5 popular Marketing Jobs in South Africa

Marketing jobs offer satisfying and lucrative employment opportunities. From research analyst to direct marketing, there are a variety of careers to choose from. Market research analyst positions play a vital role in the success of South African businesses. Before you make a decision about which career path to pursue, it is advisable to find out more about what duties marketing positions entail. You can search for Market research jobs on Job Mail, register your CV and apply.


Here is useful information about the 5 top marketing jobs in South Africa:

1. Digital Marketing Jobs

Social Media Marketing plays a vital role in the growth of modern businesses. An effective online marketing strategy is instrumental in increasing a company’s profits. The role of a Social Media Marketer is to develop and design a strategy which creates a strong online brand presence. A core duty of digital marketing jobs is developing comprehensive objectives which can be used to track the progress of the campaign and evaluate its success. Another important task is developing eye-catching designs for online marketing campaigns which include advertisements and landing pages. Developing an excellent content strategy is crucial for this position. Other duties include developing and implementing promotion, engagement and conversion strategies. A Social Marketing Manager is required to measure and evaluate the outcomes of campaign strategies regularly in order to make the necessary adjustments.


Suitable candidates for digital marketing jobs will be highly motivated with a passion for online marketing. A Marketing Degree is beneficial when applying for this position but it not essential if you have relevant experience. Prospective employers may require you to demonstrate your skills by showing them links to your online platforms. An in-depth knowledge of content marketing and its application is required for this position. Excellent communication, creative and problem solving skills are also crucial.


A great way to start your career is to build your online portfolios which will demonstrate your knowledge and skills to potential employers. You can also apply for internships to boost your CV and develop your skills further.


2. Market Researcher

Market research jobs entail reviewing the sales and product trends within a company with the aim of increasing profits. They also evaluate brand popularity and services to ensure that the company has a competitive advantage. Tools such as questionnaires and surveys are used during the evaluation process. Duties include evaluating the needs of clients and designing surveys accordingly. A Market Researcher implements surveys with the aim of gathering data. Once the survey is completed they are required to analyse the data and write a report.


Market research jobs are available in production, manufacturing, retail and environmental companies. Superior communication, interpersonal and analytical skills are required for this position. Suitable candidates for Market Researcher positions will be organized, trustworthy and detail orientated. To become a Market Researcher you will need a relevant qualification. South African Universities offer a BCom Degree in Marketing and a NCV is available from local colleges. Another option is to complete a BTech or BA in Marketing and Communications. Once you have finished studying, you can gain experience by finding employment in a marketing department before specialising in Market Research.


3. Brand Manager

Popular Marketing jobs include Brand Manager positions. A Brand Manager is responsible for overseeing the sales and brand presence of a company. Brand Managers play a crucial role in the success of a company. The performance of a Brand Manager is important because it affects every department within the business. A core responsibility of this position is communicating with managers and the marketing team. Duties include market research, analysing data, developing branding strategies and managing campaigns. Other tasks which are associated with this position include managing the budget and evaluating the progress and effect of campaigns.


To become a Brand Manager you will need a passion for marketing as well as creative flair. It is important to have outstanding interpersonal skills and analytical capabilities. Brand Managers are considered to be senior staff members which means that you will need to work your way up to this job title. Completing a Marketing Degree and getting relevant work experience is a great start. It is also beneficial to complete a post graduate degree which is relevant to the specific industry that you want to specialise in.


4. Public Relations Officer

A Public Relations Officer is hired to develop and maintain positive relationships between a company and its clients. They develop and implement campaigns and activities which foster good relationships. Other tasks which are associated with this position include composing and presenting press releases. They are also required to respond to relevant inquiries from clients and the media. Public speaking, reviewing media coverage and contracting Market Researchers are other duties of a Public Relations Officer. Employment is available at consultancies, retailers, manufacturers and commercial companies.


If you want to become a Public Relations Officer, you will need excellent communication, interpersonal and IT skills. Superior presentation and organizational skills are also essential. It is advisable to complete a PR qualification at a South African University or university of Technology. Another option is to complete a Communications Degree. When you have just graduated you can gain work experience and increase your chances of finding a PR position by completing an internship. Another way to develop your skills is to apply for assistant positions in the PR department.


5. Direct Marketing

Marketing jobs also extend to include positions within direct marketing. Direct Marketing involves increasing the sales of products. It can also refer to promoting services or increasing brand awareness. Direct marketing entails the maintenance of relationships with existing clients as well as finding new customers. Typically direct marketers devise ways to meet their target audiences through methods such as emails, competitions and free giveaways. Duties include generating marketing ideas and ensuring that projects are kept within a budget.

Direct Marketing


Direct marketing positions are available in marketing and communication agencies. As your career progresses you will be given larger accounts to work on and if you develop the right skills you may be promoted to Account Manager. Although no qualification is required for this position relevant training and qualifications can increase your chances of being hired. Experience in the sales and marketing industry is also advantageous. Direct Marketers need to be enthusiastic, outgoing and people orientated.


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