Become a Tax Practitioner and meet the demand in SA

If you have good maths and organisational skills, you may want to consider becoming a Tax Consultant. Tax Consultant jobs offer you plenty of exciting career opportunities within the field of tax.

Working as a Tax Practitioner or Tax Consultant

A Tax Practitioner, also known as a Tax Consultant, is hired to offer advice regarding taxation matters. Their job involves analysing tax issues and writing reports as well as overseeing tax returns and dealing with disputes.

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Tasks that are associated with this position include registering tax payers and determining tax liabilities. Professionals within these types of tax jobs are responsible for organising and handling tax returns. Reviewing tax returns is another important part of this role.

An important element of this job involves compiling opinions with regards to tax disputes. Professionals in this role are also required to summarise their views on business models as well as investments. Their input on estate planning is required.

Tax Consultancy is considered a scarce skill in South Africa and the need for Tax Consultants offers plenty of career opportunities for professionals in this role. Jobs for a Tax Practitioner is available at the South African Revenue Service, but Tax Consultants can also be self-employed by working in private practice. To succeed as a self-employed Tax Consultant you will need to be qualified with numerous years of work experience. Typically, self-employed professionals work for individuals as well as small businesses.

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Professionals, who are in private practice and charge a consultancy fee for tax advice, are required to have a SARS registration. To become registered with SARS, Tax Consultants need to be members of a South African professional organisation. Options include SAICA, SAIPA or SAIT registration. Another alternative is to register with the Law Society of South Africa.

Qualifications, Training and Tax Courses

To secure tax consultant jobs you will need a tertiary education. Entrance to tax courses typically requires a minimum of a National Senior Certificate. It is advisable to check the entry requirements of the educational institute that you intend to apply at as entry requirements differ between different institutions.

There are a variety of pathways that you can follow to become a Tax Practitioner in South Africa. One option is to become an Accountant in Practice. A Senior Certificate with Maths as a subject is typically required to enter the learning pathway for this qualification.

Tax jobs are also available to Practicing Attorneys. A third alternative is to complete a Bachelor of Tax Degree. Next you will need to finish three years of work experience before obtaining membership from the SAIT. A General Tax Professional membership is required for professionals who work in commerce and a General Tax Practitioner membership is necessary for consultants in private practice.

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Another learning pathway involves obtaining a relevant undergraduate degree such as a Law degree. After this, it is necessary to complete a post graduate taxation qualification. Following the educational pathway three years of work experience is required before applying for SAIT membership.

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There are a range of educational institutes that offer qualifications which are relevant to tax jobs. The North West University and the University of Pretoria offer a Bachelor of Commerce: Taxation. A Bachelor of Accounting Sciences is offered at the University of South Africa.

The skills required of a Tax Consultant

To succeed in this field you will need to have outstanding numeracy and analytical skills. Problem-solving capabilities and organisational skills are also required for this role. Tax Consultant jobs require superior negotiation capabilities as well as commercial awareness. Time management and interpersonal skills are also vital to this role.

A Tax Consultant typically works in an office during regular office hours. However, working overtime may be required during busy periods. The final stages of the tax year are a particularly busy time for employees in this profession. Tax Consultants in private practice may have to make site visits.

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There are numerous benefits to a career in this field. Tax Consultants can expect to earn an annual average salary of R 196 043 in South Africa. As a scarce skill there are more employment opportunities than in other careers. Self-employment offers the advantage of flexible working hours.

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Become a Tax Practitioner and meet the demand in SA
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Become a Tax Practitioner and meet the demand in SA
If you have good math skills you may want to consider becoming a Tax Consultant. Tax Consultant jobs offer you plenty of exciting career opportunities.
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