5 skills you can learn from retail jobs

There are plenty of retail jobs listed on Job Mail and it comes as no surprise. The SA retail and wholesale sector employs +/- 2.8 million people and makes up 22% of the national labour force, making it one of the country’s largest and most diverse job sectors. The retail sector offers a variety of job opportunities. Some jobs require experience, but there are also entry level positions where you can start on a part time basis and work yourself up in the company structure.

Retail Jobs

Start out as a part time cashier, work hard and learn how the business works and you could end up running your own supermarket / retail store one day. As you earn more start doing short courses in management / accounting / logistics or another field that could make the road to the top a little less bumpy.

Start your career path in the retail sector and you could end up in a different field thanks to the skills and experience that you learn. To motivate you to consider working in the retail sector, here are 5 skills that you can learn from retail jobs:

1. Improved and effective time management skills: If you’re working in the retail you could start out by working shifts. Let’s say you work on Mondays from 9 to 4 PM, on Tuesdays from 12 PM to 7 PM and on Wednesdays from 2 PM to 9 PM. Because you’re working flexi hours you’ll learn how to manage your time effectively so that you’ll get everything done.

Working flexi hours also gives you the opportunity to look around for permanent positions, work another part time job to gain more experience or keep fit by playing soccer (or another sport) at the same time. It’s a fact that working flexi hours forces you to be on top of things.

2. Improved ability to stay calm in stressful circumstances: You’re behind the cash register and the line is halfway through the supermarket. You’re ringing up a customer’s goods while another customer is complaining about a cracked box of eggs that he bought in your right ear.

Like most industries the retail industry will put you in stressful situations where you will be required to multitask. The most challenging circumstances you’ve faced and the ways you’ve learned to deal with them or overcome them will somehow come in handy in future job interviews.

3. Experience handling cash, debit and credit card transactions: When you’re handling money that’s coming into the business in the right way it gives potential employers the impression that you’re can be counted on and that you’re trustworthy.

4. Excellent interpersonal skills: If you’re working in the retail industry you will be dealing with a lot of customers. Some of them might want to rip your head off while others will want to give you a high five for excellent service. Fact is, you’ll learn how to be helpful and friendly while being genuine and efficient.

Depending on the industry, you’ll also get to deal with a wide range of people. Pull this off and you’ll definitely learn how to deal with difficult questions you get in interviews.

5. Improved ability to problem solve and think on your feet: If you’re working in retail on a commission basis or if you have a sales manager breathing down your neck to increase sales in their department, you’ll have to learn how to solve a problem or deal with clients who say they’re “just looking”. The creative ways that you come up with will impress future employers.

Well, there you have it, 5 skills that you can learn from retail jobs. Thinking of entering this industry? Check out the latest retail jobs on Job Mail

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  1. siphosethu gina says:

    i am looking for job my qualification 1 computer litres drivers linces with pdp welding argon co2 mertal arc welding

  2. fezeka says:

    Hi there, I’m looking for a job I have experience in cashier and receiptionist.I passed my matric and have drivers licence.help pls

  3. pearl masetla says:

    Hi, I have been looking for a job since last year and I uploaded my CV on Job Mail last year. I have an N6 Electrical Engineer and an NQF Level 2 in automotive component manufacturing and assembly. I completed a one year learnership program worked at Flextech as a learner achieved the NQF certificate. I have also worked at Ford as an assembler, drilling and operating machines. I have worked at a retail store as a cashier, supervisor, cash office assistant and customer service assistant. I really need your help. Please help me find a job.

  4. tshiripa says:

    Dear sir/madam
    I would like u to help me about job any 1 and I have grade 11 5 years experience working with dunns company and I’ve drivers license C1 , I’m A hard worker, active and I was working as 2ic ,receiving,merchandise,stock controller,Admin,banking,etc

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