Automotive Jobs – Motor Mechanic vs Engine Mechanic

Are you looking for automotive jobs? Whether you want to become a motor or engine mechanic, this profession offers you interesting employment opportunities. If you have mechanical skills and you are good at problem-solving, consider entering the learning pathway for this profession. Find automotive jobs on Job Mail.

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Automotive Motor Mechanic

A motor mechanic is responsible for maintaining and repairing vehicles. They work on the vehicle’s mechanical components, such as its transmission and suspension. Mechanic jobs involve testing vehicles to detect faults. The skills of a mechanic are considered scarce, which creates a demand for people with these capabilities.

The daily tasks of a mechanic include fixing the defective components of vehicles. They install and adjust parts to ensure that the vehicle is in optimal working conditions, and while they are frequently tasked with repairing cars, they also carry out regular services to prevent problems before they occur. Services can include changing oil and lubrication as well as tune-ups. After the mechanic has carried out repairs or services, they test the vehicle to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

These automotive jobs are a trade and therefore they fall under the regulation of the Department of Higher Education and Training. To qualify as a motor mechanic, you will need to pass a trade test, which should be written at an accredited trade centre. The minimum entry requirements to enter the learning pathway of a mechanic is 40% in Mathematics at a Grade 9 level. A Level 2 National Senior Certificate is an alternative entry requirement.

To become qualified in this trade, you could complete the theoretical, practical and workplace components of an apprenticeship before writing the trade test. A learnership is another opportunity to become qualified in this trade. To succeed in this career, you will need to use a wide range of tools.

An outstanding physical condition is required for this position since you will need to be able to lift heavy equipment, and a commitment to safety guidelines is required. Mechanics need to adhere to regulations to prevent accidents from taking place.

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Automotive Engine Mechanic

An engine mechanic is responsible for diagnosing and repairing engines. They are tasked with detecting faults in the components, and they fit and test vehicle engines. Automotive jobs also involve servicing engines to ensure that they are in optimal working condition. Daily tasks that you can expect to perform include dismantling engines, checking the components, fixing defective parts and rebuilding engines. Duties also include handling mechatronic components. Engine mechanic jobs fall under the rules of the Department of Higher Education as they are considered a trade.

You will need a minimum of 40% in Grade 9 Level Mathematics or a Level 2 National Certificate to enter the learning pathway of an engine mechanic. To become qualified, you can complete a learnership, apprenticeship or a learning program with an internship. At the end of your training, you will need to pass a trade test at an accredited national centre.

An engine motor mechanic typically works in a well-lit repair shop with all the necessary tools to complete their daily tasks. They can expect to handle greasy parts and they may be required to spend time in uncomfortable positions when working on a vehicle. Automotive jobs generally involve full-time work and overtime is frequently required. Working as an engine mechanic requires excellent customer service skills because they are required to liaise with clients to discuss their work on the vehicle.

After they have diagnosed the vehicle’s issues and come up with a solution, they need to discuss the best course of action with the client. Dealing with clients can be challenging and, therefore, good interpersonal skills are required. In order to succeed, mechanics must be detail orientated. The accurate diagnosis of why a vehicle’s engine is not working efficiently requires precision.

To take apart and rebuild engines, you will need dexterity. Operating hand tools also requires superior hand-eye coordination, and knowledge of mechanics is a must for this role. Problem-solving skills are also important in order to use diagnostic systems to detect problems and come up with solutions.

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Now that you know more about automotive jobs, you can decide whether this is the right career choice for you. With the right skills and training, you will be well on your way to working as a mechanic.

Automotive Jobs – Motor Mechanic vs Engine Mechanic
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Automotive Jobs – Motor Mechanic vs Engine Mechanic
Are you looking for automotive jobs? Whether you want to become a motor or engine mechanic, this profession offers you interesting employment opportunities.
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  1. Boitshwarelo says:

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  7. This interesting, I have the both Mechanical and Engine Mechanic experience and skills getting from my brother whose doing this job unfortunately I don’t have certification for this. I know how to scrap an engine and re fixed it again, to overhaul, to service, to do tune ups, I am willing to do job professional.

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    I have studied motor trade theory at technical college, I have N3 in motor mechanic. I couldn’t get a job on my field of study and I ended giving up. I still wanna be a motor mechanic, I love this job with all my heart. I will be happy if I can be a qualified motor mechanic.


    hi am selby i have done N3 to N5 machanical looking foward to hear u from me.

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