A Flourishing Career in Customer Service

Do you want to start the year off with a new career? Whether you have just graduated or want to change jobs, customer service is a great option. Before you jump into a new job, you may want to know more about this position. To answer the question, what is customer service, read our informative blog. Once you have decided that this is the right career path for you, you can register your CV on Job Mail and apply for customer service jobs.


What is Customer Service and What Does the Job Involve?

There are variations in customer service jobs across different sectors however, there is a general role that employees in this position is expected to perform. The main role that a customer service employee is hired for is to liaise with clients in response to inquiries and complaints. They offer customers the necessary information on the products and services of the company that they are representing.


They communicate with customers in person, over email or by telephone. It is vital that representatives in this sector respond to queries timeously and they are tasked with resolving customer complaints.

Other duties include arranging new accounts, verifying new clients as well as processing applications and orders. There are administrative tasks involved in a customer service position which include keeping records, writing reports and maintaining databases.

Customer Service Skills Required

Now that you know more about the duties of this job, you may be wondering if you have the right customer service skills. If you don’t have the right skills, try to enrol in some courses so that you can develop your capabilities before you start applying for jobs.


You will need a matric certificate as well as adequate typing skills. Administrative capabilities and computer literacy are also required for this position. As you will be dealing with people, excellent interpersonal skills are vital to this role. Communication, listening and problem solving skills are also important.

On the Job

If you do well at your job, you could be promoted to a senior level position. Customer Service Managers are required to ensure that customers are happy with the company’s products or services. This functions to secure repeat business as well as to bring in new business through good recommendations.


As a manager you will have additional duties such as training staff and dealing with challenging customers. A core duty of this role is making sure other members of the team are performing their duties efficiently. If you want to become a customer service manager, you can study business management or customer relations management. Work experience in the customer service industry is also beneficial.

Customer service vacancies can be found across a variety of industries including hospitality and retail. Call centres also employee staff in customer service positions. While there are specialised roles, there are many other positions that require customer service skills.


Receptionist jobs and sales positions also require strong customer service skills. It is beneficial to complete additional training if you spend time dealing with customers. The Business Optimising Training Institute, Congruence and LeadingEdge all offer customer service training. Not only will additional training look good on your CV, it will also help you to excel in your job.

If you are looking for a customer service position, you will need to decide what industry you want to work in. Some of the categories on Job Mail include retail, insurance and sales. It is easier to apply to a position in an industry that you have experience working in. If you have worked in the retail industry it would be advantageous to apply for customer service vacancies in this sector. Another factor to consider is which industry you are most interested in. If you are enthusiastic about your job, there is a higher chance that you will do well.

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Now that you know more about customer service jobs you can make an informed decision whether this is the right career path for you. If you plan to apply for jobs, it is beneficial to start developing the required skills. It will be easier to customise your CV if you have an idea of what industry you work in. Even if you are applying for a different position, customer service skills are an invaluable part of many roles. Register your CV on www.JobMail.co.za today and apply for customer service vacancies in the industry you want to work in.

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