15 Interview Questions a Database Administrator can expect

Are you looking for Database Administrator jobs? As a Database Administrator, you will be hired to manage a company’s database which includes security and development tasks. When it comes to Information Technology jobs, professionals who have an in-depth knowledge of databases play a crucial role in South African companies. SQL jobs offer exciting employment opportunities.

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Once you have sent in your application you can increase your chance of being hired by adequately preparing for the interview. The questions that you are asked will depend on your prospective employer as well as the specific position that you are applying for. It is essential to read the job description thoroughly and research the company before attending the interview. Here are some questions that you can expect to be asked as well as possible good answers.

1. What experience do you have that relates to a Data Administrator position?

The best way to answer this question is to give an accurate and honest reflection of your past work experience that relates to Database Administration. If you don’t have any experience in Database Administration you can mention work experience that required relevant skills such as problem-solving, logical thinking and organisational skills. Positions that required communication and administrative capabilities are also applicable.

2. What knowledge or training do you have that would make you an excellent Database Administrator?

A good response to this question is to list the qualifications and training that you have undergone. Suitable qualifications include computer and information science as well as any degrees related to IT. If you have undertaken training courses for previous jobs, you can list those as well.

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3. What are the skills that a Database Administrator needs?

The skills that Database Administrators require include outstanding interpersonal skills as well as problem solving-capabilities. Organisational and analytical skills are also essential for this position.

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4. What are the core responsibilities of this position?

Database Administrators are typically responsible for keeping a company’s database current. They are also responsible for designing and developing databases. They ensure that the database is kept secure by regulating access to the information. Maintaining databases is another crucial part of this position.

5. What is SQL?

If you are applying for SQL jobs, this is a pertinent question. SQL refers to Structured Query Language which is the language that you will use to illicit a response from the database server.

6. What is a DBMS?

A Database Management System handles the communication between the user and the raw data. It assists in accessing information in accordance with a question that the user has asked.

7. What is the function of a Frontend?

A Frontend is a management programme which increases the efficiency and safety of the database.

8. What steps will you take to plan for upgrades?

The aim of this question is for your employer to see how you will approach upgrades if you are hired. As technology is constantly advancing, it is likely that you will be required to implement upgrades as part of your duties. In response to this question you can discuss project plans, timelines and your previous experience which relates to upgrades.

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9. Why did you leave your last job?

You may be asked why you are no longer with your previous employer. If you left due to disagreements with your boss or colleagues, it is advisable not to bad mouth them. Rather focus on the positives and briefly cover what you are looking for in your new position.

If you are looking for a Database Administrator position, you can search for employment at financial organisations and IT companies. Management consultancy firms and educational institutes may also require your services. Why not review the Database Administrator jobs on Job Mail to get a better idea of what is out there? Here are some of the exciting positions that you can find online.

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Database Administrator

A professional is required to perform database installations and configurations. Other core duties of this position includes customisation, planning and implementation. The successful applicant will be required to support Oracle databases. Candidates must have an OCP qualification with a minimum of two years relevant experience.


Database Developer

A Database Developer is required to develop and maintain software. The successful applicant will also be required to document and test software. Suitable candidates must be able to work as part of a team and uphold the company’s values. A Bachelor’s Degree and database design skills are required for this position.


Senior Database Administrator

A Senior Database Administrator is required to manage databases and offer technical expertise. The successful applicant will be required to ensure that the databases are running efficiently and that they meet the needs of their users. A BSc tertiary education and an Oracle certification is required for this position. Applicants must also have relevant work experience.


Now that you know what to expect, you can start applying for Database Administrator jobs. Register your CV on Job Mail today and find a variety of information technology jobs that suits your qualifications and work experience.

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