Accounting jobs – An awesome career in Tax

Accounting is a large industry and, if the thought of numbers, finances and sheer perfection gets your heart racing, tax jobs might be the ideal career choice for you. Requiring a range of specialised skills and knowledge, accounting jobs in taxation are fun, challenging and a rewarding.


Different types of Tax Jobs

Taxation is a big branch of accounting, featuring specialisations and specific functions of its own. Listed below are just some of the exciting career opportunities and tax jobs you can pursue within the industry.

Tax Consultant

Also known as a Tax Advisor, a Tax Consultant provides both advisory and consultancy services to clients. Because they have an extensive knowledge in the laws and regulations surrounding tax, these professionals are able to help their clients pay their taxes in a way that is most effective.

These professionals also make sure that their clients take full advantage of the tax exemptions that may be applicable to them. Within this branch you will find two types of tax known as corporate (which entail working for businesses) and personal taxes (which entails working with everyday people).


Within this field of taxation, you can even specialise further, developing and honing skills in different areas ranging to include inheritance tax and national insurance, to international tax and taxes on estates and trusts.

You will have a number of fascinating job functions including submitting tax returns on behalf of your client, establishing and properly structuring trusts for families, working and planning tax strategies, providing guidance in terms of tax and VAT, and producing reports and computations that calculate a client’s tax liability, to name but a few examples.


Tax Auditor

Always double (and even triple) checking everything? These types of tax jobs might be for you. An important part of accounting jobs, a Tax Auditor is responsible for making sure that a business or company properly aligns itself with the relevant tax laws and regulations.

Finding employment either as an internal auditor or working for an external company (usually called in by businesses to audit financials and the practices used), these professionals are also responsible for guiding businesses through the complex laws surrounding taxes.


Auditors specialising in taxes make sure that returns filed are accurate and according to the laws and regulations set out by the government. Paying great attention to every single detail, a Tax Auditor delivers important functions when it comes to tax returns, planning and future tax scenarios.

Working as an internal Tax Auditor, you will be responsible for the controls and procedures within your own company, helping to protect the company from various financial pitfalls including mismanagement and fraud.

Working as an external Auditor, you will be responsible for looking at a business’ tax practices, filing, and tax returns to make sure that full compliance is present and to offer valuable advice.


Tax Practitioner

In South Africa, a Tax Practitioner is defined as a professional that takes on the responsibilities of completing tasks relating to taxes, including the completions of a client’s SARS returns. Practitioners are also able to give clients advice when it comes to tax laws.

Taking effect back in 2013, these tax jobs entail that you have at least an NQF Level 4 qualification and that you are registered as a Tax Practitioner at an authorised controlling body (like the South African Institute of Tax Professionals) as well as the South African Revenue Service (SARS). This authorised body is responsible for regulating and managing practitioners in South Africa in order to ensure rules, laws and regulations are adhered to.


Tax Managers

A Tax Compliance Manager is responsible for reviewing financial documentation to ensure that a business meets all the requirements and regulations set out by laws surrounding taxes. These professionals will also make recommendations and give advice on tax, helping businesses’ to reduce their risk of being non-compliant and helping them to establish a flow of continuous compliance.

Whenever new laws in terms of taxation is put into place, the Tax Compliance Manager will be able to help you predict the effect it will have on your business. Because this job delivers invaluable experience to all businesses and companies, you will have the opportunity to work in a large selection of industries.


You will be responsible for researching and developing strategies, executing different tax oriented projects and ensure that a business’ income, expenditures, investments and all financial transactions are correctly and accurately documented and reported.

When deciding that these types of jobs are definitely something that tickles your interests and problem-solving skills, remember that there are a number of different career paths to choose, one of them even including Tax Law.

The Perks of jobs in Tax

There is no doubt that tax is a part of everyone’s lives – from businesses to the labour force. Everyone needs the advice and services of these professionals at (the very least) once in their lives. Though professions within this field of accounting jobs can become stressful, it is also a very rewarding field to work in.

If you love continually upping your skills and learning new and interesting techniques, this is definitely a career worth pursuing. You will be presented with problems that need solving, giving you the opportunity to develop your skills and further develop and build your own career.


Because the field of tax is an interesting mix of law, business and numbers, you will have the opportunity to develop your skills in each area, not only giving you great job satisfaction, but also improving and building on your own skills.

You will need to adapt to new regulations and laws, giving you the opportunity to expand on your knowledge and the fields you excel in. A career where growth, development, problem solving and business skills are a part of everyday life, you will have the opportunity to develop and grow in an interesting, high demand career.

Tax jobs are also coupled with great salaries. According to PayScale, a Tax Manager earns an average yearly salary of R 541 497 while a Tax Compliance Manager earns an average yearly salary of R 400 404. A Tax Consultant earns an average yearly salary of R 196 043 per year and a Tax Specialist earns an average yearly salary of R 490 364. According to PayScale, a Tax Account in South Africa earns an average yearly salary of R 259 059.

Studying towards a suitable qualification

Looking for the right qualification that will enable you to pursue tax jobs? South Africa boasts a range of top-quality tertiary education institutions that offer exciting diploma and degree programmes.


The University of Pretoria

If you would like to go into the field of tax, you can complete BCom in Financial Sciences at the University of Pretoria. Specialising in tax, this three year programme will enable you to become a Tax Consultant, Auditor, Compliance Manager and even a Tax Practitioner. Other job titles include a Tax Policy Designer, Tax Risk Manager and a Tax Advisor.

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The University of the Free State

Offering a BCom Accounting programme, here you will have the opportunity to learn everything from commercial law and auditing, to taxes and personal finance. Enabling you to pursue accounting jobs, you can also continue your studies with a postgraduate qualification focused on Taxes.

North-West University

Found within the School of Accounting, the North-West University offers three BCom programmes namely Chartered Accountancy, Accounting and Informatics, and Financial Accountancy. The core subjects that are addressed in each one of these study programmes are Auditing, Management Accounting, Accounting and Taxation.


University of Johannesburg

The University of Johannesburg offers a number of fascinating study programmes that will enable you to pursue a career in tax. A Diploma in Accountancy (NQF Level 6) is offered with the aim of supplying students with the education to render tax services, management and advice on the level of an accounting technician.

Also available from the University of Johannesburg is the BCom Accounting programme. A three year study programme, students will address various subjects and learn skills required in taxes, accounting, financial management and auditing, to name but a few examples.


Note that there are a number of reputable tertiary institutions where you can complete your studies in order to pursue accounting and specialise in tax.

Tax Jobs and career opportunities on Job Mail

Job Mail features a range of vacancies, highlighting exciting opportunities available across South Africa.

Tax Manager Vacancy

A position for an experienced Tax Manager at an external auditing firm is available in Johannesburg. Some of the requirements for this position include a postgraduate degree in Tax and at least three years’ consulting experience.


Tax Chartered Accountant

A full time position is available for an experienced Tax Chartered Accountant in the Northern Suburbs of Johannesburg.


Tax Consultant

If you a have a BCom in Accounting (Specialising in taxation), this position might be for you. A full time position, this vacancy is Midrand and requires between two to three years’ experience.


Excited to jumpstart your career with a range of stunning accounting jobs? Job Mail is the ideal place to find accounting and tax jobs that require your set of specialised skills and experience. Register your CV on Job Mail today and start applying for jobs now!

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