Applying for a job on Job Mail: What you need to know

We’ve made some changes to our application process on Job Mail that you need to be aware of.

These changes apply to both registered and non-registered jobseekers.

As usual, when you browse our site and find a job that you would like to apply
for, complete the form on the left hand-side of the ad details page and click
“Apply for this Job”.

What will happen now is:

Non-registered users – Will see a pop-up window with a registration form.
You need to be registered to be able to apply for a job on Job Mail.  Complete
the registration form and click “Submit”. You will then see a message saying
“You have successfully applied for this job”.

Registered users – with a fully completed CV will see a popup window with a Login screen. You will only be able to apply for a job once you have logged into your Job Mail account. When you’ve done this, you will see a message saying “You have successfully applied for this job”.

If your CV is incomplete, however, you will still need to login to your account after clicking “Apply for this job”. Only this time you will be notified that your CV is incomplete and given an opportunity to complete any missing information to give yourself a proper chance at landing the job. This is not compulsory, as you can skip this step, but we strongly recommend you do complete your CV before applying.

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18 Responses

  1. I would kindly request for in training service (experience) in the field of Human Resource that I have just completed its Nated course. In order for me to attain my full diploma, I have to serve 18 months in the working environment.

    • Liezl Grobler says:

      Hi there, thanks for your question. First things first, if you haven’t yet, register your CV on Job Mail by visiting Make sure that your CV on Job Mail is 100% complete, as you’ll have a much better chance of recruiters finding you. Search and apply for an “in-service training” job from your mobile phone at or from your PC at Use keywords such as “Learnership”, “Training”, “Trainee” and “In-service” to find the ideal job. Also check out the Part Time/Temp category on Job Mail where you might find exactly what you are looking for. You can filter your job search via region and category on the Job Mail website/mobile site as well. Good luck with finding that job, and be pro-active! If you’ve applied for a position and no one contacts you back, phone the employer/recruiter and inquire about the status of your application.

  2. Julius Collen Masilela says:

    I hope it will be easy but want to ask about the CV I’ve registered, is it going to be useful?

    • Liezl Grobler says:

      Thank you for your question Julius. Yes, having your CV registered on Job Mail is very beneficial if you are currently looking for a job. With your CV you can apply directly to jobs advertised on our web and mobile site. Your Job Mail CV is also your opportunity to market yourself to the “right” people in the industry you are job-hunting in. Your CV is visible to recruiters using our site, making is possible for them to match your skills and experience with the vacancies they have. Help recruiters find you quickly by making sure your CV is 100% complete and always up-to-date:

  3. velephi johannah says:

    Its more than two month i am applying but no answers

    • job-admin says:

      Hi Velephi – If haven’t receive a response from a recruiter, try to follow up with them. Some of them get 100’s of applications a day, you have to take this into account. If you don’t get a response from a recruiter after 14 days, you can assume that you did not get the job. The key is to be pro-active when it comes to job hunting!

  4. Thebeetsile Moeng says:

    Hi there is been 2 years now without anything i keep on getting job alerts but nothing happen and I apply almost everyday.

    • job-admin says:

      Hi Thebeetsile – Thanks for your feedback. It’s best to follow up with the employer / recruiter once you’ve applied for a position. If you don’t get response from a recruiter / company within 14 days you can assume that you did not get the position. You should remember that you some companies / recruiters handle hundreds of applications daily. The key is to be pro-active! Don’t give up on your job hunt though! Hope you find the job that you need soon!

  5. onekhanye says:

    i’m from zimbabwe but iregistered my cv,how can iget the job.

    • Liezl Grobler says:

      Hi there. Thanks for your question. Policies regarding the employment of foreigners differ from company to company. You are more than welcome to apply, but whether you get appointed or not, depends totally on their policy. Good luck!

  6. Takemore Muyambo says:

    Iam a disabled uses a wheelchair and i have been following job mail since 2011 and i applied to every advertised posts in Accounts Department but it seemed as if we disabled do not have much depth on jobmail because oftenly its hardly to find a post written disabled to apply. As a prominent prestigious partner with employers may you kindly negotiate with them to take account of Disabled because we are only physical disabled but we are capable of anything as far as academics are concerned.HELP US JOB MAIL PLEASE.

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hi Takemore – Don’t lose hope! We don’t get involved with the process, but you’re more than welcome to voice your concerns. Contact our consultant Rose via, she may be able to provide you with advice.

  7. Thandeka says:

    H my name is thandeka i, 37 years old looking for a job as a cleaner guest house or hotel.full of energy working well under pressure and give attention to details and hardworking person.I love and enjoy cleaning thank you.

  8. Thandeka says:

    Ho my name is thandeka 37 years old female.I,m looking for a job as a cleaner.friendly, hardworking, give attention to detail s,work well under pressure and unsupervised and full of energy. I love and enjoy cleaning thank you.

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