6 things you can do to end 2016 on a high note

As we approach the end of 2016, most of us will experience a sense of fatigue, relief, accomplishment, outright exhaustion or a mix of all of these things. Before we launch straight into another year, we’ve compiled a few points to help you say goodbye to 2016 properly:

1. Give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back

You survived 2016. Thank yourself for your own resilience. Bathe your soul in coconut oil. You’ve done well.

2. Recycle the year’s paper

This is as therapeutic as it is environmentally beneficial. Recycle all the pages, documents or study notes from 2016 that you will no longer need going forward. Put them all into a box and take it to your nearest recycling point. You will feel better about yourself knowing you’ve done something good for the earth and you’ll symbolically release all the stress that came with the last year’s workload too. All round, this is a cathartic experience that we recommend for all.

3. Reflect on 2016

Whether your 2016 was an amazing year all round (lucky) or a total tragedy, reflection is important. If it was filled with pleasant memories, create a scrapbook or (more realistically) a Facebook album or just jot down some of your highlights. If everything went horribly wrong, reflection is equally vital. Process the unfortunate events and understand them so that you can learn and move on from them.

4. Visualise your best self

Take a moment, a day or a weekend to do this. When you visualise your best self, think about the following in order to really see it: Where are you? What are you doing? What are you wearing? What are you working on?Consider creating a vision board for this with pictures and words that express your best self, or Pinterest it, if you prefer digital.

5. Decide what needs to change

Things need to change in order to align your current self with that vision (or to get yourself as close as is realistically possible to that vision). For you, this could require personal changes or career changes or both. Start analysing what these changes will entail – through listing them, speaking them, or drawing them. Even if it’s a vague stream of consciousness at the moment, put them down in whichever way comes naturally to you.

6. Condense it into finite steps

Here is where the logistics come in. Give yourself a time frame. Set goals for next year. Choose a new skill to work on. Create a plan for how you’re going to earn a promotion, find a better job, change your career, start your own venture, take a risk, or do whatever you need to do to secure your desired personal progress, career-wise or otherwise.

Whatever it means to you, decide to live your best life. If you enjoyed this blog post, you might like this one called: 5 Steps to Take Control of Your Career. We wish you a beautiful 2017 and hope to see you flourish!

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6 Things You Can Do to End 2016 on a High Note for Your Career
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6 Things You Can Do to End 2016 on a High Note for Your Career
Before we launch straight into another year, here's a list of a 6 things you can do to end 2016 on a high note for your career...
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