All you need to know about a career in Fleet Management

When it comes to logistics jobs, fleet management offers exciting career opportunities. Are you logical minded? Do you have good interpersonal skills? If you answer yes to these questions, fleet management jobs may be suitable for you. A competent fleet manager is vital to the operations of logistics companies. Whether you have just graduated or you are thinking of changing careers, read our informative blog to learn more about fleet manager jobs.


Learning more about this field in Logistics] can help you to decide whether this is the right career for you. Gaining insight into the duties of a fleet manager can help you to impress prospective employers and contribute to your success in your chosen career. If you don’t have the required skills, this is your opportunity to study further to make sure that you get ahead of your competition. A fleet manager may also be referred to as a fleet controller so look out for fleet controller jobs too.

What does Fleet Management entail?

The first step to making a decision about your career in logistics is to learn exactly what fleet management jobs entail. Fleet managers oversee staff members and the performance of vehicles with the aim of helping companies to meet their distribution objectives.


A competent fleet manager will ensure that distribution runs efficiently with minimal costs incurred. Fleet managers are hired by logistics companies. They are tasked with choosing the right vehicles according to the company’s specified transportation needs. An important part of this position is ensuring that the vehicles are properly maintained.

Fleet management software is used to monitor the vehicles during the distribution process. The software enables fleet managers to collect data so that they can track vehicle performance and expenditures. GPS systems allow the Fleet Manager to monitor the location of the fleet.


If a company needs to expand their fleet, the fleet manager is required to purchase new vehicles. This includes deciding what type of vehicle is best suited for the job. They arrange financing for the new vehicles which may include cash payments or rental options.

Keeping records is an important part of this position and duties include completing service and maintenance records. Tasks include the timeous registration and licencing of the company’s vehicles.

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Scheduling programs, which are arranged by the fleet manager, helps to keep the vehicles operating efficiently. Fleet managers are responsible for overseeing the conduct of their drivers. Poor behaviour on the road can be dangerous and it also decreases distribution productivity. Speeding and excessive breaking can increase maintenance costs and decrease fuel economy. They are also responsible for making sure that safety regulations are upheld.

The Skills and Education required of a Fleet Controller

Once you understand what the duties of a fleet manager are you will need to make sure that you have the right skills for this position. If you want to apply for fleet management jobs, you will need experience in logistics and the ability to use fleet management software.

Professionals in Management and Fleet Controller Jobs must have current knowledge of transportation regulations. To succeed in this position it is necessary to have the ability to calculate delivery times while taking into account weather conditions.

The ability to learn new company software quickly is also required. Fleet managers must be able to prioritise and problem solve. They need good listening and communication skills to oversee the staff of the distribution team which includes drivers and administrators.


Computer literacy is vital to performing the duties that are associated with this position. The ability to meet deadlines and excellent organizational skills are pertinent to the success in this position. The ability to motivate team members is also required. Logistics managers must be able to stay calm under pressure and deal with emergency situations.

If you have what it takes to start a career in logistics with an eye on one day applying for Fleet Manager jobs, you can study Logistics Management in the second or third year of a BCom degree at most South African Universities.


A National Diploma in logistics is also offered by Universities of Technology in South Africa. These National Diplomas typically take three years to complete. The University of Johannesburg offers a Diploma as well as BTech which includes courses on Logistics management. Mathematics or Maths Literacy is required if you want to study a diploma in this field.

You can obtain a certificate in Supply Chain Management from DAMELIN. Logistics Management can also be taken as a major in BSc (Agric) programs. Mathematics is needed if you want to study these courses.

The Centre for Logistics Excellence provides students with accredited courses.


Interested in Logistics Jobs and qualified for the various Fleet Management jobs advertised on Job Mail? Register your CV today and apply for exiting opportunities in your field of expertise.

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