A career in Public Relations

Interested in public relations jobs on Job Mail? You have come to the right place! Today we take on everything from what PR is and what training is required, to the public relations job description.

What is Public Relations?

So, what is public relations? Public relations is the building and maintenance of a public image and relationship between a public figure (like a councilman or celebrity) or company (like Coke or Job Mail for example) and the public.

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The primary responsibility of a professional in this role is to continuously evaluate how an organisation or individual is perceived by the public. They also assess the perceptions of clientele and the media.

The aim of a PR manager is to establish and maintain a positive public image of the company that they are employed by. They are also required to swiftly respond to negative publicity to reduce its impact. PR managers play a vital role in making a company’s operations profitable.

Public Relations Job Description

The public relations job description includes various duties and responsibilities, including organising and directing the advertising activities of an organisation. Employees in a managerial role are responsible for overseeing the company’s PR activities.

Responsibilities which are associated with this position include determining and controlling operational procedures. They also stipulate and oversee the administrative tasks which need to be performed. Budgeting is an important part of this role.

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PR managers are required to review budgets and ensure that the public relations expenses stay within the budget. A vital part of budgeting is checking that resources are utilised with maximum efficiency. Managers are expected to lead the activities of their team. They are also responsible for agreeing on the terms of contracts with clients.

Depending on the company you work for, your public relations job description will include liaising with media outlets as well as advertising agencies. Professionals in this field discuss contract terms with newspapers and TV stations.

Employees in this role oversee the hiring of new staff. The performance and training of staff is also overseen by the PR manager. They oversee the operations of the PR department to ensure that employees are working efficiently and productively.

Public relations jobs typically involve working regular business hours. However, overtime and weekend work may be required especially if the company is facing bad publicity. PR personnel can find employment for big companies or for individuals. Individual work is typically provided by celebrities or government officials.

Once you are experienced in a PR role it is possible to be self-employed and work as a freelancer. Part time employment is another option for PR personnel.

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Vacancies in this field generally offer a good working environment in an office. While this role is primarily office based it does require outings to networking and media events. Professionals in this role may be required to travel in order to attend meetings with clients.

Public Relations Courses and Qualifications

If you are looking for public relations jobs, you will need a Public Relations Diploma or Degree. Another option is to obtain a Marketing qualification. You will need years of experience to be eligible for a managerial role.

A National Senior Certificate with diploma entrance is required to enrol for a Public Relations Marketing Diploma, while you will need a National Senior Certificate with Degree entrance is for a degree in these fields.

While there are general eligibility requirements for entrance into these learning pathways, the requirements between educational institutes differ. It is therefore important to check the entrance requirements with the institute that you plan to study at.

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Completing public relations courses is another option. Business, communication, English and political subjects are beneficial if you want to start a career in public relations.

While completing relevant courses serve as the first step, you will have more chance of being hired if you have experience in this field. Volunteering for a non-profit organisation or completing an internship is a great way to gain experience if you are just starting out.

To succeed in public relations you will need to have superior communication and interpersonal skills. Organisational and writing skills are also required. PR personnel need to be self-motivated. They need excellent problem-solving, management and analytical capabilities. The ability to work under pressure is vital for this role.

Ready to start applying for public relations jobs? Register your CV on Job Mail, browse for great PR job opportunities and apply for relevant vacancies.

A career in Public Relations
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A career in Public Relations
Interested in public relations jobs? Today we take on everything from what PR is and what training is required, to the public relations job description.
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