12 ways to get better response on your job ads

Get better response on your job adsStruggling to find candidates or getting masses of CV’s from job seekers who are just not right for the job? You could be jeopardising your recruitment efforts with the way you are placing your job ads. Here are some tips on how to get better response on your job ads:

Include a Company logo if you are a Premium Employer

This will give legitimacy to your ad, as well as recognition of your brand. Job seekers are more likely to apply for jobs at reputable companies, than unknown ones, or ones without official logos.

Include a Salary

Providing a salary will give job seekers an idea as to the level of the position (i.e. mid-level, junior, senior), and whether they should bother applying for the job or not. If the salary is negotiable, mention the fact.

Be descriptive, but as concise as possible

Provide a short description of the job, list requirements and what a job seeker needs to do to apply for the job. Provide a name of a person they can address their CV to. Further details about the job can be discussed with successful applicants in an interview. Ads with pages and pages of descriptive text tend to get skipped past by good candidates.

Make sure the ad is placed in the correct industry and region

To ensure that you get applications from candidates that match your position, as well as high-quality candidates, make sure that your ad is placed in the right industry and region. For example, a person looking for a job in Nursing is not going to be browsing ads under the IT section. Make sure your ad is visible to the right people.

Check grammar/spelling

A job ad full of grammar and spelling errors will definitely not shed a good light on any company’s reputation. No professional candidate will reply to a job ad riddled with mistakes. Check, and double check the content of your ad.

Have a key-worded ad-title

Keep your ad-title short, including the job title. Your ad will attract the most attention in search results as it will match the job seeker’s query. Avoid ad-titles such as “The opportunity of a lifetime!” or “Marketers and models needed!”. These general come across as scams. Rather do definitive ad-titles, for example “Senior PHP Developer in Pretoria” or “Executive Assistant to Financial Director”.

Include closing date/Renew your ads

An ad that has been on Job Mail for a long time, could suggest to job seekers that the position might’ve already been filled. Avoid losing out on great CVs and filling your vacancy, by including a deadline for CV submission as well as by when successful applicants can expect a call-back. Alternatively delete old ads and place fresh ads. If you are a Premium employer on Job Mail, you have the option of repeating your ads. Click here for more info.

Be specific about who should apply

Stipulate in your ad-text the requirements of the job, and which candidates will be considered only. This will make unqualified job seekers hesitant to apply for the job and you will be get better CV’s.

Don’t ask for money

No job seekers should have to pay to be interviewed or employed. These type of job ads are normally viewed as scams, as many a job seeker has unfortunately been conned this way. If there will be costs involved in terms of purchasing their uniform etc., rather discuss this in the interview.

Use a legitimate company email address

All professional companies have a proper email address, for example hr@company.co.za. Don’t include another email address in your job ad, to which job seekers should reply, for example, aname@gmail.com, iwantajob@hotmail.com. This does not make you seem like a legitimate organisation, and job seekers are advised to avoid responding to these types of job ads.

Share your ads to your company social pages and other relevant pages

Get extra exposure for your job ads, by sharing the link to your ads on your company’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn pages. Social Media has become one of the most powerful tools in the hand of the recruiter. Be sure to use relevant and key-worded hashtags so job seekers can search and find your jobs on social.

Place a paid/live ad

Get better ranking and exposure for your ad, by placing a paid ad. These paid ads stay at the top of search results for two weeks. Click here for more info and to place a paid ad.

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