34 Crucial Tips for your next job interview (Infographic)

Are you struggling with job interviews? Well, don’t despair, College Atlas and Job Mail are here to help. Today I’m giving you 34 crucial tips for your next job interview in an infographic. We have provided you with tons of interview tips in the past, but I think this infographic sums most of them up.


The infographic highlights common verbal mistakes that applicants make during interviews. Applicants are reminded that they need to make eye contact, have knowledge of the company that they could be working for, that they should smile and a few other useful facts.

The infographic also points out that first impressions are determined by the way you act, dress and walk through the door at an interview, the words you choose to say and the quality of your voice, your grammar and your self-confidence. These experts also highlight the 10 most common interview mistakes, the 4 most likely questions you could be asked in an interview and the 4 most important interview tips.

Check out the full 34 crucial tips for your next job interview infographic below:

34 Crucial tips for your next interview

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