Admin Jobs: All you need to know about a career as a secretary

Do you enjoy admin jobs? When it comes to administration jobs, becoming a secretary is a good career choice. To decide whether this is the right career path for you, take a look at our secretary job description. You can also find out more about the different types of secretarial jobs that are available in South Africa.


Looking at the Secretary Job Description

A secretary is responsible for completing a range of administrative tasks. Their duties include answering telephones, filing, responding to emails and welcoming clients. They are responsible for booking appointments, keeping records and taking minutes at meetings. Another duty that is associated with this position is co-ordinating travel arrangements.


Are you interested in applying for secretary jobs? To secure a secretarial job you will need outstanding communication skills as well as IT capabilities. Organized, trustworthy and friendly people are more likely to excel in this position. Secretaries must be able to work according to deadlines. If you don’t already have these skills, you can gain work experience to help you to develop your capabilities. A positive reference from a past employer will help you to secure a secretarial position.

Studying towards Secretarial Jobs

The first step to making yourself eligible for administrative jobs is to enrol for a secretarial course. INTEC College offers secretarial certificates and Damelin offers executive secretarial courses. Another option is to complete a professional Diploma at Damelin. You can acquire a National N-Diploma in Secretarial studies with specialisation at Boland College. Courses that teach typing and IT skills are also beneficial. Now that you know what skills you need and how to acquire them you can enrol for a course and take the next step to achieving your career goals. Here are some of your options to get you started.

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Administrative Secretary

This position includes a wide array of admin jobs. Administrative Secretaries are responsible for ensuring that the daily operations of the office run smoothly. They can find employment in medical facilities, educational institutes and government agencies. Private companies also hire administrative secretaries.

Executive Secretary

The core responsibility of these secretarial jobs are to deal with correspondence which may include typing letters and emails. They oversee the information that passes through the office and they are responsible for handing materials to the right staff member. Executive secretaries can also represent their employer at events and meetings. These administrative jobs can be found in government offices. As well as handling correspondence there are a wide range of administrative jobs that are associated with this position.


Legal Secretary

A professional in this field is hired to provide assistance at a law firm.  Their core responsibility is to perform clerical duties that help to ensure that the law firm runs smoothly. While legal secretary jobs require the same skills as a private secretary they also need knowledge that is specialised to the legal profession. These professionals will typically be tasked with supporting the lawyers within the firm.

Medical Secretary

Hospitals and offices require the services of a medical secretary. Their duties are specialised to meet the demands of a medical environment. They bill patients and compile medical charts. Medical secretaries are responsible for making bookings and dealing with correspondence. They may be asked to type reports. Medical secretaries provide additional assistance to doctors by writing speeches or co-ordinating the delivery of supplies.


When it comes to admin jobs there are plenty of positions to choose from. Secretarial work can be a rewarding job and there are opportunities to advance your career within this field. Ready to start applying for administration jobs? Register your CV on Job Mail now and apply for awesome opportunities today!

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