8 useful tips for new employees

Frustrated Businessman at DeskSo, you’ve started a new job. The first day you feel awkward and a little uncertain, but after a while you settle in and start finding your own feet. You do your work every day, ask questions if you have to and keep to yourself – mostly because you’re unsure how to act in your new work environment.

Many of you can relate to this situation and are probably stressing out, but please don’t – Job Mail is here to give you 5 useful tips for new employees. Follow these guidelines and you’ll be just fine.

1. Respect your fellow employees: Don’t act like you know everything and don’t be loud when you’re talking on the phone. Watch and Listen. If someone offers you advice or useful tips, don’t shun them or push them away, accept it and learn from it. Be polite and smile and remember people’s names. It’s all about mutual respect. Remember: first impressions last.

2. Make Notes: Write important things down that your boss and colleagues tell you. Write down your list of daily tasks and keep to it. Your notes will help you to get organized. Constantly forgetting things will give off the impression that you’re a bad listener and frustrate the colleagues who have to repeat things to you all the time.

3. Focus on your work: Stay focused on your daily tasks. Do what you were appointed to do and try to stay away from Facebook and Twitter unless your line of work requires you to be active on it. Don’t play around with your smartphone while you are at your desk. Check your messages and your social networks during your break times. If you’re constantly getting notifications on your phone, switch it off. Focusing on your daily tasks will show your new boss and colleagues that you’re serious about your new job.

4. Don’t change your appearance rapidly: Be the same clean cut person in the office that you were in the interview. Don’t add hair extensions, don’t colour your hair green, purple or orange, don’t put back all 20 of your eyebrow piercings and don’t add that visible tattoo of  Justin Bieber you’ve always wanted before you start your new job. Doing all or any of these things will show your new boss that you don’t have respect for company policy. Changing your appearance rapidly may cause your boss to loose faith in his newly appointed employee.

5. Ask Questions: Don’t make assumptions. Don’t be afraid to approach your new colleagues or your boss. Don’t do a task the wrong way just because you’re afraid of looking foolish. Ask Questions if you’re unsure. You’ll look a lot more foolish when you’ve do a task wrong.

6. Be On Time: Make sure that you’re at the office 10-15 minutes early. Go through your notes, organize your day and get a cup of coffee before you start working. When it comes to leaving the office at the end of the day, don’t rush off like Speedy Gonzales, take time to organize your notes, do a quick review of your work of the day and plan your next work day. When taking lunch or breaks make sure that you don’t take more time than you’re allowed to.

7. Avoid colleagues who complain: Try not to get caught up in negativity that is associated with your new position, your new organization and your new boss. Rather take the time and observe your co-workers. Find the ones who have the best attitude towards the company and develop a working relationship with them. Surround yourself with positive things.

8. Be Humble: Don’t talk about your awesome experiences at your previous work place all the time. Some of your new colleagues may see this as bragging. Keep these story to yourself and only bring one up if it could benefit a project or task that you’re currently working on.

There you go! 8 useful tips for new employees! I hope that all the new employees out there who are reading this feel a lot more informed now. This article was inspired by an article entitled 10 Biggest Mistakes made by new employees, feel free to check it out.

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