Adverts not Allowed as Free Adverts on Job Mail

There are currently more than 11,000 jobs listed on the Job Mail website. Job Mail receives adverts from various employers / recruitment agencies for vacancies. Job Mail receives these vacancies on a daily basis. Many of these vacancies are placed as free adverts. But there are certain Adverts not Allowed as Free Adverts on Job Mail.

This post contains the a list of advert types that are NOT allowed as Free Adverts on Job Mail:

Work From Home adverts: Job Mail are being restricted by the DTI to advertise these positions. A lot of scams and pyramid schemes are connected to this positions. A lot of Job Seekers lose money when applying for these positions. For example, they are promised jobs, but they have to pay a certain amount for a training manual. The training manual they receive will instruct them to recruit more Desperate Job Seekers to pay for their Training Fees.

Commission Based Positions /  Selling Beauty Products or Marketing Products: This Positions are legal, however we have a criteria on our free ads that you can only advertise positions where you hire a person full time in your company and you offer them basic salary. If you have a commission based position, you can contact the Job Mail Sales Team on 086 999 0333 to place your advert.

Adult Content / Adult Masseuse / Strippers, etc: Job Mail does not place any advert with Adult contents for Free, Contact our Sales Team if you have this position to advertise on086 999 0333.

Training Institutions: Any Training Institution where Job Seekers are required to pay a certain Fee to be trained before placement cannot advertise for Free.  Contact our Sales Team if you have this position to advertise on 086 999 0333.

Business Opportunity : Same as Commission Based Positions, Business Opportunity adverts can not be placed as free adverts. The Job Seeker is not employed full time if appointed. Contact our Sales Team if you have this kind of position to advertise on 086 999 0333.

Should you have any queries about advertising guidelines / criteria, please feel free to contact Rose on 012 342 3840 x2620 or via e-mail:

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