Architecture Jobs: The art, science and design of this career

Are you considering an architecture career? When it comes to architecture jobs there are plenty of reasons why you should consider this career. Architecture and design can offer you a rewarding occupation.


Describing an Architecture Career

Architects combine science and art to design buildings that are both attractive and functional. Architecture has a long history as it dates back to the time when human beings first started building shelters. Since its primitive origins this field has evolved over the years to become a sophisticated art. Over the years there has been many different trends in architecture and design.

Architecture is different over various time periods but different cultures also display distinctive architectural styles. Buildings must be designed according to a specific style but the purpose of the structure also plays an instrumental role in its design. The building’s stylistic features should complement its function.


Safety is another priority in building design. Architects must keep the durability of the building in mind when they are drawing up their designs. With concerns about the environment rising, designs that take this aspect of construction into consideration are preferable. Measures need to be taken to conserve the environment both during and after the construction.

Architects can find employment in companies or they can consult for private clients. Typically architects will have specialised areas such as designing residential or commercial businesses. The first step is to find out the needs of the clients and if they have any style preferences.

Following the initial assessment, architects will begin their design using pencils and paper or design software. Once the client has approved the design and construction has commenced, the architect will monitor the progress of the building.

Different Types of Architecture and Design Careers

There are different types of architecture jobs. An industrial architect designs buildings for the use of industries. This may include breweries, factories and power plants.

Naval architecture is the process of designing ships. This includes the design, upkeep and operations of ships. They can also play a role in modifying ships.


Landscape architecture is the design of outdoor spaces. This includes public landscapes or private outdoor areas. Landmarks are also designed by landscape architects. The aim of an architect with this speciality is to create a structure that embodies a harmony between environmental, behavioural and stylistic features.

There are a variety of categories for architects. This includes a professional draughtsperson and technologist.

The Details of a Job in Architecture and Design

Architecture jobs involve a wide range of tasks and responsibilities. Architects liaise with clients in order to assess their structural and aesthetic requirements. They sketch drafts of their proposed building layouts.

They also need to research building fittings and finishes. Once they have an outline of their structure they present their drawings to their client as well as a budget proposal.


Architects also have to communicate with developers and subcontractors. It is the responsibility of the architect to keep up-to-date with building and safety regulations.

What you need to be successful in an Architecture Career

Now that you know what being an architect is all about find out if you have what it takes to kick-start your architecture career and succeed in this professional field. You will need to be creative as well as spatially aware. Having the capability to create 3D designs is vital to this role.

Accuracy, organizational skills and communication capabilities are other requirements for this role. You will also need to be computer literate, mathematical and logical. To be a successful architect hard-work and dedication are vital.


Once you have decided that this is the career for you, you will need to get the right qualifications. One option is to complete a National Diploma in Architectural Technology.

This qualification is offered at the Durban University of Technology and the University of Johannesburg. These educational institutions also offer a Bachelor of Technology in Architecture. Another option is to complete a Bachelor of Architectural studies at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University or the University of Cape Town.

An honours or masters in Architectural Studies are also available. To qualify you will need to complete two years of experience in an architectural company before passing a registration exam which is set by SACAP.

Two important institutes in the architectural world are the South African Council for the Architectural Profession and the South African Institute of Architects.

Renowned Architects

For some inspiration here are a few internationally renowned architects. Daniel Libeskind was born in Poland before his family moved to New York City. After working for the renowned Richard Meier he started Studio Daniel Libeskind and went from success to success. Impressive works by Libeskind include Berlin’s Jewish Museum and Dublin’s Grand Canal Theatre.


The Run Shaw Creative Media Centre – Image via Studio Libeskind

Sir Norman Foster has his roots in England. To honour his great work he received a Pritzker Prize and his company has won more than 470 awards. Their achievements include RIBA and AIA gold medals. Famous works by Foster include London’s Wembley Stadium. Zaha Hadid is renowned across the globe. She was awarded the Pritzker Prize. One of her famous works is the Abu Dhabi Performing Art Centre.

Now that you know what to expect, you can decide whether architecture jobs are a good choice for you. If you think you have what it takes, enrol in a South African institution to get the right qualifications. Already qualified and ready to pursue an architecture career? Register your CV on Job Mail now and apply for great opportunities online!

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