4 Interview Hacks for Introverts

We all know just how stressful interviews can be for most people. They can be even more stressful for introverts. This is why it’s important to be well prepared for an interview so that you are able to keep the nerves and anxiety at bay.

Here are 4 interview hacks to help you breeze through your interview as an introvert:

Arrange your day

Meeting new people can be a nerve-wracking experience. To avoid feeling too anxious, ensure that you know where your interview will be held and ensure that you arrive early enough for it. You don’t want to be late or get lost and be in a panic before your interview, as this could make you more nervous. When you are early for your interview, you have time to relax, give yourself a pep talk, and focus on the meeting ahead.

Also, make sure to set aside some time to be alone before the interview. Being around people can be draining for an introvert and this alone time can help to ensure that you have the energy you need to engage fully with your interviewer.

Prepare to engage in small talk

Keeping up a conversation with strangers is not easy, and can be even harder during an interview. You can prepare for this by thinking of topics and questions ahead of time. These can be anything from asking about the area to talking about your trip there, or asking about the other person’s day. Being prepared for this part of the interview can help you feel at ease and help you create a good impression.

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Do your research

It is important that you know as much as possible about the company before the interview. Search the internet for information about the company, read any reviews about it, and go through the company’s website to get more information.

You can also find out beforehand who will be on the interview panel and what format the interview will take. Ask for the names and titles of the people who will be conducting the interview, and research them so that you know what to expect.

Introverts are drained by stimulating environments, and having a sense of what to expect may help you feel less stressed.

Connect with the panel

Using good body language during your interview can help you connect with the interview panel and help you present yourself in a confident way. Good body language also helps you make a good first impression. Make eye contact with the interviewing panel as you speak. Maintain good posture throughout and use your hands when you talk, where it’s appropriate. You can practice good body language with friends and family so that you can become better and better at it.

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It is natural to be nervous before an interview, but how you deal with this can make it easier to get through the interview. It may be harder if you’re an introvert, but being prepared will help to keep your nerves at bay.  Arrange your day carefully, arrive early, and make sure you’ve prepared some topics to cover during small talk. Remember to use good body language, and land that job!

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4 Interview Hacks for Introverts
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4 Interview Hacks for Introverts
It’s important to be well prepared for an interview so that you are able to keep the nerves and anxiety at bay. Here are 4 interview hacks for introverts
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