I was already in but then I saw the people who already got 5 people nothing happens to them, then I left. When we asked them about taxi fare they told us to sell our clothes so that we can manage to go work, I mean this is crazy and disguisting

  173. Sabatha says:

    Hi I received an SMS that says I must come today at Ottawa building they said my CV has been approved for admin the said I must meet employer today 7:30 with ID and admin fee of 600 ref;Lizzy luckily I didn’t go

  174. Senele says:

    My friend recently recieved dis sms.

    Ur interview is set for 2morrow@7:00(jhB)Harrison&Albertina sisulu STR@42 MEISCHKES BLDNG 2ND FLR OFFICE 20 COME WITH CV ID COPY &BLACK PEN REF NO:JAMES R.

    Is it a scam or not?

  175. kamogelo says:

    Guys I’m confused because I have applied for a job on job indeed today then I took the numbers there was for watsap then I talk to the person called Beatrice was for call centre after she ask me tht I have experience or not about call centre I said no she told me that I must come to an interview next week Monday which it will include 5 days Training..then I must come with my documents and R100 for a it is possible or this is 1 of the scams…I wanna know bcz I’m confused and I need a job please help

  176. nomvuselelo says:

    What do you do if you need a jo

  177. Anitah says:

    I received an email from FivewayConsylt for a job a applied for and they’ve sent me ab appointment letter which need to be signed and faxed back to them.Are they legit?

  178. Francinah keitumetse says:

    Hi my name is Francinah I always apply online but now I received an email specifying that I need to come at their offices with my CV and their email address is gmail but they did not say anything about money. The agency its called@ Job and they said on the email that after I do my interview I should call a number they provided to hear if I got the job or what and the number is a cellphone

  179. Reuben says:

    Anyone soliciting funds is a scam, that’s how you must view it, it doesn’t matter how lucrative or legitimate it appears.

  180. Nthabiseng Morudu says:

    Hi, could you please find out if Graig Recruitment is all a scam?

  181. Stanley says:

    My wife applied for a position via an email advertised by a well known website. Two of the adverts respond to tell her that she must fax her documents,certificates and an application form of 11 pages. I done some research as it was going to cost alot to fax all this pages, for the legitamacy of this. I came across this website. It saved us. I ask myself the question- why do we have to fax all this documents after we have allready e-mailed it to the recruitment company? Be aware of this people. Dont fax. I even tried to reply to the email that was send to my wife requesting to fax,,,, but it is a no-reply e-mail. When can somebody put a stop to this?

  182. Stanley says:

    This was emailed to my wife.

    Hi there, Jobseeker
    With reference to our previous email to you, we still have not received any other information from you which make it impossible for us to consider you as a potential candidate for this vacancy.
    We will need some basic, as well as detailed information about yourself, your education and work history to consider you for this position.
    Therefore, please forward the following information, at your earliest convenience, so that we can consider you as a potential candidate:
    We will need:
    Your recently updated CV, a recent photo (please ensure you are the only one visible), proof of training and education, contactable references and letters from all relevant parties concerned.
    Please also include a cover letter stating when you will become available, salary expectation and willingness to relocate if necessary and/or applicable. Also state your current transport situation.
    Please send as much as possible information rather than insufficient info to ensure we can consider you.
    Please forward the above mentioned documentation to the following fax number: 0865909276 and mark it for: “Recruiting department #17”
    We are looking forward to hear from you within the next 24 hours.
    Kindest regards
    EC Wyngaard

  183. Ferd says:

    Any recruitment agency that ask for registration fee or admin fee is a scam. Forget it. Then any recruitment agency that ask you to fax to numbers like 086….please keep your money to urself it’s a scam. I have bn there they don’t hv any jobs. This guys rent monthly offices n when they give you one month f interview they wiĺ vacate the premises b4 that date or frustrate u until u give up. Dnt waste ur money n time

  184. linda says:

    Hi Henno i applyed for a job,they say i must come sathrday for screaning and pay R185 its a absa campaign but we will meet at regus business cetre…only to find out thar regus are officeses that you are able to book for a day or so…so i wanna know if im suppose to pay for screaning

  185. lydia says:

    Hy henno I was emailed by the company called medi or medic24 engineering guys they are scam they 200 up front for finger print and qqualifications check but they said it not limited to police databases and department of education. After I sent 200 they change the numbers and call me to pay 600 for accommodation that I didn’t. BEWARE their forms are so real they are from netcare and engineering CAREFULL

  186. Meriam says:

    Halo I’m meriam I was looking a job on internet so I found watzaap number ,because I don’t have airtym I talk to them on watzaap ,they said I must come with hundred rand for a week training in Benny recruitment training on Monday at 08h30 24 august should I go ,I’m very scared

  187. Levy Zungu says:

    I was exited for interview of job by february this year in the middle of interview they say i must come tommorow for interviewed that company which hire me and i must bring 650rand for uniform i say i dont have money the lady tear that form i filled there when i arrive and said i must leave i play i dont need job that was painfull for me cause im looking for a job

    • Jani Grey says:

      Hi Levy,

      We’re very sorry to hear that this happened to you. We’d like to say that they were most likely scammers. They would have taken your money and you would never have heard from them again.

      Don’t give up hope.

      If you have not registered your CV on Job Mail, follow this link:

      Once you’ve registered, look for jobs that suit your skill set at and apply for them!

      Alternatively, set up a job alert to receive the latest jobs in your field via email at

      We hope you find employment soon!

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