A career in Management Consulting

Today the Job Mail team takes a closer look at Management Consulting jobs and what a career in this field involves. Delving a little deeper than just project management jobs, this writer explores fascinating specialisations that include both Industrial Psychology as well as Industrial Engineering.


What is Management Consulting?

A Management Consultant is in charge of assisting organisations and businesses in achieving a better efficiency. These professionals will also be involved in the structures or structuring of businesses and organisations.

Note that Project Management jobs can also be seen as the ‘alternate’ occupations. These types of positions can include everything from a Business Support Project Manager, a Financial Systems Advisor and a Business Analyst.

Management Consulting jobs will require the completion of a long list of tasks and duties. Your tasks will be to both analyse and evaluate the current systems and structures that are in use in an organisation. You will be tasked to both review and undertake work studies through analysing the existing methods in place as well as the procedures already in use.


These professionals are trained to revise the different methods and procedures in place in order to make improvements within an organisation. Management Consultants will make recommendations in terms of work flow and job functions, resolving problems.

Using the organisation’s resources in the most efficient way, these professionals are able to encourage as well as assist the implementation of plans, strategies and objectives in order to meet higher customer satisfaction levels.

Management Consultant jobs will also require you to record and analyse the organisation that employs you in terms of its records, manuals, work flow charts and even the job descriptions.

Aiding the resolve of organisational problems, a Management Consultant is able to guide organisations towards a more efficient state. These professional will also be involved in the revision of procedure and instruction manuals, as well as the implementation thereof.


When it comes to the field or area you will work in, know that Management Consulting is something that is used across a wide selection of industries. These industries can range to include everything from human resources and marketing, to IT and even supply management jobs.

The Road to Management Consulting Jobs

In South Africa, there is not a specific qualification you will need in order to enter this particular career. In general, a degree in Management Sciences (sometimes also referred to as Business Science) will be beneficial, but note that further specialisation might be required by some employers.

There are also various ways to working yourself up into an appropriate qualification that will best suit you and the Management Consulting jobs you are interested in.


The first way to obtaining a qualification is completing a Diploma in Management. This is then followed by a Bachelor of Technology in Management. The second option in terms of qualification for these types of project management jobs includes completing a three year Bachelor of Management programme, which is then followed by an Honours degree in Management.

Another option is to complete a Bachelor in Business Sciences (which is a four year programme), or by completing a Bachelor’s in a field that interests you followed by a Diploma in Management (postgraduate).

The last study option available for this field of study starts with an Advanced Diploma in Management. Do note that for this Diploma programme you will need a Diploma, Certificate or Degree coupled with the relevant work experience. If you do not have a formal qualification, you might be able to apply if you have an extensive experience in the field of management.


The fields of study available for this Advanced Management Diploma include Industrial Relations.

Industrial Relations within Management Consulting

Postgraduate studies within Management allows you to specialise in a number of interesting fields – from Public Management and Governance, to Tourism Development. One of the interesting fields we want to discuss today is the ‘Industrial’ discipline, showing you how Industrial Engineering and Industrial Psychology is related to Management Consulting.

Industrial Engineering

“Industrial engineers work to eliminate waste of time, money, materials, man-hours, machine time, energy and other resources that do not generate value. According to the Institute of Industrial Engineers, they figure out how to do things better.”

Industrial Engineering jobs involve both the investigation and use of various aspects within the engineering field. These aspects range to include materials, personnel, equipment, operational practices and facilities, to name but a few examples. These types of jobs will also involve the recommendation of improvements in regards to the efficiency of the current operations.

The daily tasks of these professionals will include everything from inspecting plants in order to determine whether improvements can be made as well as to maintain the performance of those plants. Industrial Engineering jobs will also involve advising management of the newest techniques, equipment and production methods within your field.


Among many other functions, an Industrial Engineer will also be involved in the organisation and management of projects in regard to the labour, the plant, the delivery of the materials as well as the equipment.

Do note that, should you perform work in industries that affect public safety and health, you are required to be registered with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA).

If you would like to learn more about Industrial Engineering, read our blog posts titled CV and Interview Tips for Industrial Engineers and Filling the Skills Shortage in the SA Engineering Industry.

Industrial Psychology

“Industrial psychology is the component of applied psychology which relates work in organisations and includes, among others, the selection and placement of personnel, training, job evaluation, motivation, and performance evaluations.”

Industrial Psychology jobs, sometimes also referred to as Occupational or Organisational Psychology, involve a range of daily tasks, including the development and application of methods and strategies in order to create a stronger organisation.

An Industrial Psychologist will also be involved in the guidance of selecting employees, the job training aspect as well as leadership training. These professionals also use psychometric tests in order to evaluate the personality of both the current employees at the organisation as well as potential employees. These tests are of course done in relation to their current or potential job.


Industrial Psychology jobs are without a doubt interesting, evaluating a huge array of impacts on an organisation such as the attitudes of employees and employers, identifying and developing talent, and even the work environment and how it makes an impact on the employees of the organisation.

As a qualified professional, you can find employment in various aspects of different industries including Risk and Safety Assessment, Assessment and Recruitment, and Human Resource Management.

Do note that, should you operate as a professional within this specific field, you will be required to register with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA).


If you would like to learn more about this career, read our blog post titled Preparing for your job as an Industrial Psychologist.

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