A career in Rural Development and Land Reform

Are you considering a career in Rural Development and Land Reform? When it comes to agriculture jobs there are plenty of employment opportunities. If you choose to pursue this career, you will play a vital role in the development of South Africa’s rural areas. The lack of infrastructure and employment opportunities in rural areas has led to a need for professionals to initiate interventions which help alleviate poverty. Before you decide whether this is the right career path for you, read our blog to learn more about what these jobs entail as well as the qualifications that you will need.


The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform

Over the previous 18 years South Africa has achieved economic growth and poverty has been reduced. More people have access to social services and resources and over 12 million people have received support from the social services assistance program.

Housing subsidies have benefited over three million people. Although progress has been made, South Africa still faces numerous challenges and there has been insufficient development in rural areas.


While cities benefited from development programs, the rural areas struggled with a lack of development. Poor infrastructure and a lack of employment opportunities lead many people to move to the cities. In order to alleviate poverty, the South African government has implemented strategies for Rural Development which includes food security and land reform. To address these issues there is a need for interventions which has created Rural Development and Land Reform vacancies.

If you are interested in this career, you can search for vacancies with the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform. The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform is focused on creating work opportunities in rural areas.


Over the next five years they are also targeting the areas of education and health. Food security and Land Reform are other priorities for this department. They aim to address the issues of poverty and the lack of infrastructure in rural areas.

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The Department’s strategies to create change include social mobilisation in rural areas as well as the creation of sustainable settlements which have access to services. Leadership training and skills development are other important initiatives that the department is using to achieve their goals. The Department of Rural Development vacancies cover a wide range of positions which include clerical and managerial employment opportunities.

A Career in Land Reform and Rural Development

Before you decide whether to pursue a career in this particular field, you will need to know more about what Rural Development jobs entail.

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The focus on Land Reform and food security has created opportunities for professionals who specialise in agriculture. Professionals who have in-depth knowledge of agriculture are needed to participate in skills development initiatives. Other employment opportunities that can be found in this sector include Supply Chain Practitioner and Senior Examiner positions.

Where can you study and what qualifications are required?

The Postgraduate School of Agriculture and Rural Development is located at the University of Pretoria. The PGSARD conducts research and educates students in rural development with a focus on agriculture. The topics that are covered include Agricultural Economics as well as Animal and Plant Production.


Students can also learn more about food processing and land development. The research covers areas such as poverty reduction and rural finance. If you are interested in applying for Rural Development vacancies you can complete a Bachelor of Agricultural Honours or a Master of Agriculture. You can choose to specialise in Rural Development Planning, Agricultural Economics or Agribussiness Management. Other areas of specialisation include Land Development and Plant Production.

The Centre for Rural Development and Poverty Alleviation is located at the University of Venda. The centre is dedicated to research and education. Outreach activities are also part of their program. The modules that their courses cover include Rural Development Theories, Planning and Practice. Micro finance and Aribusiness in a Rural Development context is also covered by this course.

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If you are interested in finding agriculture jobs, consider a career in Rural Development and Land Reform. The vacancies in this sector and the opportunity to contribute to poverty alleviation are both advantages to pursuing this career. Once you have decided on your career the next step is to enrol at a related course at a South African University. After you graduate you can start applying for Rural Development jobs. Already qualified? Register your CV on www.JobMail.co.za now and start applying for amazing opportunities in your area.

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