4 reasons why recruiters / employers should go social

It’s 2016 and by now you should realize that social media is not a fad. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have been around for more than 10 years and it doesn’t look like they are going on vacation or that their user numbers are diminishing any time soon.

Social Media Recruitment

As an employer / recruitment agency you should realize the power of social media.  If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to move into the 21st Century and get with the times or you might end up being left behind.

Here are 4 reasons why recruitment agencies and employers should go social:

1. You can find out how people perceive your company / business / organisation:

If your organisation has a presence on social media, people who want to connect with you or make use of your services will most likely be contacting / interacting with you on these platforms. If you get a lot of compliments from users, then you’re most likely doing things right and if you get a lot of complaints, then you can find out which aspects of your organisation need improvement.

Social media is basically a digital version of two way communication so it’s important to respond to people who interact with you on networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn so you can manage your online reputation. Having a positive reputation will be beneficial to your organisation in the long run.

2. It’s a great tool to use to find out if you selected the right candidate for a position:

If you think that you’ve found the right candidate for a position, think again. In this day & age almost every person has a digital footprint. People are posting photos and expressing their views on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter daily.

Do you really want a candidate to work for you who posts drunk photos of himself / herself on Instagram or Facebook? Do you really want someone whose political views will not be acceptable in your organisation? Checking a candidate’s social media profiles is a great way to find out if you’ve selected the right candidate for your vacancy.


3. You can target the right people for your vacancies:

There are thousands of social media communities for professions, regions, interests and topics online. It will take you a while to do some research or to find the right groups to market your vacancies to, but once you start marketing / promoting your vacancies into those communities, it will be much more targeted than promoting your vacancies with a general print advert in a publication. These communities exist on social networks like Facebook, GooglePlus and LinkedIn.

4. It won’t cost you an arm a leg to do social media recruitment: 

Setting up a Facebook page or Group, LinkedIn company profile page, GooglePlus Community Page or Community Group and Twitter account is FREE so it won’t make a dent in your recruitment budget.

However, you do have a choice if you do feel that you’re not getting enough traction on social media networks for the positions that you are promoting there are paid and targeted advertising options available on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn that will increase your reach.

Well, there you have it, 4 reasons why recruitment agencies & employers should go social. If you have another reason that you’d like to share with our readers, please feel free to comment on this article.

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