All you need to know about a career in Quality Control

Are you considering a career in Quality Control? Before you make your decision it is advisable to find out what the duties entail in this particular field. Once you have a better idea of what you will be required to do every day you can decide whether Quality Control jobs interest you. You should also review the skills and characteristics that employees look for so that you can make sure that you have developed the right capabilities by the time that you start applying for work. Here is some useful information to get you started.


Where can you find Quality Control jobs in South Africa? Quality control specialists can find employment across an extensive range of industries. This is advantageous as it allows you to find a job in an industry that interests you most. Automobile manufacturers as well as food companies require the skills of Quality Controllers.

What is Quality Control?

The core duty of a quality controller is to test the company’s products to make sure that they meet their quality standards. They test the product according to its performance of its intended use. Inspection may involve visually or manually checking the products. This process may occur before, during or after the products are made. It is also important that the quality of the machines and equipment that the company uses are regulated. Part of the duties of a Quality Controller is recording data that relates to the quality of products and then analysing the data.


The work environment of Quality Control jobs varies. Quality Controllers may work at assembly lines or in the laboratory. They may also be based at a workstation or the Quality Control department. The work may require physical stamina as some quality controllers have to spend most of the day on their feet. Typically this position involves shift work and long working hours may be required during busy periods. Quality Controllers decide which items to accept or disregard. Generally they keep a list of the defects that they find. Products that don’t match the company’s standards are often sent for repairs. On occasions the Quality Controller may be responsible for fixing the product so that they can note the mistakes that were made and give feedback of how to prevent the same mistakes in future production.

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Quality Control jobs require the usage of tools to perform certain tasks. Typically they use instruments to check products. This could be equipment to weigh and measuring products. They use tools to determine fluid levels, check the durability of an item or assess the product’s lubrication.

Education and Requirements for a career in Quality Control

The requirements to become a Quality Controller vary depending on the company and the position. Some jobs only need a matric and the company offers on-site training. Other positions may require a tertiary education as well as industry specific skills. The South African Quality Institute offers training for people who want to find employment in this industry. Courses include Internal Quality Auditing, Statistical Process Control and Introduction to Quality Control. Other in-house courses include Cost of Quality and Incident and Accident Investigation. SAQI aims to create Quality awareness in South Africa. They aim to support quality control in the country so that South Africans can benefit from quality products. They help local companies to set up quality principals internally.


Building a Successful Career

So what does it take to be successful in this career? You will need to pay attention to detail and be patient. To succeed in this position you will need to take a logical approach to your work. Accuracy is important to be able to check the products and collect data. Make sure that you have good number skills if you want to be a Quality Controller. You’ll need these skills to work with statistics or weight measurement. Depending on what industry you want to work in you will also need to know how to use the equipment that is needed in each industry. It is advisable to develop good communication skills for teamwork, and encourage other employees to produce quality goods. You will also need this trait when you are giving feedback on the quality of the products and areas that need improvement.


Now that you know more about what Quality Control jobs entail you can browse Job Mail to find vacancies. Knowing what prospective employers are looking for will increase your chances of being hired. Register your CV on Job Mail and start applying for positions. Make sure that you meet the requirements for this position and then you are ready to start sending your CV out.

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