8 reasons why you should become a General Manager

Do you have good leadership skills? Are you self-motivated and organised? General Manager jobs on Job Mail might be perfect for you!

While the general manager salary is one reason to apply for this role, there are plenty of reasons to become a general manager. Before you decide whether this is the right career for you or not, take a look at our general manager job description as well as 8 reasons why you should take this career on.


A short General Manager job description

General managers are responsible for overseeing the staff members in the company. They ensure that the company’s employees are performing their duties effectively. General managers play a vital role in the smooth running of the company’s operations on a daily basis.

These professionals are required to set goals for staff members and they decide which tasks need to be completed and prioritise tasks accordingly. As a leader, general managers set an example for other staff members. They are also responsible for hiring, promoting, retrenching and allocating pay increases.

job description for general manager

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8 Great reasons you should become a General Manager

Not yet convinced that this is the right choice for you? Check out these eight reasons why you should consider this career.

1. Employment opportunities in a wide range of industries

As a general manager you can choose to work in an industry that interests you. As most industries require a general manager, you will be able to work in the industry of your choice. Options include the agricultural, insurance and mining industry.

General Manager jobs are also available in the retail, sports and tourism industries. The industry that you pick will also depend on the experience that you have. When you are applying for vacancies, you will need an in-depth understanding of the industry that you will be working in.

management jobs on job mail

2. General manager jobs offer opportunities to develop your skills and knowledge

General Manager positions require a commitment to continuous learning and therefore this role offers opportunities for you to develop your skills and knowledge. You will need to keep up-to-date with the trends and developments in the industry that you are working in. Working in this management field will develop your decision making, organizational and leadership skills.

3. Strengthen your business skills

If you are interested in business, becoming a general manager is an excellent career choice as it will help you to develop your business skills. You will play a vital role in running the business. This position offers you first-hand experience on how a business is run effectively.

4. Earn a good salary

As a senior level position, general manager jobs offer good salaries. According to Payscale the average annual general manager salary in South Africa is R328 612. To increase your annual income in this role it is advisable to develop your skills in budget management and strategic planning. Sales management and financial analysis skills are also associated with higher pay.

general manager jobs

5. Increased responsibility

As a general manager you have the responsibility of ensuring that the daily operations of the company run smoothly. An important part of this role is acting as a good role model and creating a good work environment.

You will play a role in advancing the careers of your staff. You can also contribute to creating an environment that your staff are happy to work in. Not only will this make a difference in people’s lives, it will also play a role in the effective running of the company.

6. Advance your career

General manager is a good title to have on your resume and having experience in the field of management can increase your chance of being hired in other positions. The title of manager comes with prestige in our society.

7. Room for growth

general manager career prospects

While the role of general manager is a senior level position, there is still room for growth in your career. If you take on the role at a small company you can develop your skills to apply for managerial positions in larger, more influential companies.

If your career goal is to become a CEO or MD of a large company, working in this field of management is a great step on your career path.

8. Play a role in selecting your team

While general managers have to have the interpersonal skills to work with a variety of personalities they can play a role in hiring new staff and selecting the team they want to work with.

Now that you know more about general manager jobs on Job Mail, you can decide whether this is the right career path for you. With so many advantages to becoming a general manager, it is easy to see why this position is part of people’s career goals. Register your CV today and get started!

8 reasons why you should become a General Manager
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8 reasons why you should become a General Manager
Do you have good leadership skills? Are you self-motivated and organised? General Manager jobs on Job Mail might be perfect for you!
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