Are you stuck in a career rut?

Take your career to the next level by finding a new job. If you are unsatisfied with your current position, find a new one that can help you reach your full potential. There are plenty of reasons why starting a new job is terrifying and intimidating for many people, but it can also be very rewarding. Read this blog post to discover the causes of job-hunting anxiety and how to overcome it. There are plenty of exciting vacancies available on Job Mail, so start looking today.

Don’t fear change

Are you afraid of getting a new job? You’re not alone! Thousands of people are stuck in a job that they don’t enjoy because they’re afraid of starting something new and unfamiliar. While the prospect of finding different employment can be exciting for some people, for others it triggers stress and anxiety. One reason for feeling negative about switching jobs is a fear of change. A large portion of our lives is spent at work and it is, therefore, important to make sure that job satisfaction is a priority.

Employer loyalty

Another reason people are afraid to start a new job is that they feel loyal to their current employer. In these cases, people are afraid of letting their employer down. While loyalty is an admirable trait, it is important to consider yourself and your career. You can overcome this fear by giving your employer enough notice to find a replacement as well as by putting all of your efforts into your current job up until your last day at work.

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Your job is not your identity

There are some people who are put off from looking for a job because their identity is attached to their current position. In this case, a person’s self-worth is connected to their current employer and job title. You can overcome this dilemma by getting to know yourself better before you change jobs. You can do this by exploring your strengths and discovering what you want to contribute the company you are employed by.

Don’t fear the unknown

Many people experience fear when they think about changing jobs because they are afraid that they’ll dislike their new position. While they may not be happy in their current role, they are afraid it will be even worse somewhere else. If the fear of hating your new job is an obstacle for you, you can overcome it by researching other jobs and companies. Find out more about different companies and go for informational interviews to familiarise yourself with them. Networking is a great way to meet the staff members from other organisations and to find out first hand whether they enjoy working for their employer or not. Make a list of the companies that you would like to work for and find out if there are any vacancies available there.

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Every new job is a learning curve – You can cope with your tasks

Another major reason for avoiding any challenging situations in your career is a fear that you won’t be able to cope with them. Knowing that many other people feel this way can help normalise this feeling. You can then find ways to build your self-confidence, maximise your strengths, and improve your weaker areas. It’s also advisable to read the description of the new job that you want to apply for. Look at the list of skills they want and compare it to your list of skills and weaknesses. Check for areas that you need to improve and look out for opportunities to develop new capabilities. You can enrol in courses, volunteer your services or take on new tasks at your current job to advance your skills.

Don’t shy away from meeting new people

You may be avoiding starting a new job because you’re afraid of being the new person in the office. Meeting so many new people and trying to understand the office politics can be intimidating. While it may be terrifying to start new working relationships with colleagues, you just might end up making awesome friends. Being part of a vibrant new team can be fun and challenging.

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Now that you know more about how to overcome your fears, get out there and find a new job. You deserve to be using all your skills and reaching your full potential at work.

Are you stuck in a career rut? Find a new career challenge  | Job Mail Blog
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Are you stuck in a career rut? Find a new career challenge | Job Mail Blog
If you are unsatisfied with your current job, find a new one that can help you reach your full potential and take your career to the next level.
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