6 Reasons why you should consider a career in Business Management

Are you considering a career in Business Management? If you have good communication and problem-solving skills, then a Business Manager position may be the right choice for you. Before you make your decision it is advisable to learn more about Business Management careers. You can browse jobs, register your CV and apply for Business Management jobs on Job Mail.


What is Business Management?

The core duty of a Business Manager is to oversee a company’s staff members. Their aim is to ensure that the day to day running of the business goes smoothly. They are also responsible for making sure that the company’s employees are completing their jobs in an efficient manner. In big corporations Business Managers are accountable to top level executives. In smaller enterprises the manager may own the company themselves or report back to the owner. Types of positions in this career vary according to the type and size of the company. In larger companies managers may be responsible for the running of a specific department. Responsibilities that are associated with this position include making sure that that the company is reaching its goals as well as developing budgets.


6 Reasons why you should consider Business Management Careers

If you think that this might be the right job for you, take a look at six reasons why you should consider a career in Business Management.

1. Business Management positions come with a good salary

The remuneration of a manager in this position is one of the reasons that you should consider this career. Salaries vary according to the size of the company as well as the industry that you are working in. Your level of experience will also influence your income. According to Payscale the average annual salary for Business Managers is R370,723 in South Africa. One way to find higher paying positions is to increase your skills. Jobs applicants with Business Strategy or Budget Management capabilities generally get paid more.


2. Get closer to achieving career goals

As Business Management is a senior position, a sense of personal achievement can be gained from reaching this level in your career. To become a Business Manager you will need to show leadership qualities and superior business skills. Employment in this position is recognition of superior skills and capabilities.

3. Find job satisfaction

It can be satisfying to play a role in a company’s growth and development. As a Manager you will play a vital role in making sure that the company is achieving its goals. As one of the company’s leaders you can also support the growth and development of staff members. Watching people develop their skills and abilities under good leadership can be rewarding. Part of the tasks that a Business Manager is responsible for include hiring and training new employees. They are also typically responsible for employee evaluations which provide an opportunity to motivate staff members and contribute to their growth. When employees meet their goals it is an opportunity for positive feedback while failure to meet targets is an opportunity to support the employee in developing their capabilities.


4. Business Manager positions offer variety

With the wide range of tasks that this type of manager is expected to perform you can escape the boredom of repetitive activities. From preparing reports to implementing company policies, there is a wide range of duties associated with this position.

5. Opportunities to develop transferable skills and capabilities

Business Management jobs will give you the opportunity to develop your communication and interpersonal skills. You will build on your capacity for problem-solving, critical thinking and decision-making. Through this position you will gain an in-depth knowledge of research, organizational behaviour and economic developments. These skills are transferable when you are applying for other jobs in the future.


6. Employment in a diverse range of industries

As a Business Manager you can find employment in a variety of industries. Most sectors require the services of these professionals in order to optimise the efficiency of the company. From construction to health, there are a diverse range of industries to choose from. You can also seek employment in the fashion, chemicals or construction industries. Whether you are suited to a specific industry will depend on your interests, experience and capabilities. Having additional qualifications that are relevant to a specific industry is also beneficial. In addition to the different sectors there is also the choice of working in private or government institutions.


Business Management jobs on Job Mail

Take a look at some of the Business Management positions listed on Job Mail to get you started.

Business Manager

A position is available in the finance industry in Durban. This is a full-time position. Suitable applicants will have a tertiary education as well as three years of sales experience. Good computer literacy skills are vital for this position.


Finance and Insurance Business Manager

A full time Finance and Insurance Manager position is available in the automotive industry. Suitable applicants will have the capability to meet targets. They will have relevant experience as well as RE Accreditation and NCA Accreditation. A minimum of 60 FAIS Credits are required.


Ready to start applying for business management jobs in your area? Register your CV on www.JobMail.co.za now and start applying for business management positions today!

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