Agri and Aquaculture Farm Manager Jobs for South Africans

Are you looking for agricultural jobs? If you want to get ahead in your career, it is important to know what your goals are. Once you understand what agri and aquaculture farm manager jobs entail you can start working towards getting a promotion. Today we not only delve deeper into these types of managerial jobs within the agricultural industry, but we also take a look at the aquaculture jobs.

Salary of a Farm Manager in South Africa

The average annual salary of a farm manager in South Africa is R 182,384 with managers who have operational management skills typically earning a higher salary. Managerial roles are senior level positions which require experience and qualifications.

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Looking at the careers of farm managers, you have the options of either agricultural or aquaculture jobs.

The Agricultural Farm Manager

Farm manager jobs can be found in the agricultural sector where the primary role of a farm manager is to plan and direct agricultural operations with the aim of growing and harvesting crops.

Job Description and Tasks

There are a wide range of tasks associated with these types of agriculture jobs. Farm managers in this industry are required to review trends in the agricultural market in order to produce crops which meet the requirements of the market.

Planning is an important part of a managerial role on a farm. It is important for the manager to plan so that the farm can fulfil its contracts and deliver products according to the market needs. Another duty of a farm manager is to hire competent farm workers as well as to oversee their training.

Performance reviews ensure that farm workers fulfil their duties and meet the demands of their roles so that the farm operations run smoothly. Farming jobs in agriculture involves soil analysis in order to ensure that the right amount of fertiliser is used. The quality of the soil affects the crop yield and therefore the efficiency of the farm.

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Farming jobs of this nature will include overseeing various tasks such as planting and irrigation. They also oversee harvesting as well as grading. Farm managers also complete administrative tasks such as budgeting and writing operational reports.

Training and Qualifications for Agricultural Farm Managers

Farm manager jobs in agriculture require extensive experience in the agricultural industry. There are numerous learning pathways that you can follow if you want to secure a farm managerial position. Firstly you will need a National Senior Certificate and then you can complete a National Diploma in Agricultural Management. If you want to further develop your expertise, you can then study a Higher Diploma in Agricultural Management.

Another option is to complete a Bachelor in Agricultural Management followed by Honours in Agricultural Management.

Qualifications as well as experience in agricultural jobs will help you to secure a managerial role. Titles for this position include Sugar, Horticulture and Vegetable Farm Manager.

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There is a wide range of institutes in South Africa which offer relevant qualifications and it is important to check the entry requirements of the institution that you are applying at.

The Cape Peninsula University of Technology and the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University offer a National Diploma in Agricultural Management. Other educational institutes that offer this qualification include the University of South Africa and the Vaal University of Technology.

Aquaculture Farm Manager

If aquaculture jobs are more your thing, becoming this type of farm manager will involve overseeing the daily operations of fresh and saltwater fish farms.

Their primary role is to ensure that the farm runs smoothly and that staff members perform their jobs efficiently. The duties of aquaculture farm managers include reviewing stock and checking stock for diseases.

Farm managers ensure that the farm has sufficient brood stock and they devise strategies to increase the productivity of the farm. Farm manager jobs in this industry require you to analyse environments to ensure that the conditions are favourable for aquatic life.

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These professionals liaise with buyers to sell farm produce and may also be involved in budgeting. Other administrative duties include writing operational reports and documenting management practices.

Qualifications for Farm Managers in Aquaculture

If you are looking for aquaculture jobs, you will need a relevant qualification. Senior level managerial positions require extensive experience.

To fill farming jobs like these you will need a Senior Certificate with Maths as well as Science. You can then study a Bachelor of Aquaculture. If you want to study further, you can complete a Post-Graduate diploma in Aquaculture.


There are a variety of educational institutes which offer relevant qualifications. You should check the entry criteria for the institute that you attend to apply for. You can study a Bachelor of Science: Aquaculture at the University of Zululand.

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Agri and Aquaculture Farm Manager Jobs for South Africans
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Agri and Aquaculture Farm Manager Jobs for South Africans
Are you looking for farm manager jobs? If you want to get ahead in your career, it is important to know what your goals are.
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