20 Job Hunting Do’s and Don’ts from Job Seekers

Do's and Don'tsJob Hunting is a long and time consuming process. South Africa’s unemployment rate is currently at 25% and chances are that you won’t find the job that you need overnight. One has to be patient and pro-active when it comes to finding a job.

Job Seekers need to follow up with recruiters once they’ve applied for a position on Job Mail (or any other job portal). They should not wait for them to call you. If they don’t get feedback within 14 days they can assume that they did not get the job. It’s also a good idea to register for Job Seekers to register their CV on more than one job portal and to network with potential employers in their field on Facebook and Twitter. Remember: no one will shoot you in the foot for asking a question.

In an attempt to give Job Seekers the chance to inspire fellow Job Seekers and to guide them in the right direction, we asked the fans on Job Mail’s Facebook page what their Job Hunting Do’s and Don’ts are. The response that we received was overwhelming. Here 20 of the responses that we received from Job Seekers to this question:

1. “Don’t post you number anywhere, be aware of human trafficking scams” Mthombo Joe Mthiko

2. “When they call for an interview don’t scared to ask questions, do research about the company and the position, when you are going to interview wear according to your job application don’t chew chew gum during interview session & don’t ask the interviewer out on a date” Phillistus Monareng

3. “Gosh I have seen the worst, but I am just going to mention the ones that upset me. Please do not put your HEADSETS while talking to the manager when asking for a job. Do not go with a friend or family member when job hunting so that they can SPEAK on your behalf. Wear formal clothes and be CLEAN. Try to do a background research about the company, it helps.” Khayakazi Tshapile

4. “I think lying on a CV is a grave mistake. It will expose you during interview. So it’s don’t for me.” Takalani Emmanuel Tshabuse

5. “Ladies don’t go job hunting wearing tights…..its a no no. Guys don’t go job hunting wearing tekkies and caps.” King Mufasa

6. “Don’t bribe someone to get a job. Submit your CV to the manager on site and get a job the honest and clean way instead” Hemza Mtshali

7. “When they call you for an interview go there only if it’s closer to you if it’s too far ask for a telephonic one. There is no point in travelling to another province and book accommodation so that you will answer 10 questions and only then they tell you they will call you. Remember an interview doesn’t mean you’ve been hired.” Stompie Sweetpoison Machava

8. “You shouldn’t pay in order to be shortlisted for an interview” Sharon Wisani Mapendani

9. “Ladies just a little bit of make-up…..Gents don’t want to get choked by you wearing too much perfume” King Mufasa

10. “It’s not advisable to quit a job while searching for another suitable job. At least be sure you are already hired before handing in a resignation letter at your current job” Tebello Lucky Mphuthi

11. “Before being interviewed, do thorough research on the company – it helps, so you can ask intelligent questions. Another tip – always use full sentences, spell correctly and use the proper grammar when writing an email or your covering letter – no abbreviations like so many people are doing on Facebook and when they’re or text messaging! It doesn’t go down well with companies.” Diana Scogings Lindsay

12. “Never lose hope. You have to climb the mountain to get to the other side…and who knows…the grass might be much greener there! I’m a Masters Psych student. Still job-hunting…but never hopeless!” Tasneem Khan

13. “Don’t give up looking for the job that’s will suit you best, and don’t do something you know nothing about” Clarion van Heerden

14. “Ask them why they think you’re the best for the job? Ask them why they don’t hire you?” Bernard Macdonald

15. “Always be patient and optimistic” Lawrence Khumalo

16. “Remember that hard times don’t last forever” Lebohang Lawrence

17. “Your CV should bé short and too the point and contain only valid work experience cut out other long explanations your propective employer has limited time to read it all.” Brian Dubber

18. “Always have you CV and don’t give it to someone who’s working low level at that company, ask for a manager so that if there is a position for you, he’ll know, and choose why before dressing casual or formal when going to a company.” Bridget Noma

19. “Find more info about the job before you apply, if will reduced your chance of responding to a scam.” Lekgoro Pienkie

20. “Don’t lie on your CV, always be faithful and truthful.” Nkateko Swangz

There you have it, Job Hunting Do’s and Don’ts Job Seekers. We trust that these tips will guide you in the right direction. If you have anything else that you can add to this list, feel free to comment on this article. Feedback is appreciated and welcome.

Spread the word about these useful tips by sharing this article with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. You could be the reason that one of them finds the job that they need!

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    if you can tell me, how are things with work permits for foreign nationals, whether they are on temporary work permit must provide the employer?

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    Hi I’d like to apply for a junior safety officer post,I have samtrac,incident investigation level3 certificates and code10 drivers license,am without experience in the field of safety officer but am a fast learner I adjust simple in a new environment,thank you.

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