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Are you looking for Draughtsman jobs? Whether you have just finished training or an experienced Draughtsman, there are opportunities available in a variety of industries. Mechanical Draughtsman jobs offer an interesting and engaging career. If you are still in the early phase of your career junior draughtsman jobs are a suitable option. You can browse jobs, register your CV and apply for vacancies on Job Mail.


What is a Draughtsman?

A Draughtsman, also called a Draftsman, can typically find employment in the construction and employment industries. While there are many tasks associated with this position, their core duty is to make drawings and plans with the aim of developing various products. In this career you may choose to specialise in a specific field such as architecture, engineering or electronics. The field that you choose will depend on your skills and interests. Most draughtsmen are hired to assist with the development of industrial equipment as well as products. Within the construction industry jobs are available in both the private and public sector.

What career opportunities are there for a Draughtsman?

Your career path in this field will depend on what area you decide to specialise in. Growth across different sectors affects both the employment opportunities and the chances of a promotion. Undergoing training in computer-aided design can boost your career opportunities and increase your chances of being hired. The advantage to working as a Draughtsman is that it offers variety. Training can offer you exciting career opportunities and interesting assignments. Once you have completed your training you can find work as a Junior Draughtsman to gain experience in the industry. As you develop your skills you can start applying for senior positions.


What duties are involved in Draughtsman jobs?

There are a variety of duties that a draughtsman is expected to perform. They are required to make technical drawings according to the specifications that they have available. Calculations also influence the technical drawing process. Draughtsman jobs involve liaising with other professionals in order to collect the relevant data that is needed to create the drawings accurately. Scientists and engineers are some of the professionals that will provide information to the Draughtsman. Once the drawing is complete it is used to manufacture a specific product. As well as playing a vital role in the manufacturing of products draughtsmen are also instrumental in the maintenance and repair of equipment and products. Other responsibilities that are associated with this position include calculating building capacity limits as well as drawing up budgets as well as analysing the structural strength of a building.

What tools does a Draughtsman use?

Draftsmen use a variety of equipment to create technical drawings. Typically, the basis for creating a drawing is CAD systems. This system allows professionals in this field to create drawings as well as save them so that they can view the images at a later date. Some projects many require the use of other methods such as pencil and paper to create the technical images.


What skills and training do you need to become a Draughtsman?

When it comes to these jobs, employers will require draughtsmen to obtain qualifications. Certified draughtsmen are more likely to obtain employment and to receive promotions. To become a Draughtsman you will need to be creative, tidy and detail-oriented. Excellent computer and analytical abilities are required for this position. You will also need good communication and interpersonal skills.

What is an Architectural Draughtsman?

If you choose to become an Architectural Draughtsman you will support the architect that is working on the project. They prepare the drawings from specifications that are provided by an Architect. You will need in-depth knowledge of building construction as well as completing a relevant Diploma. Courses are available from Universities of Technology in South Africa. Typically training is made up of 18 months of theoretical training at an educational institute followed by 18 months of practical training. A National Diploma in Architectural technology is offered by the Cape Peninsula, Durban, Tswhane Universities of Technology. You can also train through the University of Johannesburg and the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Universities.

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What is a Mechanical Draughtsman?

Mechanical Draughtsman jobs involve specialising in creating drawings for mechanical equipment. Computer-assisted drafting tools are useful during this process. They are also required to add instructions onto the drawings. Part of the job is to modify designs to maximise productions and resolve any challenges that are reducing the efficiency of the equipment. Another duty that is associated with this position is creating reference manuals for mechanical equipment. Excellent Mathematics and problem solving skills are required for this job. You will also need to be proficient in reading comprehension and equipment selection. You can earn a certificate while increasing your capabilities in CAD and 3D drawing at the Drawing Office Academy in South Africa.

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Draughtsman Jobs on Job Mail

To get you started take a look at some of the fantastic employment opportunities that are listed on Job Mail.


There is a vacancy for a Draughtsman in Durban. This full-time position offers a monthly remuneration of R 15 000 to R 20 000 per month. Experience working with concrete and steel is essential. AutoCAD capabilities are also required.


Please click on the image to see the full vacancy

Junior Draughtsman

A Junior Draughtsman is required for a full-time position in Johannesburg. This position offers a monthly remuneration between R 15 000 and R 17 000. Suitable applicants will have a minimum of three years working experience in the metal industry.


Please click on the image to see the full vacancy

Mechanical Draughtsman

A mechanical draughtsman vacancy is available in Isando. This full time position has a monthly remuneration of R 20 000 to R 25 000. Suitable applicants will have at least two years of experience in SolidWorks. Knowledge of Mastercam is also essential for this position.


Please click on the image to see the full vacancy

Ready to find draughtsman jobs that match your unique set of skills? Register your CV on and start applying for vacancies that range to include junior draughtsman jobs and mechanical draughtsman jobs.

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