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If you have just completed an academic degree, then you will need to start looking for graduate jobs. These entry level jobs are a great starting point for your career. Once you have gained experience you can start applying for more senior level positions. Graduates, who can’t find work in their industry straight after their studies, may need to start with lower skilled jobs. If you aren’t successful in securing a position in your chosen field, try to find work that builds the skills and capabilities that are valued in your line of work. Initiative and self-motivation are both keys to success. Find out how to kick start your career by following our useful advice.


With the high unemployment rate in South Africa and the struggling global economy it is important to get a head start in your career. Don’t be discouraged by the statistics as there is still a demand for talented professionals. Companies need high performance staff to ensure that they succeed in the competitive economy. While you should aim high it is also important to accept that you may not secure the perfect job immediately. You may have to start out in a job that wasn’t your first choice. Once you have developed your skills and gained work experience you can start applying for other positions.

To make the right career move, you will need to have a clear idea of your priorities. Are you looking for a high salary? Or is job satisfaction more important to you? It may be a strategic move to take a lower paying position that gives you more relevant experience so that you can build your career.


While knowing your priorities is important it is also advantageous to learn more about yourself. Find out what excites you and what personality traits you can use to your advantage. Knowing your limitations can help you to develop strategies which will help you to overcome challenges in your work environment. Internships and work experience can greatly increase your chances of being hired.

Entry level jobs and work experience offers you opportunities to develop your capabilities while also providing you with excellent networking opportunities. If you perform well, you may find yourself with strong employment opportunities after graduation. Work experience is also a good opportunity to discover what careers and positions you like the most. Take every opportunity that you get to network, as networking is a useful way to find out about vacancies.


Keep your options open and you may just come across your dream position. Developing your interview skills is vital if you want to secure a position. You can practice your interview skills and learn from the interviews that you attend. Make sure that you have a thorough understanding of the position and research the company before you attend the interview. Finding graduate jobs can be tough but if you stay motivated and don’t give up, you are more likely to have a successful start to your career.

Finance Graduate Jobs

When it comes to finance graduate jobs, accounting is a popular option. With technology advancements, accounting has become an exciting career. Professionals need to be aware of the changing industry trends. An advantage of finding entry level jobs in accounting is that if you perform well you can advance your career and move up to more senior level positions fairly quickly. Chartered Accounting positions offer high salaries. Accountants and Auditors are responsible for the efficient running of the company’s finances. Their duties include compiling, reviewing and analysing financial data. They can be self-employed or find work in large organizations. Job options in this sector include Accounting, Cost Accounting, Tax Specialist as well as Planning and Management. Excellent mathematical, analytical and organizational skills are required for this position. You will also need to maintain a high level of accuracy.


Chemical Engineering Graduate Jobs

Chemical engineering graduate jobs typically involve developing new products and designing manufacturing processes. Chemical engineers can play a role in manufacturing medicines and toiletries. Tasks include testing development processes for new products and transitioning into the pilot production of products. Technology is used to develop affordable and safe production processes. Offices, labs and factories are all work environments of chemical engineers. Senior positions include design engineer jobs and managerial roles. Chemical Engineers have high earning potential and senior level positions are lucrative. Superior problem solving skills, IT capabilities and communication skills are vital for this position.

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IT Graduate Jobs

If you enjoy working with computers, a career in IT can be rewarding both financially and personally. When it comes to IT graduate jobs there are a variety of career paths that you could choose to take. IT support staff offer assistance to team members as well as customers. The position involves resolving technical problems such as viruses and forgotten passwords. A technical architect is expected to offer companies innovative and affordable IT solutions. Technical architect positions are typically more financially rewarding than support roles. Excellent problems solving skills and an in-depth knowledge of computers is required for this position.


Logistics Graduate Jobs

If you are pursuing a career in logistics you can increase your chances of being hired by finding out more about what this position entails. Logistics graduate jobs contribute to the efficiency of a company’s supply chain. Employees who are involved with logistics are tasked with ensuring that freight and goods are delivered on time. They play a role in the packing and unpacking of goods. Other duties may include inventory control and pricing. While some positions are largely administrative others involve travel. Positions include retail buyer and operational manager roles. While graduates are usually not eligible for managerial positions it is helpful to know what career paths are available once you have gained experience. Shipping and packing clerk roles offer an opportunity to learn more about the industry. Employment is available in private companies and retail businesses often employ staff in this role.

