All you need to know about Retail Jobs in Durban

The majority of people in South Africa love Durban. Its warm weather and pristine beaches attract thousands to this city every month. Most people see Durban as a getaway destination, but why do you have to leave? You can quite easily find a job here and it comes with the coastal lifestyle too. The biggest industry in terms of finding a job in Durban is the retail industry. Retail jobs in Durban are easy to find because of Durban’s massive consumer market that caters to holidaymakers from all around the world. You will have no issue finding vacancies such as cashier jobs and store manager jobs so allow us to elaborate a bit more on this and explain why you really can live at the beach all year round.


Why live in Durban?

KwaZulu-Natal is the busiest port in Africa. This means that there are a lot of opportunities to make some money. Its stunning scenery and picturesque coastline has an average temperature of twenty degrees so the weather is always lovely. The rent is cheap and you have a plethora of bars, clubs, shopping centers and restaurants to choose from. Major industries have developed due to Durban’s busy harbour, this includes massive shopping centers and retail hubs which offer many different retail jobs. Let’s have a look at some of the vacancies that one will find in the retail industry.

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Different Types of Retail jobs in Durban

Cashier jobs

As you might have guessed, a cashier works with the store’s cash. Your job is to stand behind the till and ring up a customer’s items, package it so the customer can easily carry everything and also assist them with any returns that they might have. At the end of the day you will have to ring up the till and account for any money that might have gone missing during the sales process.

Merchandiser jobs

As a retail merchandiser your job is to make sure that goods are in the right place, at the right time and at the right price. You might have to plan promotions or organize a discount. You will be the person who makes sure that products are in the right place and then you will be responsible for pricing and indexing stock that is on the shop floor.

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Packer jobs

Packers will stock the store shelves with items. You have to keep the shelves looking full and remove any damaged items. If you work in a retail clothing store for example, you have to keep all the clothing folded and neat. If a customer tries something on or shifts something out of place then your job is to make it look good again. You will need to be fairly fit for this job and be able to take orders well as packer jobs involve a lot of physical work.

Sales assistant jobs

A sales assistant is very important in any retail store. Regardless of what you sell, you need great service or your customers will find it elsewhere. Your job is to liaise with clients and make sure their experience is as good as it can possibly be. You greet the customers when they walk in and assist them until the very minute they leave, hopefully with a smile on their face. Additionally, you will perform any tasks that the other employees are too busy to do. You will also have to keep the shop tidy and in order.

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Store manager jobs

A store manager is the most important person in a retail store, besides the customers. You are in charge of the entire shop. You have to make sure it runs smoothly, make sure everyone is doing their job and most importantly, you have to keep your customers happy.

store manager

Store manager jobs involve creating routines and work schedules for your employees, hiring and firing employees, check stock, maintain budgets and then report to the senior management in the company. If anything goes wrong then it’s on your head, regardless of the employee that created the issue.

Shopping hubs in Durban

We’ve covered the retail jobs that you might find. Now let’s talk a bit about the places you might find employment in Durban.

As we mentioned before, Durban is a retail mecca. There are just so many shopping destinations that it’s quite difficult to mention them all. We will go through some of the biggest ones that have the best chance of having vacancies for retail jobs in Durban.

Gateway Theatre of Shopping

Gateway is easily one of the biggest shopping centers in the Southern Hemisphere. It boasts 380 top-notch retail outlets and a wide assortment of entertainment choices like cutting edge cinemas, an indoor climbing wall and a wave machine inside a Tony Hawk designed Skate Park.

jobs in retail

La Lucia Mall

La Lucia is a very popular tourist destination so it makes sense to provide them with a place to shop. La Lucia mall has 130 retail stores that sell everything from fashion to toys. There are plenty of opportunities to land yourself some great retail jobs in Durban.

Pavilion Shopping Centre

Only a short drive from the CBD is the Pavilion shopping center. This is a Durban fashionista’s hot spot with over 230 retail stores and 40 restaurants. There are 12 cinemas, 14 jewelry outlets and 6000 parking spaces to fill it all up with.

Just from these three shopping centers there are over 750 retail stores. This pales in comparison to the total number of stores that one can find retail jobs at. The opportunities are endless and the vacancies are too.

So now that you know more about the exciting retail opportunities in Durban, why not start the search for retail jobs on Job Mail? Register your CV on Job Mail and apply for everything from cashier jobs to merchandiser jobs. With a wide range of retail jobs in Durban listed online, you will definitely find the job that fits your skillset.

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