Love different languages? Become a professional translator

Do you want to become a translator? Outstanding communication capabilities, as well as the ability to understand more than one language, are required for this role. While translators work with written documents, interpreters work with spoken language. Certification, as well as relevant work experience, will increase your chances of getting hired. You can browse through a wide range of careers on Job Mail today.

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How to become a professional translator

If you want to become a professional translator, it’s advisable to get certified. A certification shows prospective employers that you have what it takes to succeed as a translator and a university degree with a focus on translation is beneficial for these types of careers. Completing language proficiency tests is another opportunity to demonstrate your capabilities to prospective employers. Communication skills are vital to the success of any translator while experience is important when you’re applying for jobs as a translator.

If you’re just starting out, you’ll need to look for opportunities to gain experience in the industry. Internships or entry-level positions are a chance for you to develop your skills, and once you have completed a few jobs, you’ll have a portfolio of work to show prospective clients. Next, you’ll need to start looking for vacancies and applying for jobs. You can find work on a contractual basis, which allows you to complete projects for a diverse range of customers.

In order to build up a client base, you’ll need to market yourself to medical facilities, law firms, and government departments. You can also find work at language agencies. Creating a website to market yourself to people who are looking for translators and interpreters is also advantageous. When you’re working as a translator, you’ll need to be dedicated to continuous learning so that you can keep up-to-date with the latest developments in your industry. Adding new skills to the services that you offer will help you to stay ahead of your competition.

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What do interpreters and translators do?

A translator is responsible for changing information written in one language into a different language. The role of interpreters is similar but these professionals work with spoken language. Translators are responsible for gathering information and creating a collection of glossaries and terminology that can be used in their final translated document. Translating documents quickly and precisely is an important part of the responsibility of these professionals.

To succeed as a translator you’ll need to have a comprehensive understanding of a minimum of two languages. It’s important for the translator to maintain the style and tone of the source document when they’re converting it into a different language. Maintaining the accuracy of the facts and opinions in the original is also key. Cultural knowledge is important for these careers as these understandings are used in maintaining the true meaning of the source document. Projects are usually completed using a computer and they’re typically submitted electronically to the client.

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Work environment

Translators and interpreters are hired to provide scientific and technical services. They are also hired in the educational and government sectors. Other opportunities exist in medical facilities. Translators can choose to be self-employed and they can expect to work in a diverse range of settings, including classrooms and courtrooms. They may also find themselves completing tasks in detention facilities. Other common places you’ll find a translator hard at work include meeting rooms and conference centres. Depending on their specialisation, translators may be required to travel frequently. Self-employed translators can work remotely from the comfort of their own office or homes.

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Now that you know how to become a translator, you can search for vacancies on Job Mail. When you meet the requirements and have built up a solid client base, you will always have plenty of work to keep you busy.

Love different languages? Become a professional translator
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Love different languages? Become a professional translator
Do you want to become a translator? A translator is responsible for changing information written in one language into a different language.
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  1. Fatimah says:

    Which tertiary can I go to study these different languages? I’m in South Africa.

    • Jani Grey says:

      Hi Fatima,

      Depending on where you reside, we’d like to suggest that you contact the tertiary institution you are interested in studying at and asking them which languages they teach/have available.

      Kind regards,
      The Job Mail Team

    • Tshepang says:

      If you’re in Free State you can go to the Central University of Technology,FS.
      I did my diploma in language Practice there.

      For foreign languages they have: French and German.

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