A career in Credit Control

If you are good with money, a career as a Credit Controller may be a good choice for you. When it comes to finance jobs, Credit Control jobs are only some of the numerous options in this industry. The core duty of this position is assessing whether to loan clients money. If you want to find out more about this career, here is a Credit Controller job description.


A job as a Credit Controller

You can find employment in the commercial or consumer credit sector. The sector which you work in will depend on whether you want to serve organizations or the public. Credit Controller jobs are available across a wide range of sectors which include financials institutes and NGOs. The work environment for this position is typically an office. Generally work hours are from Monday to Friday. Overtime may be required during busy periods in the financial industry. There are a variety of Credit controller jobs in Johannesburg as this bustling city is the financial hub of South Africa. Credit controller jobs in Durban are another option. There are also opportunities in Cape Town.

The main responsibility of a Credit Controller is deciding who to lend money to. Another responsibility is managing the debts of the institution’s existing clients. Tasks that are associated with this position include analysing the credit ratings of potential customers, determining the terms and conditions of the agreement with the customer and negotiating loan repayments. Within these types of finance jobs, you will need to take action if clients fail to repay their loans. This may include stopping further financial support or initiating legal action. Following legal action this type of professional may need to meet with clients and attend court hearings.

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If you enjoy your job and have the right skills, there is plenty of room for promotion. If you are just starting out you can work as a Credit Control Clerk. Once you have developed your skills and gained experience you can progress to a supervisor position. With leadership qualities you can apply for team leader positions and eventually apply for a managerial role. Another option is to become a consultant where you can be paid to share your knowledge and experience in the industry.


The advantage of finding Credit Controller jobs is that you can apply the skills that you gain across a range of sectors. Another benefit is that you will be working with a wide range of different customers. The variety of people that you work with as well as the problem-solving tasks that you will need to undertake help to keep this job interesting. Although there are many good points to being a Credit Controller it can be difficult when you have to deal with customers who are unable to repay their loans.

Qualifications needed for a Career in Credit Control

You may be wondering if you have the right skills to apply for these types of finance jobs. To excel at this position you will need to have self-confidence, good judgement and excellent analytical skills. Good business sense is also vital. Other characteristics which are crucial for this position are outstanding interpersonal skills, decision making capabilities and IT skills.


To be eligible for Credit Controller jobs you will need to have matric with a good mark in Mathematics. Matric Accountancy is also advantageous. If you want to increase your chances of being hired, you can complete additional training in bookkeeping or accounting. Other options are Mathematics or Economics degrees. Computer literacy skills are essential for this position.

Looking for a Job in Credit Control?

Take a look at some of the Credit Controller jobs available on Job Mail.

Credit Controller

A full-time position is available in Johannesburg. This position offers a monthly remuneration of R13,900 a month. Suitable applicants will have a matric with accounting and a qualification in credit management is advantageous. Candidates must have a minimum of three years of experience in FMCG to be eligible for this position. Credit knowledge, MS Office skills and SAP literacy are essential for this position. The core duty of the successful applicant will be to monitor and control the debtors accounts.


Temporary Credit Controller

A temporary position is available in Johannesburg. This contract position offers a monthly remuneration. The temporary position is for a four month period. Applicants must have Credit Control experience and they will receive further in-house training.


With plenty of opportunities for promotion Credit Controller jobs can offer you a rewarding career. If you have the right skills and are interested in working in the financial sector, this may be the right job for you. Register your CV on Job Mail now and start applying for credit control vacancies on today.


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