10 traits you need to be a successful Estate Agent

Estate Agents play an important role in the sale and rental of houses. If you are confident and you enjoy working with people, this might be the right career opportunity for you. To find out if you have the right job skills to succeed in this industry, read our informative blog. You can develop your skills by completing training. Once you have the right qualifications, you can find Estate Agent jobs on Job Mail.

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What is an Estate Agent?

Estate Agents are responsible for organising the sale or rental of properties. They market the property and find potential buyers or tenants. These professionals collaborate with conveyancers, who are responsible for the legal aspects of the sale or rental.

Once the Estate Agent has used their sales skills to secure a buyer, they help with the transaction to ensure that everything goes smoothly. These professionals are typically employed by an agency and they receive part of the commission as remuneration for their work.

Estate Agent Job skills

Do you have what it takes to succeed as an Estate Agent? Take a look at our top 10 traits and skills that you need to make it in this industry.

Outstanding interpersonal skills

Estate Agents work closely with people and interpersonal skills are, therefore, vital to this role. From liaising with prospective clients to arranging property viewings for buyers, a large part of this position involves working with people.

A passion for the property market

This role requires you to have extensive knowledge about the property market. In order to appraise properties and determine a suitable selling price, you will need a comprehensive understanding of current property trends.

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Superior sales skills

The primary responsibility of an Estate Agent is to sell property, which means that sales skills are at the core of this role.


While this position requires an array of job skills, flexibility is one of the most important requirements. This career requires the flexibility to work overtime and on weekends. An Estate Agent is required to oversee show houses on weekends so that prospective buyers can view the property. You will need to be available to see buyers and sellers at all times, otherwise, you risk losing a deal to competitors.

Organisational skills

The job of Estate Agents come with a wide range of responsibilities and in order to succeed, you will need to be organised. To gain the trust of sellers and buyers, it is important to maintain a professional attitude at all times.

Communication skills

In order to succeed, agents need to understand what buyers are looking for. Once they have a clear picture of the buyer’s requirements, they can take them to view a suitable property. Liaising with buyers, sellers and other agents requires outstanding communications skills.

communication skills of a real estate agent


Negotiation skills

The job skills for this position include negotiation capabilities as well as observation skills. An important part of this role involves determining a price that keeps both the buyer and seller happy. As an intermediary between the buyer and seller, the Estate Agent plays a role in price negotiation.

Computer literacy

In order to complete the tasks that are involved in this role, computer literacy is required. From placing adverts to researching the market, there is a variety of tasks that involve working on the computer.


Estate Agent jobs require high levels of self-confidence to approach prospective buyers and sellers. The ability to handle rejection is important for this role.

An understanding of local laws

You will need to complete an Estate Agent course to gain an understanding of the basic legal aspects of this position. While Estate Agents work with conveyancers, they still need an understanding of municipal and tax laws.

understanding the property laws

Courses and Training

Before you enter this career path, you will need to complete a mandatory 1-year internship. The internship is completed under supervision and a record is kept of your activities during this period. It is also necessary to complete an Estate Agent course before you start operating independently.

The NQF in Real Estate Level 4 typically has a 6-month duration with periods of block training as well as assignments. In addition to this, a Fidelity Fund Certificate is also required.

With the right skills and qualifications, you can launch your new career. Estate Agent jobs on Job Mail offer good commission as well as enough variety to keep your work interesting. Estate Agents play an instrumental part in helping people to find their dream home.

10 traits you need to be a successful Estate Agent
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10 traits you need to be a successful Estate Agent
Estate Agents are responsible for organising the sale or rental of properties. They market the property and find potential buyers or tenants.
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    • Hi Zanele, to enter the property industry a FETC: Real Estate (NQF level 4) qualification will be required as well as a 12-month internship with an experienced estate agent, followed by a professional designate exam. Contact an Estate Agency for info and assistance. Good luck!

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