Agricultural jobs: What’s out there

Agricultural jobs in South Africa offer lucrative employment opportunities. Different Agriculture jobs require different skills and qualifications. Take a look at what is out there to see which jobs you are eligible for. Reviewing the job descriptions for each position will help you to know what to expect when you are hired.


Agriculture Counsellor
This position involves co-ordinating vegetable supplies. Another core responsibility of this position is overseeing the receiving and storage of produce. An Agriculture Counsellor is required to offer support and advice to growers. Suitable candidates for this position will have a Degree in Agriculture as well as relevant experience in the industry. An in-depth knowledge of growing vegetables is required for this position. An Agriculture Counsellor must be computer literate and have a valid driver’s licence.


Agricultural Specialist
Agriculture Specialists need a relevant qualification such as an Agricultural Diploma. The daily activities which are associated with this position include overseeing the support service team and the management of data. Offering sales support and advice to team members are also responsibilities of an Agricultural Specialist. Suitable applicants will have excellent analytical skills. Agricultural Specialists must show initiative and perseverance. They are required to uphold an impeccable standard of ethics.


Marketing Manager
A Marketing Manager, who is employed in the agriculture industry, will need a Marketing Management Diploma as well as BASOS and AVCASA. Experience in agricultural sales is typically required for this position. Responsibilities of this position include overseeing the marketing team and managing clients. Business Development is another responsibility of a Marketing Manager. Suitable applicants will show initiative and be self-disciplined. Analytical skills are also required for this position.


Pest Control Operator
Pest Control Operators are required to implement pest control services. They are required to uphold excellent relationships with clients and ensure that the client’s expectations are met. Another duty of a Pest Control operator is compiling documents. Matric and a relevant qualification such as NCPC or PMA are required for this position. It is also necessary to be registered with the Department of Agriculture.


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