An Exciting Career as a Brand Manager

Are you looking for marketing jobs? Why not consider becoming a Brand Manager? Brand Manager jobs offer exciting career opportunities. Whether you are already in marketing or you are just beginning your career, it is beneficial to learn more about the career path for brand managers. If you want to learn more about this exciting career within marketing, take a look at our Brand Manager job description as well as the characteristics and training needed.

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Brand Manager Job Description

The main responsibility of a Brand Manager is to oversee the sales and public perception of a company. They can also find positions in larger companies where they are hired to focus on a specific product or sector of the company.

Brand Managers run advertising campaigns. They work with all levels of staff members to get their job done. Their main contact is with the marketing and sales staff members. An important element of this position is market research so that the Brand Manager can develop informed strategies to manage the image of the company or products.

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Firstly let us take a look at what tasks Brand Managers are expected to complete. Part of the Brand Manager job description is to conduct market research regularly. Once they have collected data they analyse it so that they can develop informed brand strategies. Once they have developed a brand strategy they work together with marketing and design teams to implement it.

These types of marketing jobs also entail working closely with sales teams. When the campaign is in place they oversee the campaign as well as monitor its progress. Depending on their analysis they will make the necessary adjustments to ensure it is successful. If a company or product has a negative image, they problem-solve to see how they can recreate a positive perception.

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An important part of Brand Manager jobs are to ensure that campaigns are in-line with specified budgets. They are also tasked with ensuring that the product packaging creates a good brand image. Another part of this career path involves overseeing advertising campaigns.

Characteristics and Education of a Brand Manager

Now that you know more about what a Brand Managers does, let us find out if you have what it takes to succeed in this career. If you have a passion for marketing and sales, you are off to a good start. You will also need to be creative so that you can develop innovative branding solutions. Problem solving capabilities are vital to this position.

Brand Managers need to be observant, analytical and hard-working. You will need to be self-motivated if you want to find Brand Manager jobs. As you will be working with a variety of staff members you will need good interpersonal and communication skills. You should also be trustworthy and reliable.

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If you think that these types of marketing jobs are right for you, you will need to get training first. As this is a senior level role you will need both qualifications and experience.

Good options are to complete a Marketing Sales or Business degree. Once you have completed your studies you will need extensive experience in the industry. The more skills that you develop the faster you will be able to apply for positions. Keep a look out for any training opportunities and work experience that will develop your capabilities.

These types of marketing jobs also allow you the option of specialising in a specific industry as a Brand Manager. If you want to specialise, it is advisable to complete a post graduate degree that relates to your area of specialisation. If you want to work for Pharmaceutical companies, you can complete a qualification in chemistry or pharmacology. Some great suggestions for banking are finance or accounting. Journalism and Media are well suited to the publishing industry.

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Now that you know more about becoming a Brand Manager, you can decide whether this is the right career for you or not. If you have a love for marketing and an interest in Brand Manager jobs, register your CV on and apply for vacancies today!

An Exciting Career as a Brand Manager
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An Exciting Career as a Brand Manager
Are you looking for marketing jobs? Why not consider becoming a Brand Manager? Brand Manager jobs offer exciting career opportunities.
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