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Economics work with statistics and they evaluate supply and demand trends. They need to keep up-to-date with the global market. As an economist you can choose to specialise in different areas such as tax, wages and agriculture. If you want to find a position as an economist, you will need to show that you are self-motivated and organized and starting with economics graduate jobs might be just the right stepping stone for you. Note that prospective employees will also be analysing your analytical and computer literacy capabilities.


Law Graduate Jobs

Lawyers offer their clients legal advice. If the legal matter proceeds to court, lawyers are responsible for representing their client in this setting. They work for private individuals as well as large companies. Lawyers can be involved in civil or criminal lawsuits. While experienced lawyers may be involved in high profile court cases there are plenty of other tasks that are associated with this position. Lawyers can help to finalise divorces or to draw up wills. Typically, lawyers are responsible for drawing up legal documents and settling disputes. You could choose to specialise in property, employment or finance. The work hours for law graduate jobs are typically long including evenings and some weekends. Graduate positions come with a good pay check, however. Prospective employers will be looking to see if you have self-confidence and good negotiating skills. Typically law firms look for staff who can handle pressure.

Mechanical Engineering Graduate Jobs

Mechanical engineers are responsible for optimising the efficiency of processes and products. They can be involved in the development of small components or large machinery. Their work may involve the research, design, manufacturing and installation parts of the process. Mechanical engineers are employed across a wide range of sectors including manufacturing, power and medicine and in many cases start off by applying for mechanical engineering graduate jobs. Mechanical engineers generally work 37 to 40 hours a week but they may have to work overtime to meet project deadlines.


The work environment for this position varies. It may be office based or mechanical engineers can also work in factory production areas. Once you work your way up the career ladder you can apply for project manager positions. Other job opportunities for experienced mechanical engineers include research or consultancy work. Once you succeed in securing a position you will be expected to engage in continuous skills development. To find graduate jobs in this field you will need outstanding communication and team working capabilities. To succeed you will need to be able to work under pressure. Excellent computer literacy and commercial awareness is required for this position.

Marketing Graduate Jobs

Marketing graduate jobs involve analysing sales and product trends. You will also need to review the brand’s popularity. You can find positions in medium sized companies and large organizations. The manufacturing, finance and retail sectors require the services of Market Researchers. Marketing jobs play a vital role in the success of the company by making its products more profitable, competitive and popular. Market Researchers frequently use surveys to capture data so that they can improve the sales of the company’s products. Surveys may ask questions about pricing, packaging, taste and functionality. Developing surveys requires a lot of skill. Once the research has been completed the market researcher is required to write a report. When hiring a market researcher companies look for excellent communication and interpersonal skills in their prospective candidates. During the interview process they usually look for someone who is detail orientated, organized and trustworthy. Market researchers also need to have an in-depth knowledge of statistics. Once you have gained experience in marketing you can apply for senior level positions such as a marketing manager role.


HR Graduate Jobs

If you are looking for an entry-level position in human resources you can apply for human resources clerk vacancies. This position will enable you to gain experience in the industry so that you can apply for other HR graduate jobs. An HR Clerk is tasked with keeping employee records up-to-date. They create files for new employees and check that information is accurate. They design job adverts and prepare reports. HR clerks also process promotions. Employers look for HR clerks who are good typists with computer literacy skills. During the selection process they look for candidates who are detail orientated, helpful and dependable. Once you have experience in the HR industry you can apply for human resources management positions.

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Find and Apply for Graduate Jobs on Job Mail

You can find graduate jobs on Job Mail, register your CV and apply.


Internships are available for accountants in a range of firms. B.Comm accounting graduates are eligible for these positions. Applicants must have their own transport. Salaries range from R7500- R10 000 per month as well as training costs.


Helpdesk Support

A Helpdesk Support position is available with a monthly remuneration of R 4000 to R 5000.


Marketing Trainee Manager

A Marketing Trainee Manager position is available with a weekly remuneration of R1500 – R4000 per week.


Looking for graduate jobs in your field of specialisation? Register your CV on and apply for positions that range to include everything from IT and Marketing graduate jobs, to chemical engineering and finance graduate jobs. Apply for entry level jobs in a range of industries and kick-start your career today.

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