Banking Jobs: A Closer Look at Bank Tellers

Bank jobs offer plenty of exciting career opportunities. Before you decide if this is the right career for you, read our blog to discover more about this position. The first step to making a career choice is to understand the tasks that you will be expected to perform. You will also need to check that you have the right capabilities and qualifications. If you are lacking important skills, don’t be discouraged as once you know what skills bank teller positions require you can enrol in training to develop these capabilities. Once you are adequately prepared you can find bank teller jobs on Job Mail, register your CV and apply.


What is a Bank Teller and what does this profession involve?

The primary responsibility of a bank teller is to perform account transactions for clients. The transactions include deposits, withdrawals and loan payments. Bank Tellers are also required to respond to client queries via telephone or email.

An important part of this position is recording each transaction as well as compiling transaction reports. They are responsible for assessing the needs of each customer and referring them to the correct bank representative.


They also educate customers on new bank products and services. Bank tellers perform other tasks which include closing accounts, foreign currency exchange and safety deposit box transactions. It is essential that an employee in this position has a thorough understanding of the bank’s procedures.

They are required to uphold the bank’s safety procedures during all operations. It is crucial that bank tellers keep the transactions they perform and the information that they have contact with confidential. Tellers form part of a team of staff at the bank.

Do you have what it takes to be a Bank Teller?

Once you have decided if you are interested in pursuing this career you will need to know if you have what it takes to succeed. Banking jobs are suitable for people who have financial skills. Mathematical skills and financial software capabilities are also required. Interpersonal skills, communications skills and customer service capabilities are crucial for this role. People who pay attention to detail and have good administrative skills can also apply for bank teller jobs.


Another important consideration when you are choosing a career is whether there is room for progression. As a bank teller there are plenty of opportunities for advancements.

If you perform well you could move on to sales or investment positions. Other opportunities include consulting and managerial positions. To get ahead in your career you will need to be trustworthy and dedicated. The ability to acquire new skills and knowledge is also important.

According to Payscale an average bank teller salary is R 84 406 per year. If you enjoy working with people and money, then this is a great career choice for you. Another advantage of working in these types of Bank jobs are that you will typically have a pleasant working environment with a regular schedule.

Before you start looking for bank teller vacancies make sure that you have the right qualifications first.

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Many banks provide on-site training to new employees, however a qualification in banking will increase your chances of being hired. To be eligible for a banking qualification you will typically be required to have a matric with maths or accounting.

Milpark business school offers level 5 certificates in sales and banking. If you enrol at Damelin, you can study towards a BANKSETA certificate of competence. The Standard Bank Skills Academy offers matriculants a National Certificate in Banking.

Bank Teller Jobs on Job Mail

Once you have the right qualifications, you can look for bank teller jobs on Job Mail. Here are exciting opportunities to get you started.

A well-known South African bank has vacancies for bank tellers. This full time position has a monthly remuneration of R 8100 per month. The bank is situated in Port Elizabeth. While no experience is required, if you have experience working in a bank it is advantageous.


If you are interested in banking jobs, why not consider Bank Teller jobs. Offering great opportunities, there are multiple bank teller vacancies listed on Job Mail. Register your CV now and apply for jobs in your field of expertise.

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