3 types of sales jobs you’ll find in the logistics field

Best Internet Concept of global business from concepts seriesIf you have a sales background, you could consider a logistics career. There various types of sales jobs that you can do in the logistics field and today we’re providing insight into three of them.

First and foremost you have to remember that you need 5 basic skills to work as a salesperson. You need to have empathy with your clients, have the ability to build long term relationships with the company you’re working for, have the ability to work with people in other departments of your company, have an in-dept knowledge of the market you’re selling in and you should a dedication to customer service.

Here are 3 types of sales jobs that you can do in the logistics field:

1. Telesales ConsultantIt depends on the type logistics business, but you could find yourself working in an inbound or outbound call center, selling logistics products, solutions and services to potential clients via the telephone. Besides the five basic sales skills you’ll need excellent telephone manner and good communication skills to do this job.

2. Field Sales ConsultantLike the first type of sales job we’ve explored, field sales also depends on the type of logistics business you’re working for. You will most likely be required to make calls to clients, but you’ll also be required to drive (or fly) to them to tell them about the logistics products, solutions and services your company offers. Besides those five basic skill, you need to be good on the phone, have great interpersonal skills and have your own car and driver’s license if you want to do this job.

3. Sales ManagerTo be a sales manager in the logistics field you’ll need tons of sales experience and management skills. You should also be prepared to attend tons of meetings and spend more time at the office.  Chances you won’t always be dealing with clients directly – that will be your sales team’s job. You’ll also be required to convey info from top company management to your sales team. Sales Managers need to know their products and services inside out, should be able to work well with others and should be comfortable depending on others.

Well, there you have it, 3 types of sales jobs you’ll find in the logistics field. We trust that you find this information useful. Share this article with your friends on Facebook and Twitter if you do.

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