10 Things Every Admin Professional Should Know

Administrative professionals play a crucial role in the running of a company. From sorting post to welcoming clients, there is a wide range of duties that are associated with admin jobs. Filing, answering telephones and making bookings are other duties that are part of an administrative professional’s responsibilities. A good administrative assistant ensures that tasks are completed efficiently so that the business runs smoothly. They offer support to their team of managers and professionals. Certain skills and personal traits are required for this position.


With the right information you can become indispensible to your company and build up a solid career. If you are looking for admin jobs in Pretoria, it is important to know what skills and traits potential employers are looking for.


1. Interpersonal Skills
If you want to excel as an administrative professional, you will need outstanding interpersonal skills. Communication skills are crucial for liaising with clients and other team members. An excellent telephonic manner is also required for this position. Administrative personnel are often the first company representative that clients will speak to. In order to establish a strong relationship with clients, it is important for administrative personnel to be engaging, helpful and friendly. They will need to assist clients with queries and know when to refer questions to other team members. This may entail dealing with angry and upset clients so a tactful approach is necessary. Written communication skills are useful when writing emails. Language and literacy skills are an important part of communication and it is advantageous to be bi lingual.

2. Organizational Capabilities
Organizational skills are required to oversee the everyday operations of a company. Administrative personnel often work in busy office environments so they need to be able to complete tasks under pressure. Excellent organizational skills will help to ensure that everything runs smoothly which will decrease the stress placed on other team members. The ability to prioritise tasks and keep a record of unfinished tasks are essential.

3. Excellent Ethics
A good moral code is a good trait for administrative personnel to have. They are exposed to confidential information in meetings and telephonic conversations so it is important that they do not disclose this information to people outside the company. Good ethics are essential when handling confidential documents.

4. Dedication
Administrative staff members should be committed to client satisfaction. As they are responsible for answering telephones and responding to emails, it is important that they strive to meet the needs of the clients. An administrative assistant, who has an excellent relationship with the company’s clients, is a valuable asset.


5. Time Management Capabilities
In order to complete all their duties, administrative professionals need to have time management skills. The ability to prioritize tasks is valuable. They need to be able to concentrate and order tasks effectively so that all their tasks are completed by the end of the day.

6. Punctuality
Being punctual is a valuable trait for all work employees and especially administrative assistants. It is important to arrive to work on time every day. For tasks such as writing meeting minutes, it is important that they arrive to meetings a few minutes early so that they are ready to take notes.

7. Reliability
A trustworthy employee is a valuable asset to any company. If the manager knows that he can rely on the company’s administrative personnel he will be able to focus on running the business. A dependable administrator also reduces the stress which is placed on other team members.

8. Literacy and Numeracy Skills
Although qualifications are not essential when applying for administrative positions, completing a relevant course or diploma is advantageous. Literacy and numeracy skills are essential for this position. Completing a typing course is also advantageous.


9. Professional Demeanour
As administrative professionals are often the first point of contact for clients, it is crucial that they have a professional demeanour. They should be well-groomed and dressed in professional attire.

10. Motivation
Administrators who are motivated and dedicated to the company’s goals are a valuable asset. They should be capable of finding innovative solutions to problems and challenges as they arise.

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