3 different types banking jobs in South Africa

Banking JobThinking of a career in the finance field? Did you know that you don’t necessarily need a degree to work for in a bank in South Africa? There are various different types of banking jobs that you can do in our country and today we’re giving you insight into three of them.

If you want to enter this field you need to be dedicated, accurate, be good with numbers, able to exercise discretion, have a keen eye for detail and good communication skills.

If you possess these skills, this could be the job field for you. Also take note that your application could be subjected to an ITC check, since you will be working with money. Here are 3 jobs that you can do in a bank:

1. Bank Teller: If you’ve been inside a bank, you should be familiar with this profession. A bank teller faces customers and serves them all day. Bank tellers accept deposits, do withdrawals for clients and assist with other common banking transactions. It depends on the banking institution, but in most cases a degree is not required to become a bank teller. Since this is an entry level / introductory position, banking institutions usually screen potential candidates and provide training for those who have been successful with their applications. In short: you basically earn while you learn if you’re appointed in this position.

2. Bank Manager: Bank Managers manage entire banks and make sure that everything at their branch is running smoothly. So unless you have previous banking experience, you won’t be able to apply for such a position. If you have a BCom degree in Banking, this could also prove to be useful.

3. Financial Planning Adviser: Many Financial Planning Advisers work in banks to help promote products and services that are available to clients. To do this job you need to be good with people and have to understand financial situations and services, so banking experience is crucial. If you start as a bank teller you could be promoted to a financial planning adviser after a few years.

So there you have it, 3 different kinds of banking jobs in South Africa. Take note that there are lots of jobs available within the realm of business banking as well. Businesses have different needs so their accounts differ from individuals. Businesses are usually also offered a wider range of products than individuals.  Jobs inside this realm could involve opening new accounts for businesses and helping to manage business accounts on an ongoing basis. If you have banking experience, this is a realm you can explore.

Are you currently working for a bank and looking for a better job or are you keen to enter the Banking realm? Check out the latest banking jobs on Job Mail.

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  1. mphathele mudinfivhathu says:

    I am looking for a job. I am a hard worker and I self-motivated. I am reliable and trustworthy. I can work day / night shift. I am available at anytime.

  2. Francisco Godfrey Kachilika says:

    Am looking for a job. I am a hard worker and I can work day or night shift. I got Cashier Certificate, Fork lift Certificate with license. I Am available at any time.

  3. Hi, I have a call centre certificate I am looking for a job.

  4. Hi, I am Sandra looking for a job I have a certificate in call centre.

  5. Nondumiso says:

    My name is nondumiso I am looking for bank teller work I am available immediately I have experience as a caisher

  6. sithembile says:

    I am looking for an admin job I have done office administration level 4 and IT system support level 5 I am a hardworker and a people of person.

  7. Mercia Ruiter says:

    I am looking for a teller job, have 5years expierence, I’m hardworking and trustworthy, I’m anytime available

  8. rofhiwa says:

    I am a job seeker and I am looking for a bank job

  9. Ashveer says:

    I have a year remaining to complete my degree in Risk Management. The specialisation is Investments. I previously worked at a bank however was turned down for risk analyst positions. I need to get back into a banking environment but also need to build experience is there a position where I can get experience??

  10. Nteboheng says:

    Hi my name is Nteboheng i have worked as a cashier a little of filling and i dnt have matric wish to work as a bank teller,,, bt now im doin mu level 4, so i need to knw if there is a chance for me to work as a bankteller? Im reliable good with people have a good customer service. Im reliable and available anytime

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