5 Strange Job Listings that you don’t see every day

We live in a wonderful world, but sometimes that world turns out to be a little strange and even weird sometimes. Job Mail lists thousands of vacancies on a daily basis. The majority of them are pretty normal. We do get requests to post odd job vacancies from time to time, but none of them are for jobs as odd as these 5 strange job listings that you don’t see every day

Beard Mentor#5 Beard Mentor

Ever had the urge to groom someone’s beard as a profession? This vacancy was originally posted on the popular classifieds website Craigslist and read as follows:

“Looking for Beard Mentor: I’ve had a moustache and beard off and on over the years, and I’ve tried styling it in the past but I just can’t seem to get it to the next level. I’m looking for some srs protips with this, as well as possibly some styling services by someone with skilled hands. Please submit to me your beard/moustache resume.

Also if you have pictures of you achievements that would be greatly appreciated. I’m currently having trouble with getting my handlebar working correctly as well as keeping the sideburns even. This is ‘srs bsns’ (serious business) as I’ve been informed I need to style it up, shave it off, or lose my job. (I work in adult daycare).  Compensation: negotiable, depending on services.”

The Best Job in the world#4 Island Caretaker

This sounds like the best job in the world right? Well that’s what an Australian online advert promoted a few years ago. Benefits for this dream job included a huge salary, free accommodation in a multi-million dollar villa, transportation around the islands, etc.

To apply for this amazing job applicants had to submit a video CV. The main job duties included making web videos and updating photo diaries for Tourism Australia over a period of six months. The recruiter received so many applications their website crashed 2 days after the position was advertised and promoted online.

The recruiter received over 35,000 applications from over 200 countries for the job. The lucky person who eventually got the job was Ben Southall from the UK.

Paul Simon#3 A Bodyguard Named Betty

Are you a bodyguard? Is your name Betty? Well you might just be what this Craigslist advertiser is looking for. This has to be one of the strangest job or “friend wanted” listings in the history of mankind, just check out the requirements below and you’ll see what I mean:

“Seeking Bodyguard named Betty: I am a Paul Simon fan in my mid thirties. As my name is Al, for the past 20 years I’ve been searching for a friend named Betty with whom I could sing the Paul Simon song “You Can Call Me Al.” Imagine how much fun we could have singing along with the lyrics and pointing at each other when our names are mentioned! We could sing it together on road trips with the windows down, at home with our stereos cracked loud, we can smile at each other knowingly when it’s played in gas stations and grocery stores and text each other when we’re apart and it comes on the radio.

I’m especially looking forward to acting out our own version of the classic Paul Simon Chevy Chase music video. We can post it on YouTube!  Just to be clear, I’m not really looking for a bodyguard (that’s a lyric from the song haha!) just a friend named Betty. If you want we could maybe sing other Paul Simon songs at some point but I’d really rather we stick with our namesakes You Can Call Me Al. Of course I want proof your name is really Betty so when we meet I’ll need to see a state issued photo ID with that name. I’ll also accept Elizabeth, Roberta or Beatrix. Please write back soon I can’t wait to hang out. Sincerely. Your long lost pal!!! “

Waiter#2 Two Hour Waiter

Wanna be a waiter for two hours? This Craigslist advertiser is willing to pay you s$50 (roughly R500). All you have to do is dress up and do a few other things for him. It’s not every day that an opportunity like this comes along:

“As kind of a fun change of pace, my wife and I want to have a fancy diner at a McDonalds. I need someone who is willing to be our waiter so that we can make this happen.  

We will show up for dinner wearing formal attire. You must provide your own formal attire for this gig. Slacks, dress shoes, and a button-down shirt and tie, or a dark cocktail dress and flats. I will provide you with the tablecloth, napkins, nice plates, and wine glasses. You need to get there before us and have the table set up and ready to go. You must greet us at the door and show us to our seats and hand us our menus (they have them up front). Once we order, just go up to the counter and buy the food from the employees (but wait a while so it seems like they are making our food). But don’t forget to keep filling up our drinks! 

When we are finished, bring us the food receipt and I will pay you for the food, plus $50 for your services, plus tip. The whole thing shouldn’t take longer than a couple hours including setup and cleanup. Please be as professional as possible. Location: Fresno. Compensation: $50 plus tip”


Now this has to take the prize for the strangest job in modern times. In 2004 the British Royal Family advertised a position for a Court Jester. It was the first time in over 350 years that this position was introduced. Jesters performed at feasts and generally provided a distraction for the monarch from weighty state affairs before the Court Jester position was abolished by Oliver Cromwell during the reign of King Charles I in 1649.

Applicants were asked to audition before an audience at a history festival in Warwickshire. Jesters have a guild in the United Kingdom, but were not happy because they were not properly informed about this position. Analysts saw this as a perfect position for someone who’s willing to rise to the challenge at a very short notice and improvise. According to the BBC News the advert read as follows:

“Jester wanted. Must be mirthful and prepared to work summer weekends in 2005. Applicants must have their own outfits (including bells). A bladder on a stick can be provided if necessary. Salary is negotiable.”

Which one of these strange jobs would you be most willing to do? Leave a comment and let me know. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here.

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