Auto Electrician jobs and working on motorised vehicles

Do you have an interest in automotive jobs? Today the Job Mail team delves deeper into Auto Electrician jobs, giving you the lowdown on everything you need to know about this fascinating career in South Africa.

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Auto electricians are in demand. Their skills are scarce and there is therefore a need for trained professionals in this field. An Auto Electrician is involved in installing electrical wiring and parts in vehicles. Electrical maintenance and repair duties also make up a significant part of this role. Auto electrician work is considered a trade.

What does an Auto Electrician do?

If you are looking for automotive jobs, electrical work is a great option.

They are tasked with installing and testing electrical wiring in vehicles. They also carry out maintenance tasks. Auto electrical employees inspect and test electrical components. They test different parts to find problematic components in vehicles. Tests are carried out by visual inspections and testing equipment. Computer software can also be used.

Manufacturer’s documents are consulted to determine how electrical wiring and components should be installed and connected. The type of equipment that is installed includes air-conditioning and heating systems.

auto electrician jobs

Auto electrician jobs also involve installing and fixing ignition systems. Auto electricians work with starters and distributers. Generators and door controls also fall under the components that they handle. Electrician tools are used in this trade.

Training in an Auto Electrical Field

As automotive jobs are considered to be a trade, these positions are therefore regulated. They fall under the Department of Education and Training. To qualify as an automotive electrician you will need to successfully pass a trade test. Tests are written at National Trade Test Centres. It is important that the centre is accredited so that you can become a registered artisan.

Now that you know more about what auto electrician jobs entail, take a look at how you can qualify for these positions.

The latest Draft Trade Test Regulations were set out in 2013. To enter the learning pathway for automotive electricians you will need to have achieved at least 40% in Mathematics in grade 9 or above. A National Level 2 Certificate is also accepted.

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There are four options if you want to become a registered artisan. One option is to complete an apprenticeship. The apprenticeship must be overseen by a registered artisan. The apprenticeship is made up of both theoretical and practical components.

Another option is to enrol for a learnership. A learning program combined with an internship is another option. You can gain knowledge of this field through work experience before applying for recognition of prior learning.

Regardless of the learning pathway that you choose you will need to pass a trade test before you can apply for qualified artisan positions. Training is offered at FET Colleges in South Africa.

What does it take to succeed as an auto electrician?

You will need to be good at working with your hands. You will also need to be detail oriented as well as good at problem solving. Patience, good vision and communication skills are required for this position. Mechanically minded people are more likely to succeed in this role.

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As an auto electrician you can find employment with car manufacturers or dealers. Repair shops also offer automotive jobs. With a high level of experience in the industry you may be eligible for positions in the professional racing industry. Another option is to be self-employed. The skills of an automotive electrician enable them to work in a variety of settings. The flexible nature of this position means that you can start your own automotive electrical repair shop. To succeed working for yourself you will need the right skills and capital to purchase equipment.

Vacancies currently listed on Job Mail

Now that you know more take a look at some of the jobs that are available on Job Mail.

Auto Electrician

An auto electrician position is available at a workshop. The successful applicant will be responsible for maintaining and repairing vehicles. A salary of R8000 to R10 000 is offered for this role. Requirements for applicants include auto mechanic work experience as well as in-depth knowledge of this trade.

auto electrician vacancy on job mail

Technical Trainer

An auto electrician is required to fill an auto electrical role. The remuneration for this role is R20 000 to R 25 000 per month. This is a full time employment opportunity. Applicants must have five years of relevant experience. Computer literacy is required for this position.

artisan auto electricianeeded

Ready to start applying for Auto Electrician jobs? Register your CV on Job Mail today and browse through the exciting opportunities listed online. Don’t forget to download the FREE Job Mail Android App from the GooglePlay store for an even easier browsing experience!

Auto Electrician jobs and working on motorised vehicles
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Auto Electrician jobs and working on motorised vehicles
Today the Job Mail team delves deeper into Auto Electrician jobs, giving you the lowdown on everything you need to know about this fascinating career.
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