3 admin jobs that you can do in the Admin / PA field

Admin JobAre you considering a career in the Admin / PA field? There are various types of admin jobs that you can do and you don’t need a degree for most of them.

However, it’s recommended that you do a few admin short courses to sharpen up your skills. You may also have to work a few years before you are promoted into a more senior position.

Today we’re examining 3 types of admin jobs that you do in the Admin / PA field:

3 types of admin jobs that you do in the Admin / PA field:

1. Data CapturerAlso referred to as a data entry clerk or data typist, this profession requires you to punch in data into a computer database. Data Capturers are required to focus for long periods of time and should possess accurate and fast typing skills. Computer literacy is also a prerequisite. If they are dealing with sensitive or private information (like medical or financial records) discretion is relevant as well.

2. Girl Friday:  This term is used to describe a female administrative assistant who handles many organizational tasks. This term could also refer to a personal assistant who takes care of an individual’s private matters or a female companion who plays a general supportive role (not necessarily performing tasks but acting as a person’s motivator / encourager and devotee).

If you want to be a Girl Friday, you need to be well organized, because you’ll be required to handle a multitude of business and administrative matters. You also need to be prepared to handle and run an individual’s errands like shopping, paying bills, organizing flowers for the office, etc.

3. PA / SecretaryThe profession refers to a trusted employee who assumes the role of an executive’s chief-of-staff. Responsibilities of a PA / Secretary may vary, depending on the needs of their employer. Their tasks may include scheduling and making pickups or deliveries as needed. Having a business background will count in your favor and multitasking and time management skills are essential.  This job may be difficult and quite demanding, but may also provide you with numerous opportunities for professional growth.

Well, there you have it, 3 types of admin jobs that you do in the Admin / PA field. We trust that you find this information useful.

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