3 ways entrepreneurs can use the Nextbook Premium 7 for business

Last week we told you what an awesome prize the Nextbook Premium 7 tablet, that we’re giving away, is, but we’d like to tell you of even more benefits and advantages for using this device. Today we’re exploring 3 ways entrepreneurs can use the Nextbook Premium 7 for business:

1. Send and receive important business e-mails

The Nextbook Premium 7 is perfect for reading and responding to important e-mails from potential customers / distributors / other persons involved that keep your business going. No longer using the magnifying glass to read the mails on your phone’s tiny screen or struggling to type a reply on its small keypad – the device is renowned by many for it’s clear display and ease of use.


2. Monitor your customer database and keep track of business documentation

Because you can use the Office Suite Pro app on the Nextbook Premium 7, you will be able to keep track of the customers that have contacted you and their orders for your product by creating a spreadsheet. You can also type up official letters for customers and save them for documentation purposes. It’s an easy and convenient way that beats sitting upright in front of your PC of laptop – you are able to use the tablet PC while you’re on the couch or even when you’re in bed.

3. Research new products and potential services that you want to offer in your business

Because you can browse the web and access your social media profiles (like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) you are able to conduct important research on products and services. The Nextbook Premium 7 lets you stay on top with what’s going on in your industry and gives you the tools to improve your business’ products and services. Doing the proper research will steer your business in the right direction. What more can an entrepreneur ask for?

Well, there you have it, 3 ways entrepreneurs can use the Nextbook Premium 7 for business. You still have time to enter the Job Mail competition:

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Watch this space for regular updates.

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